NeweggTV Sets World Record for Highest Altitude LAN Party

Gamers and LAN party fanatics, get ready to be inspired!

hikersawayOn June 23rd, a spirited-group of folks from ASUS Laptops, NeweggTV, Linus Tech Tips, and Tek Syndicate, all teamed up to climb the highest peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for a LAN party like no other. Expert witness Elizabeth Thompson, a PhD student in Atmospheric Meteorology, was there to affirm the superlative nature of the event and submit the details to the Guinness Book of World Records – the world’s highest terrestrial LAN party ever!

Thirteen courageous computer geeks endured altitude sickness, injury, and harsh elements in this “HighLANder Event” that lasted about 12 hours – most of it hiking, of course. The beautiful Colorado morning beckoned them to the peak, packed with provisions, mountain gear, and of course, some amazing ASUS 6550JK Laptops. The network was made possible by Paulfunnywirelessly connecting using an ASUS RT-AC68U Router with – it’s safe to assume – some battery power behind it. A snow flurry at the peak forced an early retreat from the mountain-top experience, and a lightning storm taunted the exhausted bunch as they returned to their vehicles, but Mt. Elbert, Colo., will never be the same.

Newegg is proud of our (in)famous pair – Paul and Kyle – and their participation in the event. We are also proud to carry the amazing and immensely popular ASUS 6550JK Laptop, along with a ton of other great ASUS laptops and hardware. What’s more, you can now use Bitcoin on to purchase all the gear you need to set your own world record.

kyleandfriendCongratulations to everyone involved on making it to the top for a truly one-of-a-kind experience – especially to Kyle, who reportedly reached the top nearly an hour before everyone else! We can’t wait to hear from Guinness World Records that this was truly the highest LAN event yet.

Check out the videos below for the whole story.


Newegg and ASUS – teaming up to reach the top!