Smart energy savings is all about optimizing your Smart Home energy usage to be more efficient and adapt to your lifestyle. Smart thermostats, LED lighting, plugs, switches and irrigation controllers all play critical roles in making connected homes run smoothly and with minimal energy waste. Check out some of the best new technology to automate your Smart Home and learn more about connected devices at our Smart Home hub.

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Greg is a collector of hobbies, steeped in a love for the outdoors. Drop him in the woods and he's more at home backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping, and drinking out of streams than he is behind a desk pounding away at a keyboard. He's an avid homebrewing enthusiast and a craft beer fanatic. When he isn't concocting the nectar of the gods he uses artisanal coffee as a crutch to get through the week. He enjoys testing out the latest drone tech and is a firm believer in the power of IoT and home automation tech to bring us into a more productive future (or give way to Skynet, time will tell). Travel and soccer are some of the passions that connect him to the world beyond.

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