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Yes, Newegg has a Cyber Monday Sale every year. The sale usually starts on the Monday right after Black Friday.

Newegg's Cyber Monday works relatively the same way as other promotional sales. The Cyber Monday sale will last 3 days. Certain products may have greater deals and discounts when compared to Black Friday sales. You can expect to see the lowest prices for the 3-day period.

If a customer purchases an eligible product displaying the "Price Protection" badge on Newegg.com between a set sale period, then subsequently that same product is discounted to a lower price on Newegg.com on or before November 30, 2021, Newegg will automatically refund the difference to the original payment method. There's no need to track prices or submit a claim – refunds will be processed automatically by December 6, 2021. Visit www.newegg.com/blackfridaypriceprotection for full terms & conditions.

Newegg offers the best tech, gear, accessories, tools, automotive, appliances, and more at competitive prices. These items are our passion, and with our price protection, you can feel safe with your purchases, knowing you got the best price. We also offer free shipping on select items with no membership requirements, as well as free same-day, next-day, and two-day shipping options for select addresses and items.

Standard Return Policy: Items covered by Newegg's Standard Return Policy, those products for which Newegg states "This item is covered by Newegg's Standard Return Policy", can be returned for a refund or replacement. You must request a return within 30 days of the delivery date. Visit www.newegg.com/return-policy for full terms & conditions.

Product Lifespan: Using PC components and systems for cryptocurrency mining is known to significantly decrease the lifespan of the product due to overuse. This includes, but is not limited to - CPUs, video cards, solid-state, and hard disk drives. In general, Newegg will not accept returns of products that have exceeded the product's lifespan due to overuse.

This Domestic Shipping Policy only applies to products that are listed on the Newegg.com website or Newegg mobile application (collectively, referred to as the "Site") as "Sold and Shipped by Newegg" that will be shipped within the United States. For a Marketplace item, an item that is listed on the Site as "Sold and Shipped" by a third-party Seller through Newegg's Marketplace platform and not "Sold and Shipped by Newegg" ("Marketplace Item"), the Marketplace Item is shipped directly by the Marketplace Seller. Check the Newegg Marketplace Seller's policy for the shipping policy of the individual Marketplace Seller. In the event of a conflict between Newegg's shipping policies and those on a Marketplace Seller's Policy Page, the Seller's Policy Page shipping policies shall apply to your orders from that Marketplace Seller. Please note that the processing time excluding shipping for Marketplace Items is 1-2 business days. Visit www.newegg.com/shipping-policy for full terms & conditions.

Due to high traffic volumes during this promotion, you may experience sold out products. Be sure to follow Newegg on social media or join our email mailing list for any limited quantity products you should know about. If you are experiencing Shopping Cart Problems, check if Cookies are not enabled, or your browser is configured to block newegg.com and/or secure.newegg.com cookies. If you've verified that newegg.com and secure.newegg.com cookies are being accepted and you're still experiencing problems with the shopping cart, please clear your cookies and cache, close your browser and try again. Visit www.newegg.com/shopping-cart-problems for full terms & conditions.