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Kinect’s crushing Move

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Spielberg on the Move

Not only has Microsoft’s Xbox 360 outsold Sony’s Playstation 3, but the Kinect is currently outselling the Move five-to-one.

Microsoft Kinect in action

Microsoft Kinect in action

According to research by Wedbush Morgan’s (occasionally controversial) analyst Michael Pachter, more than two-thirds of Microsoft’s 360 sales in February were Kinect bundle packages. Meanwhile, less than one-fifth of PS3 sales inlcuded Move bundles during this time.

More salt was placed into Sony’s wound after Guinness named the Kinect the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever, with more than 10 million units sold worldwide since its release.

Spielberg on the Move

Spielberg on the Playstation Move



Pachter also feels future price cuts for the device will further increase sales for Microsoft.

“We expect demand for the Xbox 360 to remain stronger than the other consoles due to the popularity of Kinect,” said Pachter. “We expect Wii and PS3 hardware sales to continue to decline in the first part of 2011.”

Although Nintendo’s Wii captured the imagination of gamers when it was first released, it appears the Kinect is taking motion-control gaming to another level. With no definitive news for the company’s next generation console, it appears Microsoft will continue its strong push in the latest era of the console wars.

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