Excellent Monitor1/13/2021 4:00:59 AM

Pros: Excellent picture quality and color.

Cons: Price is a bit steep compared to other monitors in this range.

Overall Review: I've owned and been using this monitor for 10 months now and am very pleased with it. I would definitely recommend it. I had to make minimal adjustments to color settings to get it just right but out of the box it was very good with vivid colors. Very easy to set up and the stand is very sturdy with excellent adjustability to height. There were no dead pixels on arrival and they have been great to this day (currently using 2 side by side). IPS glow is minimal with the 2 that I have though the first one has less. There is a big difference between IPS glow and Back Light Bleed though most don't seem to know how that works or the difference in my experience. The only thing I would change is the price if possible as it is a bit steep compared to something like the LG GL850.

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Excellent PSU2/24/2011 9:20:07 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality with enough power for extreme gaming needs. This PSU runs my system flawlessly with everything under full load and extensive bench testing. Quiet operation under high stress demands.

Cons: None that I have found as of yet.

Overall Review: My system specs: i7980X 4.54 GHz EVGA Classifed 760 3 EVGA GTX 580's SLI Corsair Dominators 12 GB 1600 MHz C7 2 Crucial C300 SSD SataIII drives 3 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drives 2 external F3 1TB drives Antec 1200 / 5 front fans 1 side fan (San Ace 115 cfm E401's) Thermalright Ven-X push/pull w/ San Ace E401's 2 120x38mm San Ace H1011 103 cfm exhaust fans Rhoebus 6 channel fan controller Antec HCP 1200

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Solid Board2/15/2010 12:55:18 PM

Pros: Everything about this board is excellent and that's why I still have it. It's been running @ 4.2GHz with a QX9650 since 10/10/08 and never had a single issue. This is the board you want if you want to reach higher than the average overclocker.

Cons: none

Overall Review: It is true there are some of these out there that do have an issue with the thermal paste under the northbridge and southbridge heatsinks though I've never had the issue with the two that I have. Never had a NB or SB temp above 46c in the Antec 1200 though all fans were replaced with San Ace H1011's and A401's except for the 200mm big boy fans. Go buy an extreme gamer sound card and save yourself the hassle of dealing with the included card...it just doesn't compare. The price seems a bit steep considering my P6X58D Premium i7 board was only $300 and I payed $270 for both boards back in 08. Price should be much lower in the i7, i5, and i3 era.

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2/7/2010 12:42:19 PM

Pros: From the 3 I've installed it's an incredible board and I love it.

Cons: none except mine arrived DOA as in no post. Yes I tried everything 5 times over just to be extra sure.

Overall Review: Minus one egg due to newegg sending yet another faulty board when the 3 I got elsewhere work perfectly though not mine but for customers. Maybe it's just bad luck but still unacceptable and is costing me extra out of pocket now...I paid for speedy processing and overnight priority shipping for this...please just fix this asap as my customer is very upset as well as I.

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