Console Wars: PS4 vs Xbox One

By May 22, 2013Featured Articles

Despite the continued presence of Nintendo, for most serious gamers, the video game console wars of recent years have been fought between Sony and Microsoft. Boasting more robust game titles and advanced graphics, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have divided much of the gaming community over the years, and with both systems’ successors on the way, it may be time for players on the fence to assess which system they want to invest in for the future.

Sony PlayStation 4
The eighth generation game console from Sony, the PlayStation 4 was introduced to the world in February and is expected launch in time for the 2013 holiday season. The system will see Sony embrace an infrastructure similar to that of many modern gaming PCs, rather than the Cell Architecture that defined the previous iteration. By utilizing the x86-64 instruction set, the system will be more open to developers – and with Blu-ray discs fast becoming the industry standard, the PS4 will be in a strong position to offer players the ultimate at home gaming experience. It will, however, make backwards compatibility with PS3 games an impossibility, fortunately gamers should be able to stream these titles through the online store of the PlayStation Plus online service.

Other features include integrated social media, a faster Blu-Ray drive that enables true 1080p, and a revamped DualShock controller with integrated touch commands similar to the company’s PS Vita system. The system will also maintain the PS3’s commitment to motion gaming, with enhanced Move controllers and a new version of the PlayStation Eye peripheral to be available at launch.

Xbox Onemicrosoft-xbox-one
Though ostensibly a game console, the recently revealed Xbox One, sets out to be a one stop entertainment machine. The system takes full advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect technology, which will now come standard with the system, to incorporate voice and motion commands into more than just games. At the console’s announcement press conference, developers displayed an ability to switch between games saved on the device’s hard drive and live TV by stating commands like “Watch ESPN” or “Call of Duty.”

The Kinect has also undergone a significant upgrade, with the new sensors able to detect movement within 13 billionths of a second. It will also allow users to manipulate media with similar motion controls and enter “snap” mode, which will allow them to use two forms of media at once – i.e. playing a game while scrolling a strategy guide on the internet. While the PS4 will come in a number of packages, the Xbox One available at shipping will boast an 8 core CPU and 9 gigs of memory, as well as a 500 GB hard drive.

Which console will you be picking up – PS4 or Xbox One?

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