good mouse4/13/2020 12:46:33 PM

Pros: arrived fast. seller emailed me and sent it to me fast. arrived in 3 days. nice little wired mouse. perfect for new desk. happy with purchase.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: seller emailed me initially and said they would expedite to me. it arrived like a day later. that kind of communication is worth an egg alone.

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very small 256GB of space4/12/2020 2:29:59 PM

Pros: arrived fast. 3 days. very small. unbelieveavble amout of storage in something the size of a medium thumbnail. fast. no issues.

Cons: none

Overall Review: runs warm. very happy with purchase.

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excellent keyboard3/26/2020 7:42:15 PM

Pros: arrived in like 2 days. packaged well. solid, beautiful keyboard. using it is great. style is very nice. haven't downloaded / installed software for it yet. very happy with purchase.

Cons: none. i bought a 2nd one.

Overall Review: i ordered a 2nd one. experience was the same. very nice keyboard.

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good enough monitor but lame experience getting it6/13/2019 9:11:33 AM

Pros: large monitor, g-sync, supports high resolutions

Cons: manner by which product arrived. monitor appeared used, power cord was open and not in it's bag in box, box was heavily beat up. sure this isn't like saying ' picture said grey but unit was blue', but if you're going for a headache free experiencing acquiring this monitor ( which comes in a box more than half the size of a coffin ) do not purchase it from an online retailer if possible. go to a physical location where you can inspect it before you spend money on it so you know you're actually getting something new versus used. only pictures can accurately state how this unit arrived, and i paid over a thousand dollars for it plus an additional cost for shipping which was not honored. instead it was put on a UPS truck and punted to my doorstep. i'm still testing this monitor and am made sick thinking i received a used monitor that could go out on me for the price i paid. tracking information provided was not accurate, unit was said to be in IL when I heard a thug at the front door in TX.

Overall Review: avoid deal targets, the seller newegg hooked up with to sell this monitor. read their reviews before making your purchase. there was a degree of deception with shipping, and despite believing i was ordering a new monitor i may have received a used one.

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monster6/9/2019 10:44:20 PM

Pros: easy install. updating drivers no trouble. packaging is very nice. stays cool with stock settings running anything max settings. cool rgb software. runs quiet.

Cons: price

Overall Review: up from an evga 980 ti. really nice card.

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good ram6/9/2019 8:46:53 PM

Pros: installed in MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390. recognized with initial post.

Cons: none

Overall Review: would recommend

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works great (redux)6/9/2019 8:41:13 PM

Pros: ori: installed in an intel 1366 ASUS P6T Delux V2 motherboard, replacing a copper heatsink and fan. Temps are 32-38c. For a few minutes I didn't think it would actually fit, but it did, and there is no fan noise from this rig now. Product shipped fast, installed in 20 minutes, 10 minutes of that was blowing dust bunnies out of my case. Very satisfied. 06/19: bought one for a new 1151 build. installs easily. keeps cpu cool. fingers crossed, my ori is still working well. would recommend.

Cons: ori: None. It was a tight fit, but it fit, and it works as advertised. 06/19: none.

Overall Review: ori: This is a good little project if you have an 11 year old junior system builder shadowing you. Quality product and shipping. 06/19: fun install and good results. a simple water cooling solution easy to install. be sure to order descent thermal paste. inspect often ( with all things water, common sense ). listen for off noises. ive had good results but yours may vary. i used to dream of a simple water cooling solution like this long before Corsair got into the market and here we are today. good feel / quality in hand.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
serves it's purpose6/9/2019 8:30:06 PM

Pros: it is what it is. 64 bit os dvd arrived for my new build. no issues installing on a raid 0 drive made of 2 m.2 2TB 970s. boots in ~ 8-12 sec.

Cons: none

Overall Review: no issues with drivers, setup, install

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nice hub6/4/2019 9:03:58 PM

Pros: item received was exactly as advertised. nice hub. fast. happy with purchase.

Cons: 8 ports would be nice

Overall Review: 4 ports go fast

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fast is good6/4/2019 6:50:43 PM

Pros: fast

Cons: ridiculous packaging. honestly the packaging likely adds 100 usd to the end price. what are you supposed to do with a big blue hexagon..

