Impressed2/27/2009 11:20:13 AM

Pros: I built a PC for a family member 3 months ago. I wanted to get him a Core2Duo but because of a bios issue I had to order this little guy. Once I installed it I noticed it performed pretty well but I still felt kinda of bad for not being able to install the Core2Duo. 3 months later I have some spare parts so I order this celly. I can't believe how fast he is. I'm overclocking him little by little but I have to say for 40 bucks it is an awesome purchase.

Cons: It runs kinda of hot for me. I got a 1.3 vid so it figures. I had a spare stock cooler from a q6600 going to install that.

Overall Review: If you are upgrading from a 478 platform/ 4-5 pc this will definitely do the job at a good price.

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*sigh* 45nm mess12/18/2008 9:48:48 PM

Pros: Not sure, haven't used will update with a new post.

Cons: Board shipped with bios 305, leaving me helpess as I tried to install the e7300 C2D. Ordered old celeron processor in order to update to more recent bios that supports my processor. Will update this post later.

Overall Review: *cross you fingers that the celly can update bios*

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Fast little guy7/25/2008 8:06:45 PM

Pros: The card is pretty amazing for its price. I own (2) 8800gts 320mb cards and this one beats them individually.

Cons: No cons so looks like its a solid card

Overall Review: the 55nm cards are coming out soon and ati seems to have a better line up this time around.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
bought 2 only 1 remains5/15/2008 8:49:49 PM

Pros: It make uv reactive materials stand out.

Cons: Gets hot, looks purple like all uv. It looks like it was glued together.

Overall Review: Its fun to use I guess but the quality is really poor.

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Solid cooling4/10/2008 10:16:29 AM

Pros: If you have the armor case then you are very lucky becasue it fits the look perfectly. I have the p5n32e-sli board and my heat sinks were getting in the way so I had to flip the water cooling block 90 degrees. Works the same but won't look like it does in the manual. The fan control switch is handy but the cord is kinda of short.

Cons: kinda of loud. I had the stock cooling fan for my q6600 and it was running. 71C at full load (overclocked to 2.7) Now its running at 46C and my artic thermal grease hasn't cured. Other then the sound its pretty much a solid water cooler.

Overall Review: Haven't had it too long but from what I've seen I highly recommend it. Just look at my numbers:)

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Scary for a First time builder12/26/2007 9:46:02 PM

Pros: The board is a premium board no doubt about it. Howerver, this was my first build so I was pretty scared I would mess it up (you can mess up with this board in so many places) I RMA'ed the first one but I think I could have played with the ram and got it to work. The one I have now is overclocking my q6600 with its onboard ai overclocker... 2.4 to 2.79. Its a solid board once you get it running.

Cons: Take your time with this board. Its options are many and it has room to expand. Asus website sucks pretty bad.

Overall Review: Very satisfied with this board. Can't wait to SLI my 8800gts.

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Solid PSU12/26/2007 9:42:40 PM

Pros: It powers my system without a hitch.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Get it

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