Newegg Celebrates Earth Day in NYC

By May 4, 2011Newegg Newsroom

1-Ton Challenge

Last weekend in New York City, Newegg teamed up with Gazelle, the nations largest recommerce service, to celebrate Earth Day. We set up shop outside Grand Central Terminal for EarthFair Outdoors—a massive street fair featuring interactive displays and kids’ activities from environmental groups and green businesses.

EarthFair Grand Central

EarthFair Grand Central

It was all part of Newegg’s efforts to spread the word about our new recycling program. These days, people are buying more electronics than ever before.  While that’s great for Newegg, it can be brutal on the environment. Consumers will need a quick and easy way to get rid of their old gear, without packing our landfills. Along with Gazelle, we created the “1-Ton Challenge,” a program that lets users turn their unwanted tech products into Newegg gift cards. Our ultimate goal was to save a ton of electronics from polluting the earth.

Despite the rain, we spoke with over 1,500 people. Our visitors received plenty of awesome swag, including Newegg T-shirts, candy-stuffed eggs and more.

So how are we doing on the challenge? I can say with total humility that Newegg and Gazelle’s fans are KILLIN’ IT.  As of last week we have already doubled our goal, with over 2.5 tons recycled.

Our table

That’s terrific news, but why stop now? The campaign may have ended, but we’re still accepting gear.  Let’s keep that number rising.  It’s a great plan and we’d love to have this become a regular part of our society’s gadget-buying cycle. Please check out to learn more.

Happy Earth Week and let’s all keep doing our part!  Every day should be Earth Day!


A friendly EarthFair bee