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Justin “Robeytech”

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Justin “Robeytech” is the Director of Player Voice over at 343 Industries working on Halo Infinite. He is also a tech-streamer and techtuber who streams custom PC builds on Mixer and produces how-to-build, tech information, and tech news videos on YouTube.

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Robeytech Morning Streaming Rig

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Justin Robey has been the #1 brand ambassador for Newegg for the past 2 years and has promoted Newegg at every opportunity possible. This includes the previous Flagship Mixer PC Building show, PowerBuilds, where he was the main host and the current RobeyTech show (replaced PowerBuilds). He is featured on the front page of, his new RobeyTech YouTube channel, events (IEM 2018), our Newegg Warehouse video and giveaways (he flew down to Newegg to film), ExtraLife 2018 and 2019 (he is one of the main hosts and provides ample exposure for Newegg during the 27-hr live stream), our RobeyTech PC giveaways, and our social affiliate program. He’s generally known as the master PC builder on the internet, and he fully supports Newegg.


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Game Developer and Tech Influencer Extraordinaire.

Robey is best known for his work on Halo and his awesome custom PCs.

Justin Robey is the Director of Player Voice at 343i working on Halo Infinite. Justin is also a PC building enthusiast who loves working on themed custom PCs from the simple workstation all the way up to dual custom water loop RGB super madness! Justin began his passion for video games when he got his first PC at the age of eight with a 286 SX12 that his parents picked up for Word Processing. Knowing it could do more than just run WordPerfect, he learned DOS and saved his pennies to experience the greats like Wing Commander, Red Baron and all the golden age Sierra adventure titles. This passion for PC gaming led him to his career in the games industry when he joined the Xbox team in 2003 working on Fable. Not to be limited by the confines of console, Justin was able to help ship some iconic PC titles for Microsoft, including the Rise of Nations series and Age of Empires III. Up until his time at 343i, he was working on the rebirth of the Age of Empires franchise by helping with the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires and leading the restoration of Age of Empires III Definitive Edition.

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