Worked instantly, and seller was nice enough to makesure this is what I needed!7/19/2020 2:49:57 AM

Pros: - Worked instantly. - Easy install. - Great customer service. - Well priced.

Overall Review: So I have a Hackintosh, Asus rog Strix z390-i Gaming, 9900k, 2x 960 Evo 500gb(tried nvme but was having some difficulty). This was my second Hackintosh build so I wanted to get everything working I could. My advice is to fallow a build guide to the T, and make sure you understand everything, the kext are kinda tricky to grasp, let alone how to use the tools. The one thing that wasn't working was the wifi card on the Asus motherboard, luckily all I had to do was plop this bad boy in place of the one that came with the board and everything worked right off the bat! When I bought it the seller was nice enough to make sure this is what I needed! Great customer service is always nice to see.

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In perfect condition, and even came with ssd tray!3/11/2018 5:45:51 PM

Pros: - Amazing power. - Great price. - Great color screen. - Not as heavy as my old laptop. - Came with ssd tray and cable installed.

Cons: - Took a little longer to arrive then stated. - Mouse pad sucks, keyboard is okay. - Gets very load.

Overall Review: I would recommend getting this if you need a budget gaming laptop, but want the most bang for your buck. The people who sent out mine did an amazing job restoring it, and it didn't have bloat ware on it. I would be car full with the other reviews on this, but I personally got an amazing laptop for an insane price!

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