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Linus Tech Tips’ SUPER CLEAN giveaway: PC Build Spotlight

By February 24, 2020No Comments
Linus Tech Tips Giveaway PC Newegg

Linus Tech Tips teamed up with Newegg to build and give away a white Snowblind build, which Linus dubbed the “Super Clean PC” in his announcement video. 

The build features some of the best PC gaming hardware on the market, plus an incredibly innovative case that features a fully functional LCD display side panel. More on that later, though. For now, let’s fully break down the build.

When looking at the components, it’s clear that the guiding principles were “This looks clean” and “This is an awesome piece of tech.”

Since the PC was built for a giveaway, rather than for a specific purpose or person, it’s designed more around the visual theme and general high performance, rather than being designed for a specific task.

Here are all the components.

2080 Ti and a case that’s also an LCD display

It’s hard not to stare directly at the 2080 Ti when you read that components list, for obvious reasons. The EVGA’s RTX 2080 Ti Black edition is a beautiful GPU. Not only is the 2080 Ti the best consumer-grade graphics card available, but the design of the EVGA Black goes a step above. It has a clear, transparent fan cover that works really well for bouncing light around the case and, well, just looking really cool. With a 2080 Ti, this PC is going to be able to run demanding, modern games at the peak of graphical capabilities for at least half a decade.

The CPU is obviously very impressive, too. AMD’s 2019 lineup dominated the news, with new lines of Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper models redefining the top-end of the CPU market. Twelve cores and a clock speed of 3.8 MHz won’t just be able to run games at the top level, they’ll also be able to support intense multitasking. Video rendering, gaming, and whatever else will be way too easy.

The case, in my opinion, is the “special something” of this build. A fully functional LCD panel as the side panel of your case? Those are Back to the Future levels of cool.

iBuyPower Snowblind case side panel monitor on

After testing it, it’s super easy to use, too. It just functions like another monitor. You plug the module into your graphics card, and then you can move stuff over to that “monitor” to show off on the side of your case. Animated wallpapers, looping videos, GIFs, and anything else. The manufacturer also recommends using an open source program called Rainmeter to add and design preset widgets, if you like. It certainly adds to the pristine space station feel of the entire build.

Linus’ cohort Riley attempted to actually play a game, Rocket League, on it in his build video. It definitely works, but the lack of back panel to the “monitor” means that you’re relying almost entirely on the build’s inner RGB to see the game, so it’s not exactly practical. 

But hey, if you’re persistent enough, you could probably get it to work, and you’ll be playing games on your desktop’s side panel in no time. Living the dream!

Stay tuned to Newegg on Twitter for future PC giveaway announcements.

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