Portable External SSDs

For your busiest days, nothing beats a high-speed solid state drive. Built for on-the-go durability, our SSDs help you quickly transfer photos and seamlessly stream high-res stored videos to your laptop.

  Expansion SSD One Touch SSD One Touch SSD
Special Edition
Fast SSD
Texture Textured Plastic Woven Fabric Camo Print Aluminum
Capacity 500GB
500GB Black
500GB White
1TB Black
1TB White
500GB White
500GB Red
500GB Blue
500GB Green
Windows & Mac Compatibility ✓ (exFAT) ✓ (exFAT) ✓ (exFAT) ✓ (exFAT)
Customizable Backup
Continuous Backup Folder Mirroring
Max Data Transfer 400MB/s 400MB/s 400MB/s 540MB/s
Mylio 1 year 1 year
Adobe Photography Plan 2 months 2 months 2 months