Xbox Announces Free Games for the Month of April for Live Gold Subscribers

By April 2, 2014Newegg Newsroom


There are many perks to being an Xbox Gold Live member. For about $50 a year, subscribers are able to get the most out of their Xbox and have access to one of the most exciting entertainment networks in the world. Nearly 50 million people take advantage of Live Gold membership for its unrivaled multiplayer experience, HD movies, TV shows, live events, music, sports, and free games. That’s right, free games.

Live Gold subscribers are a major reason Microsoft has been so successful with the Xbox. As a “thank you” to their members, Microsoft treats them with two free Xbox 360 games every month with its Games with Gold program. This perk alone is reason enough to be a subscriber and if you aren’t a Live Gold member yet, what are you waiting for?

August 25th, 2012 @ 06:04:36

Between April 1and April 15, users will be able to download Hitman: Absolution. This is the fifth game in the popular Hitman series and has been met with generally favorable reviews. Unlike other games in the franchise, Absolution allows players to create their own missions for other players to complete online. Agent 47 is also able to predict enemy patrol routes by using a new feature called “instinct mode”. If you’re a fan of stealth games, download Absolution while it’s still free.


During the second half of the month, between April 16 and April 30, Deadlight will be available for free download. Although this game has mixed reviews across the board, there are not many games like it and it’s very fun to play. This game is a total throwback to the classic sidescrollers of the 1980s and 1990s. If you miss playing games like Prince of Persia and Double Dragon, you’ll probably enjoy playing Deadlight. Make sure to download this if you want to kill zombies while only moving left-to-right!

For those of you who want to move on from Xbox 360 games, you’re in luck! Microsoft will be expanding its Games with Gold program later this year and will also be giving away Xbox One games. Remember, these games are only available for a limited time so grab them while they’re still available!

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  • Cassie Allen says:

    More T rated games please! We have 13-15 year old boys and don’t allow M games …. you are killing us!

    • Jon Con says:

      Stop sheltering your children so much. The fact you wont allow your 15 yr old to play a M rated game is RIDICULOUS. lol. I feel sorry for those kids for not being able to enjoy their childhood because I’m sure you probably don’t let them cross the street alone yet lol

      • Cassie Allen says:

        Enjoying childhood did not use to required video games. It was playing outside. Besides those games are rated M for a reason as are movies rated R for a reason. It’s not sheltering, it’s protecting. The more children are exposed to violence, bad language, drug use, prostitution, etc. the more they become desensitized. Teenage years are crucial for them to develop emotionally without being blasted by negative external factors and spending hours in a virtual environment running around killing people instead of reading, studying or participating in sports.

    • Jeff Penrod says:

      Good for you Cassie. I applaud your active parenting. Jon Con probably doesn’t even have kids. Just because you follow a rating system (M=R) does not make you an over protective parent. My policy = rubber baseball’s and bicycle helmets are for babied coddled kids but M rated games and R rated movies are for adults only. I’ll let my kid ride his dirt bike or shoot his .22 but he’s not playing GTA

      • Cassie Allen says:

        Thank you Jeff. My job as a parent is not to make sure they have ‘fun’ or provide ‘entertainment’ but to raise responsible, respectful, compassionate,empathetic young men.

    • Greg Evans says:

      As a parent, I agree win Jon Con

    • Kevin says:

      The Xbox games which perform well with sales have mostly been M rated games. So it only makes sense that they would invest time and money into M rated games. If you want a system geard towards younger children, then purchase a Nintendo system.

    • Jeremy says:

      get them a Nintendo

  • This is a great reason to get a Live Gold Account, but I am thinking it is also a ploy to get people to buy bigger or extra hard drives and/or Xbox compatible USB flash drives. I missed out on Civilization last month because my hard drive and all USB drives were to full for the file size.

  • kado32 says:

    Why the hell is it not up for XBox One yet…..

  • herm says:

    Lol psn gave this game for free a year and a half ago. Way to be a frontrunner Microsoft

  • Clay says:

    They do this every month. Not just in April. But this is still a great program and I am glad they are doing this. Oh and they have put out plenty of T rated games since they began this concept. Like civilization, kill many robots, dungeon defenders, toy soldiers, might and magic, and tomb raider: gairdian of light. I am glad they put out hitman because I was getting bored with all the T rated games. Thank you Xbox.

  • Clay says:

    Hey herm, if I remeber correctly didn’t they give it away as a “we’re sorry for allowing your accounts to get hacked and all your CC’s stolen.” Yeah that has never happened on Xbox live.

  • James says:

    Parents with their feelings in the right place and their head in the wrong place. Letting your children play M rated or watching R rated movies doesn’t develop bad habits in children u less you nurture it yourselves. The only thing I want allowed to look at growing up were explicit sex scenes. I mean EXPLICIT. As an adult with kids of my own I see nothing wrong with their viewing or playing of graphic material because I know as a parent I know how to nurture good habits and help my children develop into a fully functioning being while still letting them escape to whatever fantasy world they want to from time to time. If parents actually spent time with their kids when playing video games then they would see that even in the violent world of GTA they will obey traffic laws, defend random people from muggers, and be a firefighter or police officer quite a bit. And while playing the hero in a game like that they still come to me to ask for help with their homework.

  • Ben Ten says:

    I think trying to shelter your kids from anything you would deem as negative is not a smart decision. I believe that kids need to be well rounded and experience some negatives so they can socially adjust. I grew up going to private catholic schools. The kids that were overly sheltered became the odd balls in college. Lots of them became raging alcoholics because their parents never let them have a sip at home. They would just be socially awkward. Its like their parents robbed them of that growth step in their teens and they could never adjust after. By the way 13 and 15 is starting to get old to not allow M rated games. Just wait in 3 short years when your kid is not a kid but a full blown adult facing the world and you sheltered him from knowing anything negative. Not going to be fun to watch. I just think that as a parent, you have the ability to introduce some of these things to your kids at home. Why not teach them? I’d rather give my son a beer at home then allow him to go to a friend and drink and then get a DUI or worse get in an accident. Just have to make smart decisions because eventually your kids will be gone and be out on their own.

    • Cassie Allen says:

      I’m just stunned by some of these comments. I guess the majority of parents are not raising the same high standard of children that we are. How about teaching them NOT to drink, NOT to smoke, NOT do drugs, NOT play violent games instead of finding excuses to validate your own bad parenting skills. My children see plenty of real-life negative through volunteering monthly at a homeless shelter serving lunch, working animal adoption/vaccination clinics, food panty organizing through our church, etc. THAT is what will prepare them for the real world not some mindless video game with bad language, violence, nudity, prostitution and drug use.

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