Newegg Creator Program now offers creators the ability to monetize content through competitive sales commissions and a seven-day digital cookie rewarding creators when viewers buy from Newegg

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – Feb. 23, 2023 – Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a leading global technology e-commerce retailer, today announced new benefits of its influencer program, Newegg Creator. The program now offers creators the ability to monetize content through competitive sales commissions on products using a seven-day attribution.

Creators in the Newegg Creator program can feature millions of products in their content offering them the opportunity to earn commissions on generated sales with no limit.

Newegg invested in remodeling its corporate headquarters’ media facilities last year to add new studios, sets and livestreaming elements enabling the ability to have multiple simultaneous video productions.

Because of the facilities’ expansion, creators within commuting distance of the company’s global headquarters in Southern California can now schedule the complimentary use of Newegg’s state-of-the-art, 10,000-square foot studio physical facility to create live or recorded content for their social media channels. The free on-site studio opportunity includes the ability to demonstrate dozens of tech products in-person. The studio opportunity also includes access to a set and lighting during their scheduled visit.

Creators can apply to Newegg Creator here:

Newegg released a new promotional video on YouTube:

Livestreaming since 2021, Newegg is among the pioneers of live video shopping in the United States. The company currently hosts shoppable livestreams multiple times each weekday on nine channels: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Whatnot and the Newegg website ( and app. Newegg Creator is part of the company’s efforts to take a leadership role in video content creation.

As U.S. consumers become more accustomed to watching and buying from shoppable livestreams on their phones, Newegg expects viewership to increase in this channel.

When expanding its creator program, Newegg conducted research, including conversations with tech-focused creators, to develop a program that financially rewards brand advocates on social media. The result is a program that sets new levels for creator benefits with a higher commission rate and reward period than most major North American tech retailers.

Sales generated by influencers in the category of PC systems, components and consumer electronics return a higher competitive commission to the creator than other categories and retailers.

Among the new creator program features, every Newegg product page now offers creators the ability to quickly generate a shortened custom affiliate link to be used in their content, including during a livestream.

“Our customers are not only savvy in technology and social media, but many are creators or aspiring creators who shop Newegg to get all the equipment they need to create. We expanded our influencer program to reward their passion for both our brand and the major brands we carry,” said Ricky Perez, social media marketing manager. “Our creator program is well positioned to be industry-leading with some of the best offers anywhere: a generous sales commission on key product categories, a seven-day tracking cookie that rewards creators’ content for an entire week, free access to our California studio facilities to create content and a shortened custom affiliate link generator on every product page.”

Newegg expects to continue to re-define its creator program over time with new benefits and features.

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