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Thank you Newegg for recognizing veterans and military members.4/11/2016 9:29:25 AM

Pros: FREE to military and veterans and their registered dependents at time of purchase.

Cons: None. This is Newegg folks. Probably the best customer service on the web.

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Over-engineered in a good way!4/11/2016 9:27:57 AM

Pros: Very solid fan construction: You can feel these bad boys are not flimsy. All cables are weave-wrapped AND rubberized: Little risk of nicked wires or shorts here. RGB rings are truly RBG: Green is actually green, red is actually red, etc. Cables are more than long enough for a ATX mid tower case or smaller. Static pressure fans. While designed for liquid cooling radiators, if you use dust filters, you should be using these as case fans too. Built in anti vibration rubber pads on both sides of screw holes is brilliant design. No more need for tiny o-rings or gaskets. Fan controller is compact and easy to use.

Cons: Only two cons, and they are in no way reasons to knock off an egg: 1. Fan speed control. In order to use the speed controller properly, one MUST set the 4-prong output on the motherboard to full voltage. This is not mentioned in the instructions. If you do not do this you will see your fan speeds and RGBs "pulse" due to a low voltage condition. Note this is not the pulse lighting setting in action. I verified this condition with a multi-meter. You MUST have 12v DC input to the controller. 2. Maximum fan speed. This is mostly personal preference, but in this day and age, a limit of 2000 RPM on a 120mm fan seems a bit odd to me. Particularly when set to full speed at 12v without LED ring turned on, they barely max out at 1800 RPM, even if only one fan is connected to controller. This was verified with industrial RPM test equipment, both mechanical and visual. This was demonstrated in the various fan control software that came with my motherboard.

Overall Review: I really enjoy these fans. They are very quiet, though I personally could care less how loud a fan is in my system. I would rather know I have proper cooling airflow than have a quiet computer. I never have, and never will, understand why people get obsessive over fan noise. The RGBs work really really well for every color except white. It is virtually impossible to get a true white with these. This however is true of most LEDs. I had originally got this set just for the green setting as for some reason green 120mm variable speed fans are hard to find. Now I can set the colors to whatever I want. Currently I am using a "xenomorph" acid blood shade of green, but often set them to red at night. I put these in a custom built case inspired by the military hardware in the movie ALIENS. They look amazing. If you read other reviews here complaining about short cables or where to put the controller, I believe this is a result of poor planning by the end user. In my case (literally) I traced and cut out a space in the window and then CA glued the controller in place. It looks great, particularly as I see no point to a see through case window and had already painted it to look like an airlock hatch. The fan speed controller now looks like airlock cycling controls. I do wish there was a way to post pictures of the solution I used to solve the "Where to put the controller" issue some complain about. I should note here that adding extra length to fan wires is a simple task that anyone can do if you are trying to use this set in a full tower. Thermaltake has outdone themselves with these fans and should be applauded for creating such a great product. I do wish there was a four and six fan version.

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This IS the case I have been looking for!3/30/2016 7:08:49 AM

Pros: Outstanding cable management. Lots of room to move. Case is primarily held together with screws, so disassemble for custom modification is easy. No weak and loose aluminum pop rivets like so many other cases. Easy to install the 120mm fans in all areas. Dust filters at top AND bottom of case. Twin USB 3.0 ports right next to speaker and mike jacks makes use of any user head related peripherals easy. Snap in front panel easy to remove. Virtually tool-less design makes stuffing the guts in there very simple and fast. Very durable black powder coat on steel components-not paint!

Cons: As with most cases these days, the window is a shoddy bit of brittle plastic. It is held in by bend tabs, which make it easy to remove and replace, but the tabs have limited life. I wish it had screws holding it in. Front panel is plastic. I would pay 100 USD for this case if it had a matching steel front panel. The biggest issue with this case is the side panel thumb screws. They are on the small side and have a very small diameter thread stock. The are hard to put in and remove. I actually threw them away, replaced them with thumbscrews from a low quality case I had and expanded the hole diameters accordingly. Note that this is not worth docking an egg in my opinion.

