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Cool Outdoor Tech Gadgets

By August 26, 2015No Comments
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Do you remember the days of giant CD books that held all of your music? The bigger and heavier the book, the more complete your collection. Could you ever have imagined that one day all of that music would fit on a handheld device that weighs under five ounces?

At Newegg, we know that technology is rapidly changing the way in which we approach day-to-day activities. Even the most hard-core tech geek can feel overwhelmed in a world of constantly new or updated apps, smartphones, hardware technology, and cloud developments. Before you get too stressed trying to keep up with new trends in technology, which may be an impossible feat, remember to have a little fun with it! Check out these four (that’s a manageable number, right?) cool gadgets that will bring your enjoyment of the outdoors to a whole new level.

Hand the Camera Over to Fido

Ever wonder what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Catch a gravity-defying game of Frisbee, a trip to the beach, or the view from outside the car window with the Sony Action Cam Pet Pack. It includes a waterproof case with a standard tripod mount and is available with or without Wi-Fi. It is lightweight, so shouldn’t irritate your pup, and has a wide range of recording options.

Keep Tabs on Your Well-Being While On the Go

Asus Smart Watch

Activity trackers are a great way to monitor your sleep at night, as well as your movements throughout the day. There are many great brands out there from FitBit to Jawbone, but did you know there are more options that are functional and stylish? The Asus Smart Watch is compatible with your smartphone and comes with a customizable face and variety of band options to conform to your personal style. This fashion-friendly accessory looks like a normal wrist watch, but it also tracks your heart rate, steps taken and calories burned throughout the day.

Check Out a Drone

Drone technology has become accessible to the masses. Whether you’re a real estate photographer who needs to take awesome aerial shots of a property or you’d just like a close up view of the St. Louis Arch, a drone will give you a perspective and mobility that you never imagined possible. The Parrot Red MiniDrone Rolling Spider weighs just two ounces and takes aerial shots and video from the sky. Controlled by your smartphone, this drone also comes with a free app, MiniDrones FreeFlight 3 to help you learn how to perform amazing acrobatics, including 90 and 180 degree turns at high speeds, and 360 degree flips.

Take the Party Off-Shore

Waterproof speaker

Good music can make or break a party. There are lots of great portable speakers on the market, but now you can take them in the water with you to give your summer gatherings surround-sound. The Monster SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth Speaker works great in the pool or the shower, making it useful year round. Designed to float in the water, you won’t have to worry about losing your speaker, as it will always rise to the top and provide a reliable five-plus hours of play time.

How have you added technology to your outdoor experience?

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