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Halloween Costumes: Movie Edition

By September 26, 2016No Comments

Once a year folks get to dress up as whatever they want, and Newegg is here to offer the very best Halloween costumes money can buy.

Movie-based costumes are always popular, and you can buy outfits that range from just-for-fun low-price offerings to top-tier, cosplay-quality, contest-winning gear. This list focuses on these higher-end options, and you can be confident that when you spend a bit more money, you’ll get a costume that truly stands out.

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Women’s Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is no joke in the Avengers movies, and now you can kick as much butt as her! This costume includes a red straight-haired wig, utility belt, black jumpsuit, black gloves, bullet-chain gauntlets, and boot tops. You don’t have to customize or change out anything with this costume set, which is great. However, I would suggest knee-high boots for this costume in order to fully complete the look.


Captain America

Between Civil War and some daring turns in comics, The Cap has gone through a lot of controversy this year. If you are still a loyal fan, then this costume is the perfect fit (hopefully literally). With this costume set you get the Avengers-themed suit, boot toppers, shield, and gloves. This outfit tends to run a little big, so keep that in mind when you are sizing it out.


Mad Hatter: Through the Looking Glass

This costume will lead you down a rabbit hole of greatness, offering a look that rivals that of the real movie costume. The Mad Hatter has several articles of clothing, and this official replica set has it all. Within the package you’ll find a set of ribbons, top hat, bandolier, tie, vest, jacket, and a pair of pants. Who can’t make time for this costume?


Darth Vader

The path to the Dark Side can be a challenging one. With this costume, your journey will be well guided. This Plus Sized Authentic Darth Vader costume captures all the major and minor details from the Star Wars Trilogy. Included is a faux-leather quilted jumpsuit with zippers, inner robe and outer cape, leather gloves with attached gauntlets, and a lot more. This is the perfect costume for the true Sith-at-heart. Are you up to the challenge?


Boba Fett

Here’s one for the true Star Wars fan. Amongst all the pieces that go along with this costume is a limited edition Supreme helmet. With molded armor pieces, this costume will be able to last throughout your travels for a long time to come. It can start as a Halloween costume and then become your go-to cosplay for conventions or a look perfect for waiting in line all night long to see a new Star Wars movie.

This is just a small sampling of the movie and TV costumes available on Newegg. Check them all out now!

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