Overall Review: I read quite a few reviews here on Newegg and elsewhere on this case before purchasing it. Many people complained about poor cable management. This only exposes them as being inexperienced. As a retired Naval weapons technician and defense contractor, I wish Uncle Sam would move to Corsair's cable management stand. It is the best I have ever seen. I also saw people complaining about not having room to cram all their gear in the case. This is a mystery to me. All I can figure is people are attempting to fit full tower hardware in a mid tower case. I had zero issues. In fact this case provided me with the easiest hardware install in 20 years. To give you an idea the hardware I am using is as follows: MSI Z97PC Mate Zotac GTX 970 16G GSkill DDR3 1 samsung evo 870 (there is room for two) 2 WD 2TB HDD 1 WD 1TB HDD 2 WD 300GB HDD (required a custom built addition- case holds three 5inch drives) I did not install DVD disc drives as I never use them and my motherboard only has 6 SATA ports. Corsair CX750M PSU Intel i5 4690K Devil's Canyon Corsair H50 120mm Quiet Edition Liquid Cooler 4ea 120mm fans with room for two more (one top/one bottom) As a personal preference, I wish the option to buy cases unpainted, or only primed was possible. I modded my case with a military theme inspired by the Colonial Marines hardware as seen in the movie Aliens. The results are magnificent. In conclusion, do not let the reviews written by whiners turn you away.

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To date the best mouse I have ever owned!3/25/2016 6:15:38 PM

Pros: Lots of programmable buttons. Fits my hybrid claw/palm grip perfectly. Preprogrammed surface settings with the Logitech software (web download). The on/off switch for the mouse wheel is the answer to my dreams. On and it ratchets. Off and it freewheels. Best idea yet for a gaming mouse. Multiple DPI settings fully programmable. "Sniper" mode button

Cons: Software interface for programming lighting is pretty user unfriendly. Unless you don't mind a steady on, or pulsing in one color. Rear slide pad on aft end was all dinged up straight out of the box. Good news is it does not affect form fit or function. Sure wish there was a Logitech decal in the box to add to my collection of hardware stickers.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a Corsair M65 RGB that didn't quite fit my hand right, had weights that dragged on my HyperX SKYN mouse sheet and had the mouse wheel completely fail a week out of the box. (Shoulda bought it from Newegg. A certain retailer that rhymes with Boost Bligh would not allow a return even with original packaging and receipt...) I should have never left Logitech and purchased that extremely overpriced Corsair mouse. As a long time PC gamer (30+ years) it is exciting to have a mouse that meets almost all of my expectation.

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Does what it needs to do3/25/2016 6:05:39 PM

Pros: plug and play

Cons: no issues

Overall Review: Windows 10 users: if your new drive doesn't show up under this PC, left click the start button and select disk management. You will need to manually allocate the drive.

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Impressive6/28/2015 5:26:50 PM

Pros: Small form factor. Well planned layout. Efficient energy use.

Cons: Where the splush is the POST screen? Never had a board that rocks straight to Windows and never shows a boot list or BIOS option. Main complaint is that the chipset power connector is in a bad spot. It can be difficult to see and verify everything is seated properly once the PC is assembled.

Overall Review: I was leery of purchasing a mini ATX board. My fears were unfounded. Though this Gigabyte is a smaller board and with less slot capacity than my MSI Z97 PC Mate, it runs circles around the MSI right out of the box. One should note that a smaller form factor card (Like the ZOTAC 970/980) is probably a wise choice. This board works extremely well with the DeepCool Steam Tower Case.

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Functions as Expected6/28/2015 5:21:34 PM

Pros: Does what it should do.

Cons: First pair failed after a week, causing the rapid beep of death (Power Error) at POST. replacement pair runs like a champ.

