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Home Theater Speakers

By May 27, 2015No Comments

Installing a home theater setup can be easy and a lot of fun. Just remember tuning your sound (calibration) is imperative for best results.

Why I Love Surround Sound Speakers

I remember hearing a car door close and a door knock only to be surprised that action was happening on the screen instead. It was my first time experiencing the joys of surround sound. With the right equipment you can feel like you are part of the action. A proper speaker setup can be just as important as watching in Hi-Definition, and once you do it’s hard to go back.

Fun For Games Too

Surround sound setups are great for hearing those footsteps sneaking up on you, or dodging rockets at the last moment. Some games really take advantage of this with the ambient noise to truly create an immersive experience.


Don’t forget to adjust your sound system accordingly. Some home theater AVRs even give you a microphone to help calibrate the room (Yamaha uses YPAO and Denon uses Audyssey MultEQ). It really depends on which theater setup you have. Remember, factors such as speaker direction and even height can drastically change your sound. Even the shape of the room itself has an effect. Echoing or general scattering of sound can be caused by bare floors or too many objects inside the room.

Where Should I Sit?

Being dead center of your surround speakers makes the audio sound best. Think of it like a movie theater. If you’re off all the way to the right, you won’t hear the left side as well. This unbalanced nature will keep you from feeling like you are in the center of the movie and the audio won’t be the best.

Different Setups

It all depends on how serious you want to be (budget). The sky is the limit in home theater. You can start from the low-cost options like this PC based Logitech’s or go crazy with this Harman Kardon 7.1. kit

When It’s Time For Headphones

Sure surround sound is great for the home, but it can be hard for the apartment in the late hours. So there are options with 7.1 here too, while they might not give you the full immersion of speakers it sure does make stereo feel like mono.

What’s Your Favorite Surround Sound Experience?

Ever look behind you after an awesome sound? Spin around in game to stop that zombie? Let us know in the comments below.

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