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Team Group T-FORCE SSDs: CARDEA Ceramic C440 PCIe Gen 4 and VULCAN G SSD

By August 18, 2020August 21st, 2020No Comments

Team Group’s newest SSDs are on the cutting edge of storage technology, and the CARDEA Ceramic C440 and VULCAN G drives are ready to add more speed and space to your PC build. Perfect for gamers or content creators, the CARDEA Ceramic C440 is a stylish white ceramic M.2 drive that can take advantage of the blazing speeds of PCIe Gen 4, if your motherboard supports it. The VULCAN G is a standard form factor SSD with stylish metal accents, available in up to a one terabyte capacity.

This video was produced in cooperation with Team Group.

Check out the CARDEA Ceramic C440 on Newegg
Check out the VULCAN G SSD on Newegg

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