Overall Review: Other customers experiencing such problems should understand that microelectronics are just like light bulbs(literally)- some last for years, others fizzle in a few hours. One should never blame the seller or the manufacturer as these things happen. It is the nature of the beast. As always, Newegg Customer Support issued an instant RMA and a week later the replacement RAM showed up. Moral of Story: Always buy computer parts from Newegg and Newegg only.

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Does what it needs to do.6/24/2015 8:08:36 PM

Pros: It works. Reads and writes as a drive should.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought one of the original Lite On Drives years ago. It was pretty neat to "etch" a label on the foil side of the disc. Honestly I tried it a few times then, and haven't bothered since. I'm not even sure if the Brand is just that and not a function. All in all a great drive for the price.

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Yes. RAM. Works.6/15/2015 9:17:34 AM

Pros: Plug and Play RAM...I'd be angry if it wasn't.

Cons: None...though I am honestly not a fan of the "fancy" looking heatsinks on any RAM. Who cares if it is all flashy? No one ever says "Dude, that heatsink has zazz!"

Overall Review: Works as expected. Did have this set fizzle on me after only 4 days of use. Didn't OC or tweak it at all. Thanks to Newegg's excellent customer service, RMA is easy and an new set will be here shortly. I don't dock stars for such a thing however, as anyone with any real electronics knowledge knows that sometimes you just get bad chipsets. It happens. Anyone that cries about such minor issues should probably not be building or modifying PCs.

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Meh.6/15/2015 8:58:29 AM

Pros: Really nice packaging.

Cons: Sloppy, noisy voltages on the rails.

Overall Review: Not a fan of Rosewill PSUs after far too many issues in the past. Only have this one because it was part of a combo deal. Bench tested it and found that the output on this unit is unacceptably noisy and sloppy, even by my low personal standards. To scope 14 and 15 volt spikes on a 12 volt line is frightening for a brand new PSU. I won't even bother discussing the PCIe fiasco. Boxed it and shelved it. Will likely sell or trade it off in the near future.

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Impressive6/15/2015 8:50:41 AM

Pros: It is Intel. It has 4 cores. It is OC unlocked. Mine clocks to 4.3gHz (stable) with Corsair i50 water cooling and rarely hits 80C @ ambient 72C.

Cons: I haven't overclocked a CPU in nearly ten years. Things have changed dramatically. the Intel XTU software makes it a breeze, even though there is a bit of a learning curve.

Overall Review: I haven't really overclocked a CPU in years. I got this little gem just to play around with. Actually, I gave my kid my i74790 and took this as he does not OC. I have hammered on this i5 for over a week now and it just keeps on keepin' on.

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WOW6/15/2015 8:44:49 AM

Pros: Big and roomy. Good ventilation all around. Removable and washable PSU filter. Bottom mount PSU. Horizontal mount backplane. Brilliant PCIe slide lock cover/card end restraint system. Stock LEDs are pretty neat. Great case to mod! Case is much bigger than you would think.

Cons: Tons of wasted space. Make sure your PSU has long cords available. Interior layout makes it very easy to snag on a fan or be forced to run across a board. PSU space is a bit of a tight fit. Odd issue for a case that is nearly as large as a mid tower ATX. Normal front panel controls are on the side. Blue LEDs for POWER ON and HDD ACTIVE are piercingly, painfully bright. They make the four top mount modules look pretty weak.

Overall Review: Got this case as part of a starter gaming PC for my son. I am a firm believer that this case was designed to be modded to the extreme. While I do feel there is a lot of wasted space in the interior, I must admit that with some work, that high gloss static prone black plastic easily becomes something better. My son is in to that ludicrous "steampunk" garbage, and begged for a modded case. Currently I have the case 50% complete, just need to install the LED backlit vacuum tubes... All in all, a fun project for a micro ATX entry level build.

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So good I bought a second6/15/2015 8:22:13 AM

Pros: Small form factor, quiet when auto fan management is used. Screaming HD graphics out of the box.

