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The Vertagear Triigger 350 Sc is a headrest fit for a king

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The Vertagear headrest is anti-microbial and features memory foam for extreme ergonomic comfort.

The Vertagear headrest is anti-microbial and features memory foam for extreme ergonomic comfort.

As my colleagues at GameCrate have stated, the Vertagear Triigger 350 is a positively regal gaming chair. I’ve personally started using it at work, and I have to agree with them; its superior ergonomics make this throne the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Not satisfied to simply deliver a fantastic chair, Vertagear is seeking to improve on the near-perfection of the Triigger 350 and 350SE chairs with their new Triigger 350 Sc headrest. I put it to the test to see if it could match the superior comfort of its companion chair.

Using the Headrest

The Vertagear Triigger 350 Sc uses coffee fiber in the construction to eliminate odor and drastically reduce sweat production.

The Vertagear Triigger Sc ($100) is, according to Vertagear, the industry’s first antimicrobial, anti-odor headrest. I think anyone who’s sat for hours on end can appreciate how gross you can sometimes feel when you finally peel yourself off your comfy chair only to find yourself soaked with the sweat that comes from hours of intense Overwatch matches. The Triigger 350’s mesh construction already goes a long way in preventing sweat, but small amounts can still be produced during long periods of sitting. That’s the coffee fiber construction of the Triigger Sc comes in.

Coffee fiber is a textile created from coffee grounds that gives the headrest its anti-odor and quick drying capabilities. Coffee fiber is a more sustainable textile than more common materials like cotton or polyester and is sourced from coffee chains like Starbucks, so your caffeine addiction may end up relieving the nasty side effects of your gaming addiction. Vertagear used coffee fiber in the Triigger Sc because it is self-cleaning and breathable, releasing the oils that most headrests absorb from sweat and hair, which often results in them becoming odorous and discolored (maybe the Sc stands for scent control?).

The antimicrobial attributes of the Triigger Sc come from the silver linen Vertagear fuses with the coffee fiber. Silver’s chemical properties stifle bacterial growth, so incorporating it into the headrest’s fabric keeps out unwanted germs.

A soft memory foam filling is embedded within the headrest, maximizing comfort by molding itself to the shape of your head and neck. It’s soft but firm, and particularly comfortable for reclining if you want to recline while sitting on a long conference call or if you like to kick back during your gaming sessions.

Attaching the Triigger Sc to the Triigger 350 chair is a matter of simply clicking the headrest to the top of the seat. It sports a three-point adjustment system that allows you to adjust the headrest to various angles and heights to suit your preferred sitting positioning. My head tends to lean forward so I can get a clearer look at the screen, and thanks to the multiple points of articulation, I could adjust the headrest to meet my preferred position.

Buy the Vertagear Triigger 350 Sc headrest- $100

The Importance of Ergonomics: More Than Just Luxury

The Vertagear Triigger gaming chair uses ergonomic materials and numerous adjustments to maximize comfort.

Many of you may not own the Triigger 350 chair and balk at its $699 price, but I would argue that (while no small cost) it’s a worthwhile investment. The Triigger 350 and Triigger Sc may be luxurious comfort options, but their ergonomic design is their key benefit.

I never concerned myself with ergonomics until I started working a desk job. In my first few weeks, I went home with my back and sides aching. I realized my standard-issue rickety office chair was woefully unequipped to offer the kind of support my neck and back needed. It got so bad that I was having a hard time concentrating on work in the afternoon and constantly had to get up and move around to try and work out the soreness. It was clear that I was headed for serious trouble if I kept up my laissez-faire attitude towards ergonomics. I needed to make a change before I ran my body into the ground.

Ergonomic chairs like the Vertagear Triigger and its accompanying headrest present a range of benefits, and their design is a drastic departure from most gaming chairs with flashy colors and a “racing” vibe. They offer many more points of adjustment than standard office chairs: they can typically be adjusted to conform to any height and body shape, while run-of-the-mill office chairs tend to only raise and lower. The result is that ergonomic chairs are much better equipped to support your back and spine, proper posture, and hip and pelvis alignment. All of this means keeping away the pain and chronic health issues that can arise from an improper sitting position.

Since switching over to an ergonomic chair, my pain has dissipated. I no longer leave work doubled over and clutching my sides. I’m able to focus on tasks without wiggling around trying to find a comfortable position, or getting up and stretching every few minutes. That’s not to say getting up on your feet at points throughout the day isn’t beneficial. Prolonged sitting has been linked to long-term issues such as weight gain, heart disease, and even some cancers. Taking time away from your computer screen also helps reduce eye strain. So give yourself a well-earned break once in a while.

The Triigger 350 chair and the Triigger 350 Sc headrest are both excellent ergonomic solutions for anyone who spends significant time at a desk. If you need to spend hours sitting throughout the day, these are worthwhile investments when you factor in all the health benefits of using a chair that keeps your body free from debilitating pain.

Crowning the King of Gaming Chairs

The Vertagear Triigger 350 gaming chair and the Triigger 350 Sc headrest combine for the ultimate ergonomic gaming setup.

The Triigger Sc transforms an already comfortable and ergonomic chair into a decadent luxury. “Decadent” may be an odd term to use to describe a chair, and may sound deprecating, but I mean it in more in the way people describe a lavish snack: the Triigger 350 is already a treat to sit in, and the Sc is the sumptuous topping, the whipped cream and cherry on top. Or, to return to my earlier kingly metaphor: if the 350 is the king’s throne, then the Triigger Sc, with its supreme comfort and sanitary design, is worthy of serving as the royal crown.

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