Fulfillment for Seller Program | Blind dropship ordered products directly to your end customers using the trusted logistics of Newegg.

The Fulfillment for Seller program offers resellers access to our catalog. Newegg will blind dropship ordered products directly to your end customers – leveraging the strengths of your reputation with the trusted logistics of Newegg.

Step 1

Newegg sends pricing & inventory.

Step 2

Reseller sends order.

Step 3

Newegg confirms order.

Step 4

Newegg sends tracking & invoice for order.

Packing & Shipping

Fulfillment for Seller Program Overview

Competitive Cost

Our best pricing is only available to Fulfillment for Seller partners.

Zero Physical Footprint

Get a large catalog of SKUs added to your offerings without having inventory stored at your warehouse.

Same-Day Shipping

Newegg Logistics will ship out orders received within hours.

Unique SKUs

Obtain exclusive product offerings only available at Newegg.

Integration Process (FTP Using Flat File)

For FTP connection using flat file (CSV), Newegg will usually host the connection. Once the Reseller account is created within Newegg, Newegg can provide the FTP credentials to Vendor. As Newegg is the host, we will be looking at the folders from the perspective of Newegg. Resellers will drop off files to the Inbound folder and receive files from the Outbound folder. Once Reseller picks up the Outbound files, please delete the file so Newegg knows the Files have been picked up.

FTP Process