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Sprucing up Your Home for the Holidays

By December 14, 2015No Comments
Tech Tree

Tech Tree

It’s nearly the holidays! A time for family, togetherness, giving and frantically revamping your home! With parties, dinners and house guests on the horizon, it’s time to ready your abode for the holiday hoard, or suffer the nagging feeling you might have ruined Christmas.

We’ve had our share of holiday fails (the time a pipe burst on Christmas Eve springs to mind), so we’ve learned to do our due diligence when it comes to prepping for the seasonal celebrations. Here’s our checklist for upgrades and facelifts to make your home sparkle brighter than Christmas lights.

Gussy Up Your Home’s Entry Way

RAM Wreath

A rickety old house may seem charming when it’s owned by George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, but we all can’t live in Bedford Falls. Fortunately, we have some solutions which can be your guardian angel this season. The first thing guests (and judgmental relatives!) see when they come over is your home’s entry way. You’d be amazed at how quickly a new coat of paint in an unexpected color can give the whole area a fresh feel.

Is part of your cleanup duty getting rid of all the extra computer parts you have lying around? Well, you can have yourself a very geeky Christmas with this RAM and component wreath, which will look perfect on your freshly updated door.

Upgrade Your Old TV


I have to be honest; I’d rather be watching The Power Rangers’ Roboknight Before Christmas than the big game. Either way, the holidays are nothing without our friend, TV. Check out our curved LED TVs. They might be perfect for ushering your home into the New Year.

Up Your Bathroom Game

LED Faucet Newegg

A Christmas party is not the time to discover your toilet needs an upgrade. If you suspect your latrine may be on its last legs, try running these tests to make sure it will last through the holidays. Or, if you’re ready to upgrade your john, think about going tankless. Maybe your toilet is fine, but your sink needs an upgrade? Check out these LED faucets lighting up when you turn the water on. They’re so cool!

Stash Your Booze

Bar Cart

We all know Aunt Edna is much more entertaining after she’s had a few. Make it fun and convenient by using a bar cart. Just in case a few turns into a few too many, here’s a guide for removing stains.

Enjoy the Holidays

While we can’t guarantee these tips will bring peace on Earth, you might have some harmony in your home. At least until next year!

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