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Introducing the Transporter Social Storage Drive

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Transporter has proven to be a disruptive technology in the storage world since they launched last month. The Social Storage Drive is able to provide all the global access and sharing capabilities of standard cloud providers, but without the recurring fees and capacity limitations.  Most importantly, it is completely private since data is never stored on shared central servers and always encrypted during transit.

Transporter is now available for order, but here’s a quick look at its features.

Social Storage

Transporter Social Storage Drive

Connected Data TransporterGen1 Social Storage Drive

What makes Transporter truly unique is the ability to communicate and share files in a peer-to-peer fashion with computers and other Transporter devices located anywhere in the world. This ability eliminates privacy concerns, recurring fees, and all complexity associated with syncing files over the Internet. In other words, a storage solution finally designed to match modern, social lifestyles.

Global Access

We’ve all been in situations where we needed to access a file remotely. All files stored on Transporter devices are available anywhere in the world from any computer or mobile device that has access to the Internet through the free Connected Data App. You can also sync specific files on your computer so they’re available even while you’re offline.

100 Percent Private

Most cloud solutions store your files on shared servers and have terms allowing the service provider to access, distribute and delete your files at any time. Transporter is a product you own and control, with all files stored directly on the device and only shared amongst people you authorize. Anytime a file is shared or accessed on your Transporter, all information is transferred directly from the device and is always encrypted during transit.

Automated Offsite Backup

Keep one transporter at work and another at home. You can even share amongst coworkers or friends.  By sharing folders you maintain a two-way automated offsite backup at no additional cost.

Simple Setup

Getting started is easy. Just add a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive of your choice (up to 2TB per unit), connect the Transporter to your network, and set up your free Transporter account using your favorite browser. To share files, simply send an invitation to the people with whom you want to share, and that’s it.

Transporter is able to address the security issues of cloud providers, by developing a completely private way to share, store and protect unlimited amounts of data with no recurring fees. Never again would you need to worry about lugging around an external hard drive or getting copies offsite since everything is done automatically and instantaneously on the Transporter.

Take a look at this video below from Newegg TV for another look at the Transporter!

How do you currently backup all your files?

About the Guest Author: Connected Data was founded in 2011 by four friends (Geoff Barrall, David Mendelson, John Turner, and John Winfield) who were frustrated that there was no way to easily share large files. We set out to create a hardware solution that would make sharing with others as easy as accessing your own files. 

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