Cons: Bundled OC software only works properly if opened manually by "Run as Administrator".

Overall Review: This is just an amazing little card. easily pulling scores of 3.7k to 4.5k on UniEngine Valley with minimalist overclocking. Not a con and I won't dock a star, but keep an eye on which firmware your card has. Earlier cards, like my first one purchased here, had "gimped" issues. Utilize the manufacturer site to verify and flash the GPU BIOS. I was so impressed by my original card, lousy firmware or not, and bought a second. Highly recommended.

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Review 2 of 23/3/2015 7:32:30 PM

Pros: Has taken over six months of heavy use and not flinched once. Overclocking on the fly is great. Temperature sensors throughout are excellent. Bundled Software is very useful for the most part. I have put this board through the paces and it has never caused an issue to date.

Cons: The included MSI software is a bit slow and frustrating. Not worth knocking a star though.

Overall Review: This is an excellent value and gives the most bang for your buck. I have no comment on the crossfire support- I prefer Nvidia for my graphics and do not use multiple cards in either case. Also make sure your USB 3.0 drivers are up to date! Kind of a "Duh" moment on my part, but it took better part of 6 months for the drivers to appear on the included update software. All in all, I think MSI is my new go-to brand.

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H60 Review 1 of 23/3/2015 12:57:25 PM

Pros: Easy installation. High quality hardware. No filling or messing around with 120VAC pumps and miles of hose. Quite pump, and acceptably quiet stock fan. Fits easily in my case.

Cons: Factory installed thermal paste-see below. You can get it in any color as long as you get black. Corsair should strive to make the adjustable motherboard back plate function a bit more obvious. (As in point it out in the instruction manual!)

Overall Review: All in all I was pleasantly surprised with the H60. The pump is shockingly silent. Installation was a breeze on my LGA1150 i7-4790 and MSI Z97 Mate Mainboard. As for the other reviews complaining about intel backplate issues- IT IS ADJUSTABLE! The four female threaded anchors slide to adapt to your processor type. I won't knock a star for the factory thermal paste. I should but its industry standard and can't be helped. . As opposed to those that swear factory issue pre-applied paste is a bad product, my complaint is that there is far too much surface area covered on the heat block. Good news is a swab and some 70% isopropanol knocks it right off. Easily replaced with the proper coverage by the old standby arctic silver. Now to the good stuff: My system running the stock intel heatsink/fan combo often spiked to 75-78C while running CPU intensive software (particularly DA:Inquisition). It consistently ran at about 50C+/- @ ambient temp of 22C. At idle, right around 40C. While not too high, I got tired of keeping my man cave cold and having to wear a hoodie to protect my investment. So I installed the H60 in less than 30 minutes, fired up the beast, and let it run idle for just an hour. Then I put it through its paces. I ran multiple benchmarking programs, Ran Titanfall and DA:Inquisition AND Skyrim all at the same time and let it sit for an hour. Then just to be overly thorough, I turned on a space heater and warmed the room up to 29.5C and let the beast run with previously mentioned software all going. Using RealTemp, Corsair LINK, MSI Command Center and HPmonitor, I can confirm the highest CPU temp logged was 50C on Core 1, 49 on 2,46 on 3 and 44 on 4. CPU temps at both ambient temperatures, both tested for an hour never went above 32C. As we used to say at Raytheon: "Good enough for government work." Highly recommended product. Excellent value. Easy installation if one pays attention. Will review again after a month's use and abuse.

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Second Review after longer ownership.11/18/2014 10:19:52 PM

Pros: Looks great. Ultra-responsive adjustable resolution. Slick styling and red LED highlights. Competitive pricing. PnP out of the box on Win 7x64 Pro.

Cons: Rotary encoder on mouse wheel failed after just a month resulting in poor responsiveness and near complete loss of accuracy. Autopsy reveals solid electronics, but poorly assembled rotary encoder. Appears failure due to unidirectional microswitch design, that is the wheel only "clicks" to the right. Normal use causes undue stress on the left mounted encoder as a result due to the shear created.

