looks are deceiving11/12/2020 9:34:54 AM

Pros: looked good and worked for a month easy to build makes a good elevated cat bed now that it's busted.

Cons: arm rests broke first, and fast, they just kept falling down and not locking in place quickly after a few weeks. the height adjustment broke over time, the hydraulics didn't do much. the wire frame inside punctured out the back of the seat. seat got stiff and uncomfortable as time went on. the locking mechanism for reclining broke last after a month or two, if i bothered leaning back or put any weight on it it broke and goes flying backwards.

Overall Review: i wouldn't tell anyone i know to buy this. just go buy a chair from ikea and you'll get better results.

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Stronger than you think.11/30/2015 1:35:16 PM

Pros: This video card held up in any game thrown at it. I would say this is perfect 1080p card and gigabyte helped make it even better by adding cool and powerful cooling solution. This can run any game 1080p in very high-ultra details. Plus these in SLI perform in near perfection.

Cons: None from my experience.

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Looks nice, feels bad.11/30/2015 1:32:37 PM

Pros: This case is a very easy to build in case and looks nice too. You can fit practically anything within it and has room for a few fans. Easy cable management.

Cons: The build quality was all just "meh". It was okay but it felt cheap. The plastic parts felt like i could break it and the metal felt like it was going to bend and felt very cheap. However I knew they weren't going to bend or break of course.

Overall Review: If they increase build quality it would be a near perfect case.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, First, we like to thank you for your review, the reviews are valuable information for us. We have heard your review and have forwarded your comments to our factory/manufacture overseas. If you have any other questions or concerns, please send a email to rma@raidmax.com and we'll have someone at our team get back to you in a timely manner. Again, we thank you for choosing Raidmax products. -Raidmax Support Team
Worth the price10/13/2015 2:31:23 AM

Pros: This CPU is powerful for an I5, hardly have I ever heard any problems with it and i have experience none myself. I have used 2 of these now on two different builds and have been great. While one was made for a mid range editing rig with nice temps, the other one was aimed for a mid-high range gaming rig. It operates fantastically and is worth the purchase! The four cores are powerful and get any job done! And if desired it can result in future upgrades to an I7 if desired. (Its also pretty darn power efficient!)

Cons: None from my experience thus far.

Overall Review: Some GPU's I would recommend with this CPU would be a GTX 950, 960, 970 or R9 380, 390, and R7 370. Personally I have gone the NVIDIA route the most and would say a 960 works best with this card whether it be the 4gb or 2gb model as they are power efficient like the I5 itself and have great drivers.

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Great Performance Interesting Price10/13/2015 2:20:44 AM

Pros: So far everything about this CPU has been nothing but impressive. The power 6 cores (With Hyper-Threading*) power through any sort of task thrown at it whether it be Rendering, Editing, Gaming, or just web browsing. It has powerful single core performance which is great considering how many cores it has. I would Highly recommend this for anyone who wants a great editing rig or even a gaming pc. Also the DDR4 support is great too!

Cons: For the Price here it makes an excellent "everything" cpu. However when priced in comparison to the I7-6700k using intels newest 14nm process it doesn't compare as well in gaming. If you are a strict gamer i would recommend saving a few more dollars and going to the 6700k. While it may a have a few less cores it performs nearly the same. So this is why i would think the 5820k has an interesting price, though it would be nice to have a price drop its still a really great CPU for what it is.

Overall Review: *hyper-threading giving it more threads which is great for editing and rendering and acts as a virtual 12 cores. I have this paired with a GTX 980ti and 16gb of DDR4 and i get great frames in games and excellent video editing. But an I7-6700k It'll be similar performance, so save a few bucks.

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It's nice5/8/2015 12:43:45 AM

Pros: Easy to use Bios. Great Quality. Easy intro to Overclocking. Looks nice. Room to Upgrade.

Cons: When Putting together my machine i had a hard time getting my build to work. I had put everything together yet it refused to turn on. After taking it apart and putting back together EXACTLY the way it was it worked again so i havent got a clue what went wrong... Wasnt free. Could be prettier.

Overall Review: Could be a tad cheaper for what you're getting. I'd recommend taking a look at gigabytes cheaper X99 motherboards if your looking to get into the glorious 2011-3 cpu's and dont want to spend as much on this. But its still a great piece of hardware!

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"Razer" Sharp Looks2/3/2015 1:07:44 PM

Pros: Just as sharp as you would assume. Razer did an excellent job designing this case and for that we should thank them. The effects are great, and everything is great.

Cons: It wasn't free?

Overall Review: Looks beautiful with anything Razer.

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