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A+6/4/2019 6:44:06 PM

Pros: very nice M.2 drive with good capacity. installed with no issues ( two of them ) in an msi z390 pro carbon and set to raid 0. win10pro install + a few drivers equates to 3.7 TB~ free. super fast alone or in raid 0. lots of fun and about the size of a stick of gum.

Cons: none at all, price? these things are from somewhere else in the cosmos

Overall Review: zero issues setting up after initial post, no issues installing win10pro, boot time is about 8 sec with no real tuning

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nice psu6/4/2019 6:35:06 PM

Pros: clean. modular. includes self-test connector. simple installation.

Cons: none. happy with purchase.

Overall Review: get a solid psu and connect it to a quality ups with voltage regulation. your computer will love you.

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great motherboard6/4/2019 3:54:26 PM

Pros: this is a great motherboard. very refined. dual M.2 is nice. wifi set up easily. 64GB ram support. super clean layout. easy to navigate uefi. no issues with posting, it came right up. software / drivers included installed without issue. no missing parts. good enough documentation.

Cons: none. happy with purchase.

Overall Review: current build - Streacom BC1S Openbenchtable - MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC LGA 1151 - Intel Core i9-9900K LGA 1151 (300 Series) - EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W P2 - G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 64GB DDR4 2400 - SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 2TB x2 in RAID 0 - GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 2080 TI 11GB - Acer Predator Z35P

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Richard, Thank you for sharing your review of the Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC! Glad you are enjoying the motherboard! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
exactly what i was looking for6/4/2019 3:33:49 PM

Pros: - clean, sleek, not tiny but small enough to fit on my 4'x12' desk - each shelf is sized slightly larger than the footprint of a mid tower case - individual shelf height is adjustable - supports different layouts

Cons: none, but depends on your application

Overall Review: would recommend. no issues with shipping. arrived timely and undamaged. clean packaging and instructions. very happy with purchase.

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excellent for it's time12/18/2017 9:45:15 AM

Pros: I purchased one of these in 2009. It was rock solid the day I installed it, and it's Dec 2017 today.

Cons: None.

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nice laptop12/17/2017 4:23:46 PM

Pros: I picked this up for my son a year ago. It's a nice laptop. Looks nice, runs games well. No complaints.

Cons: Sometimes I buy a completed system like a laptop like this and I'm amazed by the amount of software pushed on the buyer.

Overall Review: Packaging was good. Setup was fast and simple. It's heavy. Battery use is about 45 minutes to an hour tops. Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
super high quality12/16/2017 11:01:18 PM

Pros: Incredibly nice workbench. Very well engineered. The box it comes in is high quality. I'm very happy with what I received.

Cons: Nothing at all.

Overall Review: Pay for shipping. UPS misdelivered mine but a good Samaritan got it to me. Everything about it is high quality. Very well thought out product.

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Worthless. Previous review deleted by newegg for saying this item is worthless.6/4/2016 6:23:32 PM

Pros: None. Item does not fundamentally work. Purchase at your own risk.

Cons: To anyone intending to purchase this item, know it's a cheaply, smelly, molded plastic remote that does not work with the PS4. It's advertised to work with the PS4 but does not. It took over 3 weeks to arrive from China. The plastic is so poorly molded that it's soft in the hand, absolutely no dexterity. It also smells really bad like fowl really poor burned plastic. Difficult to explain, I've never seen anything quite like this item passed off as a legitimate product before. It doesn't smell healthy, if that makes any sense. This item came from somewhere in China and took a little over 3 weeks to arrive. It was wrapped in tape and a smaller box inside the shipping box and came with no instructions. I posted a review previously attempting to warn people away from this item and my post was deleted by newegg. I've purchased over 15,000 dollars worth of products thru newegg and this thing is not like anything purchased before. It also simply doesn't work at all.

