Meet Newegg's Eggie Award winners!

By January 17, 2012Newegg Newsroom

Nathan Thompson, Stephen Rondeau and Kevin Whiteman with Dr. S.C. Lee, CEO of Newegg North America

Last Thursday night at the 2012 International CES Show in Las Vegas, Newegg held its first ever Eggies Awards at Tryst in the Wynn Hotel. The coveted Eggie award honors the outstanding contributions made by Newegg’s vendors and for the first time ever, the work our customers put into writing product reviews.

We had three customer award categories this year and basically anyone who wrote a review from January through October 2011 was automatically eligible to win an Eggie award.

In addition to taking home a beautiful Eggie award trophy, the winners also each got a trip for two to the Eggies event in Las Vegas with limousine service, a pimped out hotel suite, and over $3,500 in prizes including a Canon digital camera, Acer notebook, Pioneer headphones and a $500 Newegg gift card. Not bad, huh?

So how did the lucky winners feel when they were notified that they had won?

Seeing as how I had no idea that this contest was going on, I was truly shocked. Then when I saw I had won “most helpful review,” I was dumbfounded. The only explanation I can come up with is that since my review was a bit out of the ordinary, it drew more people to the product which hopefully resulted in more sales. I just can’t thank Newegg enough for not only tolerating my snarky, non sequitur-filled review, but rewarding me for it!
~ Kevin Whiteman, Most Helpful Review

I am generally a cautious person, especially when I receive calls from someone I don’t know.  So when I received notification that I was a finalist, I thought, “yeah right….” *scoff*.  From time to time, I thought about that first phone call and was curious to see if it was for real.  Then a month later I received the 2nd phone call.  It was explained to me that I was the winner of the “best use of Awesome” category.  I went online and found Newegg’s blog about the Eggies, then it started to sink in that this was for real.
~ Nathan Thompson, Best Use of “Awesome”

My first reaction was that this is a scam voice mail.  I actually googled the number I received on my phone to verify that it was in fact Newegg. After I realized this was legit I pretty much freaked out.  Called my parents, my fiance, my friends and all before I had found out what I had specifically won, lol.
~ Stephen Rondeau, Most Prolific Reviewer

To check out the full list of Eggie award winners including all of our vendor winners, click here.

Congrats again to all of our deserving Eggie award winners!

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