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Great Stuff5/26/2011 5:10:09 AM

Pros: Great adhesive. Permanent. Make sure you want whatever you are using this on to stay permanently because that is what you will get. Very good thermal transfer when used properly. See other thoughts for how I used this successfully.

Cons: Cover working area with newspaper or something disposable. Once this stuff sticks - it sticks for good, including your counter top and hands. Use 91% rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces before drying (including your hands). If you want, bring some ethanol alcohol when you celebrate your job with success. This isn't a negative - just a warning. This stuff hardens quick just like any other polyepoxide, so prepare well (See below.) It also spells like and epoxy when mixed, so don't think your sewer is over flowing - it's this stuff!

Overall Review: I had 16 heat sinks to glue onto each side of memory on two graphics cards (5770s). Cut off all 2 sided thermal tape with straight razor. Laid out coffee filters (because they are lint free) on counter surface. Dabbed with a cap full of alcohol, rubbed heat sink surfaces across coffee filter until all the old adhesive is gone. Cleaned a second time with a fresh filter. Cleaned surface of memory chips on cards. A small dab at a time and I was able to thinly coat sink surfaces. Gently but firmly, press the sink onto the memory chip for about 5-8 secords being careful to apply equal pressure from behind so as not to bend your card (I did this a couple years ago and destroyed a card.) You want as thin of a layer as possible so it will stick well but allow as much contact with the heat sink as possible, just like any compound only this is permanent. Make in batches. I did 4 small batches for 16 sinks. This prevents it from hardening too quickly and allows you to clean the spreader.

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Very good board3/23/2010 9:55:37 AM

Pros: Great layout. Lots of USB and SATA ports. DDR2 1366+ support. Awesome overclocking in bios and software that helps set the bios and give auto setting on bootup. Very sturdy board. Hand weighed it and my Biostar that I was replacing and there was a noticable difference. The copper conducts it all man.

Cons: the EZTune software was glitchy. Would freeze and wouldn't reinstall when I tried uninstalling a previous version. Still working on that, but I like the board so much I am leaving all 5 eggs!

Overall Review: The bios tweaking allows auto on any item. Example, I oticed that the EZTune set my memory with several different CAS and Tras settings. I went into my bios and set for 5-5-5-15 and left everything else on auto and all was well. There are several more functions I haven't explored yet, but all of this should keep me entertained for a while:) First board I got, something happened during install and the pins were bent beneacth the processor. RMA'd the board and Newegg was awesome, exchanging it for a new board! Newegg is awesome!

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Made the switch from 4800 series3/22/2010 9:19:59 AM

Pros: Lower wattage use than 4870 I previously owned. The 128 bit vs. 256 bit is made up for by higher core clock and memory frequencies. Overclocking: Got mine up to 950 core and 5300 MHz memory (1325) Temps to 48c. Does a great job as advertised.

Cons: Doesn't dole out health benies like our government. If the gov forced us all to get graphics cards. The price would go up and the quality - hmmm...

Overall Review: My HIS 4870 sagged with a heavy VGA copper cooler which I think eventually bent the PCB so bad it died. But this baby has a cool steel rail that prevents bending and makes it very sturdy! It has been playing COD4 and 5 with much better frames than my oc'd HIS 4870 and BC2 and STALKER Call of Pripyat and Dirt 2 in Directx 11 - Saweet. I put an after-market VF1000 Zalman cooler on it with Arctic Silver 5, but noticed just a couple degrees C difference than stock cooler. So it seems the stock cooler does a really good job as advertised. First Asus card I have purchased and love it. It is worth payng about the same as you would a 4870 or even a 4890. Wattage is use is about 40% less! Google it. Planning on getting another for crossfire! Newegg delivery was prompt.

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