Overall Review: Voided warranty, if any by opening it up, but for the price, I'll replace it with something more durable. Will likely scavenge LEDs for use elsewhere and use case for a future scale model build. Keyboard is still outstanding in my mind.

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It Blows!10/23/2014 10:24:07 AM

Pros: Does what it is supposed to do. Very Quiet.

Cons: Should have ordered more than one!

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Awesome!10/21/2014 7:45:55 PM

Pros: This is my first experience with an SSD. It worked as expected right out of the box.

Cons: .None that I can see. Kind of wish it had a temperature sensor built in (or if there is one it was easier to find)

Overall Review: I feel odd placing such a tiny little slab in my desktop PC. I am an electronics engineer by trade, but freely admit this technology is new to me in this application, so I am not really qualified to make valid statements on this item. Got it as part of a DIY combo bundle- great deal. Loaded Win 7 x64 on it in roughly 6 minutes. Very impressive to my slightly outdated mind.

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Yup, it is a big stick of RAM10/21/2014 7:41:00 PM

Pros: Does what I want it to do. Looks good from the side, shame one can only see the top edge in the case.

Cons: It is a single stick, which makes me nervous, but I am a bit out of date, and plan to purchase at least one more in the future.

Overall Review: This brand is new to me, but I figure chips is chips. I'll try it out and see. This was part of a DIY combo deal and installed and ran without a hitch.

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Reliable as always.10/21/2014 7:37:23 PM

Pros: It is a WDC 7200rpm. Stable, reliable and quiet. When It comes to hard disk drives, Western Digital has been my go-to product for over a decade.

Cons: None in my opinion.

Overall Review: It does what I expect it to do, and is a good value for the storage size. I got this as part of a DIY combo bundle from newegg, but would have bought one anyway for my build. (The combo saved me weeks of research on hardware as my last build is now going on 8 years old and still keeps chugging along, it just cant handle the newer Graphics cards

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Works for me10/21/2014 7:33:40 PM

Pros: The days of risking bending a pin or two on installation are over, thankfully. Been benchmarking it out and it exceeds my usage requirements, but has enough leftover for future applications.

Cons: As usual the stock heatsink and fan allow it to run a bit warmer than I care for. I blame the thermal paste that comes from the factory on the processor. I'll give it a week, but I may pull the assembly back off, clean it and apply some Arctic Silver 5 which I trust. I docked a star only because of the factory thermal paste.

Overall Review: I was torn between this and the new AMD 8 core CPUs, but decided to stick with what I know as it appears those AMD chips still run a bit warmer than I feel comfortable with. In my way of thinking, if you need to watercool a stock setting CPU, there is an issue there and a ton of wasted energy.

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Does what it supposed to.10/21/2014 7:28:34 PM

Pros: Very quiet. Good deal as part of a DIY combo bundle. Does what I need it to do. Semi-modular design is excellent. Works very well with case built in cable management system.

Cons: I wish the SATA power cables and PCIe cables were not all daisy chained together. For my purposes I am kind of bothered by empty but live connectors just hanging out. Also, the blue LED on the fan, while nice to look at destroyed my planned red LED scheme for this build. Cant swap the fan without blowing the warranty sadly.

Overall Review: As stated, this power supply was part of a DIY combo bundle from newegg. I have reservations about the brand, but a warrant reduces my fears.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Yup. Its Win7x64 folks10/20/2014 3:49:40 PM

Pros: Most importantly it is NOT Windows 8 or 8.1, the Windows ME of the 21st Century... This is the now common repackage of the infamous Windows Vista. Sure there are a few new features, but really it is pretty much the same stuff. You either love windows or you hate it. Not much to review otherwise. This is my third copy of the software and the first time using the x64 edition. Plus you cant beat the OEM System Builder Price.