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Very nice keyboard.3/17/2016 8:10:51 PM

Pros: Nice action. Interesting cable ( braided, long, and comes with a velcro cable tie ). Pretty blue. Good gamer's keyboard. Happy with purchase.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: get into a nice keyboard )

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what. is. not. to. love.3/17/2016 7:50:55 PM

Pros: Fast and capable. Good price imo.

Cons: None.

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Poor quality board likely rushed to market3/17/2016 7:44:19 PM

Pros: I regret purchasing this motherboard. There are a couple reviews by Steve E and Steve S that are on target with my experience with this mb. I own the Micro and thought this would be an an upgrade for another build but no way no how this thing is not typical EVGA. I own many EVGA products, so receiving the first one with a cap floating in the bad was only to me a minor setback. The RMA process went smoothly enough, but had to put 229 collateral on the replacement until I was able to return it. Had to RMA the gskil RAM kit for a Corsair RAM kit due to incompatibility at a loss. Had to RMA the SATA interface M.2 drive at a loss, though I own that one. The M.2 slot on this board is PCIe only. Upgraded mb BIOS 3x, and now that I have a Samsung 950 PCIe 3.0 4x M.2 drive installed I'm having all sorts of boot up issues. One in four boots results in the bios looping or otherwise mb failing to load up, and the M.2 drive is just set to a data drive for game installs the OS isn't even installed on it nor is it set to boot. The M.2 support in the BIOS if enabled disables another PCI slot as well as limits RAM speed. At present with BIOS 103, if I plug in a SATA CD/DVD drive the mb wont post I have to reset the mb, go into the BIOS, save/exit, and hope on reboot it will post. At times I get an option to hit F12 which will let me in the BIOS but with defaults loaded. Other times text is partially displayed on the monitor and post fails completely. Too many issues to list.

Cons: - I seriously regret purchasing this motherboard. It's likely the most bug riddled mb I've owned, and I've owned a few dozen. - EVGA has a few dead end forum posts where this mb is called out. - Buggy BIOS and M.2 support. - The rig I built with this mb isn't worthy to sit in my office.

Overall Review: Most products I purchase thru newegg are 4-5 egg rated. I work in engineering and know what an under developed product is, and this is one of them. At present, having toyed with this thing for 3 months, I'm debating ripping it out of my build and going with something else.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Richard W., I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your EVGA X99 Micro2 Motherboard. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Keeps CPU cool3/17/2016 7:23:56 PM

Pros: Easy install. Good quality radiator, fan and block. Corsair Links imo is cool enough for what it does.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I own a few of these as well as other water cooling products. Once you install one of these you will realize that gone are the days of heat sinks and heat sink fans. These products run quietly and keep your CPU cool under load. What else could you want.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good trackball3/17/2016 7:14:11 PM

Pros: I owned the original Kensington trackball and have been hoping for a current revision for a couple years. This pretty thing arrived this morning and installed easily and without issue on an EVGA Micro2-v3 mb. I use an ultrawide LG at 3440x1440 with it without issue. The tuning software available at lets you configure the mouse at a basic level but offers no real other options. The included wrist support piece completes it and adds a level of comfort the original didn't have. The ball is the right size for my hand but others might feel it's too light weight or cheap. It could be heavier but not worth an egg on its own. The rotating ring the ball sits in that lets you scroll on my unit at least is loose. Too loose in my opinion, and feels like it could have been better engineered given the price. It feels more toy like than quality in this area. Wireless is good. Moving the mouse 2 inches left or right seems to be a challenge for me occasionally for some reason. Feels stiff despite effort, which is likely causing the effect. A good product many including myself will enjoy, but not a great trackball.

Cons: - scrolling directly left and right seem difficult at times - scroll ring is loose and feels cheap - ball is actually light weight. a heaver ball would be nicer.

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Excellent value3/17/2016 6:51:42 PM

Pros: Purchased due to existing cable being 2 ' too short. Arrived by 3rd day in my mail box. Very delicate cable but results are excellent.

Cons: None.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
good video card3/14/2016 11:53:20 PM

Pros: Installed in a MSI K8T Master2-FAR7 dual opteron rig with no issues at all. Great value for the right, slightly dated windows machine.

Cons: None.

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