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Gaming Laptops Are Perfect for Business

By April 27, 2015No Comments
Razer Gaming

It’s Time for Business

Gaming laptops are often considered taboo in the office, and wrongfully so. A gaming laptop can provide all the power and connections smart business executives need to present those big PowerPoints and edit videos without slowdowns or freezing. Of course you can run these programs on non-gaming laptops, but when you need performance, a gaming laptop is the way to go. You don’t want your low cost computer to stop functioning when you are in the middle of a board meeting.

Where It’s Awesome

Razer Gaming

Having extra power means you won’t have to adlib conversation as you wait for your slides to load. SSDs solve the boot-up time while a powerful GPU keeps the system humming fast. Having a more advanced system also means you won’t need to upgrade in two years. Not to mention the admiration you’ll get when your laptop is the most powerful in the room. It is way more impressive than an eggshell white business card.

Where It Hurts

There are a few setbacks when it comes to gaming laptops. They are big powerful hungry beasts. You will need to consider battery life and access to power. Having that 17” screen is great in the hotel room but a bit tough to unfold on the coach flight.

In addition to their massive size is their appearance. Bright red shells and rainbow bright keyboards with LEDs might not always appear professional to the accounting team. So try to pick one that matches your business.

Off-hours, AKA The Rest Of The Trip

Sure your business trip is rough, but having a gaming laptop means you won’t need to pay for those expensive hotel rates for entertainment. Heck you might even be able to plug directly into your room TV for an even larger gaming experience. You would be able to play the latest Hi-def. movies and get to bring games with you on the trip. Gaming Laptops are great when bundled with a tethered internet connection for maximum performance.

What are your experiences with laptops on the go? What kind of setbacks have laptops caused you while traveling?

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