Cons: It is Windows and it is just a slick repackaging of Vista with a few new gadgets thrown in. Did I mention it is Windows?

Overall Review: Personally, I liked Vista just fine, almost as much as the venerable and hopelessly outdated XP. I detest all versions of Windows 8 as I personally reject Microsoft attempting to force me to use a touch screen in any form factor, but particularly on my desktop...unless of course the entire desktop was actually the top of the desk- but I can't afford such a luxury....

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Perfect Gaming Mouse Surface10/20/2014 3:40:27 PM

Pros: This is what every mouse "pad" should be. This is a strong resilient surface that is splash and spill proof. Dumped your soda while playing a game? Paper towels solve the issue. Cheese leaked out of your burrito? A damp rag does the trick. The finely textured surface, black surface works obscenely well with all optical mice. The extremely large surface area is perfect for big hands and widescreen format gaming. The peel and stick adhesive backing eliminates slippage and easily keeps spilled drinks from getting underneath. It also has a pull tab built in for ease of removal. This product is everything it claims to be and is a steal at around 10 USD!

Cons: The adhesive backing does allow the pad to be peeled up and moved, but one must make sure the surface is perfectly clean and dry or it won't last long. Said tab can act as a catch point for a mouse or sleeve, but it is easily removed with a razor knife if you so desire. Honestly neither one of these issues is really a con, so I did not detract any stars.

Overall Review: If you take a gaming PC serious, remember a mouse is only as good as the surface it is used on... This is the second most overlooked part of a DIY PC build, compared only to the power supply for the computer itself. If you don't own one of these, all that cash you dropped on your fancy high resolution mouse is wasted.

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Not worth more than 20USD...10/19/2014 3:25:51 PM

Pros: It is a mid ATX case. It has a bottom mount power supply, and 2.5 inch bays. The power and reset buttons are well located and large. The is room for two additional 120mm fans, one in the upper rear and one on the top rear of the case. There is a removable "filter" for the power supply inlet. Mine came with the mobo standoffs installed. The cables for the front panel jacks and fan are well labeled. There are many cable tie anchor points throughout the case. The paint job on the metal parts of the case is uniform and well applied. Honestly I had to really force myself to present any pros for this product. (See cons for more info...)

Cons: Where to begin? First the case comes with only ONE 120mm fan, even though the newegg and aZZa website state this model has two. The cable management back panel and the window front panel feel flimsy. The window itself if smoke tinted plastic, making whatever internal case lighting you use look odd. It also uses flimsy stamped tabs from the case to hold it in, thus making replacement annoying. The door covering the CD/DVD bays has flimsy plastic hinges and a lousy plastic "latch". The entire case is held together with pop rivets, which on mine are a bit short, thus making the case feel even more fragile. The front plastic face is held on by push lock pegs which will likely break if one needs to access the front 120mm fan. The rivets on the metal portions of the case interior make it impossible to access from inside without serious dremel and right angle drill work. The power supply air inlet "filter" is an extremely flimsy piece of die cut sheeting held in place only by hook tabs stamped from the case. The cable management side lacks sufficient space to comfortably position cables. The four feet on the bottom of the case are poorly made of cheap plastic and do not lock into the case, even with the pushlock pegs included. (I had to head to the hardware store and adapt some better ones...) The front blue trim line does not light up, nor is it accessable to access it to modify it. The die cut and stamped expansion slots on the rear of the case are as flimsy as the rest of it.

Overall Review: Honestly this case is overpriced by a vast margin and in my opinion shouldn't retail for more than 20USD. In fact the only reason I purchased it as it was part of a Newegg DIY combo that included some excellent hardware at a good price. I was actually shocked at how poorly constructed this case is and do not recommend it for any reason. Truthfully, I will most definitely replace it with something else in the very near future. At this point I plant to use it only as a hardware testing platform, then it is off to the recycling bin on the curb. That or I will drill out all the rivets and hack it into something more useful as the mobo anchor plate is the sturdiest piece of the entire construction.

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