It's a Tripp-Lite9/25/2020 10:46:30 AM

Pros: -Quality -Lifetime Warranty

Cons: -None so far

Overall Review: My experience has been great and uneventful, leading to worry free operation. If ever there is a problem which is rare, I've found Tripp-Lite warranty and customer service to be first class. Highly recommend.

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I'm back for now9/9/2020 10:10:53 AM

Pros: -Dual NIC -onboard code -8 SATA

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Had the features I was looking for. *I left the ASUS camp for some time due to customer service, but I found this board and took a chance. The board came well packaged with no problems. The board and drivers are performing well with 3900x.

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Great value3/23/2018 5:05:35 AM

Pros: Quiet/low cost

Cons: None so far

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It works great so far12/23/2017 8:00:56 AM

Pros: -price -working as intended (2 weeks so far)

Cons: none

Overall Review: a little short in length, but at this price I recommend picking this up if you need one.

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Works Fine...6/2/2017 7:54:55 PM

Pros: Easy layout, great price/performance, booted up without issue, drivers installed without issue.

Cons: For the price I picked it up for along with rebate, I can't come up with any.

Overall Review: Exactly what I was hoping for when I picked this up...Replacing a Z87 board while reusing the i7-4770k. *Also, one of the rare times when a rebate worked out without any hiccups (Thanks Gigabyte) Seriously, that goes a long way when one has to deal with the marketing fluff and it usually ends up a waste of time. The board is working flawlessly as well.

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Impressive4/2/2017 7:39:27 PM

Pros: -Keeps my i7-4770k cool/consistent -Problem free so far

Cons: As others have mentioned the unit is rather beefy along with the thin fan brackets being a little funky, but certainly not worth taking an egg off, as I'm sure design options while offering value would be limited with a dual fan unit this size.

Overall Review: This cooler has made me ponder the need for liquid cooling. I've mostly used 240 style liquid AIO coolers and with my pump going on the previous cooler for my i7-4770k and replacing it with this Neptwin, along with the fact that my overclocks are fairly modest anyways (4.2) I don't see the need to go back to water. This thing keeps it just as cool..30degrees idle and 50-55 degrees loaded. Plenty of room to push it a little more if desired.

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So Far, So Good8/1/2016 2:15:59 AM

Pros: OCZ (Toshiba) SSD. Great price.

Cons: I should of purchased the 960GB model.

Overall Review: Keep in mind this is an Enterprise SSD, not a consumer performance drive so don't expect blazing benchmarks. I'm using this drive for games and so far it was a great buy (*patting myself on the back*) If I knew this was going to work out the way it did then I would've bought the 960GB (*slapping myself in the face*)

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R U KIDDING ME!?3/28/2014 2:06:31 AM

Pros: PLX8747 Gen3 Switch / Ceasefire / 32 Phase power / Bios Most of all, It's been rock solid as it should be...Not like the "over-bloated, over-marketed" cheap Asus boards

Cons: Blinky yellow lights, really?...on a board like this...

Overall Review: I really can't stand when people will give a bad review to a product when they don't even know how to even use or install it properly...We have built custom machines for many different types of customers who have a certain misguided loyalty or design in mind ( IE: green water cooled w/ green led will go with the Gigabyte Sniper MB because it's green ) which makes some sense. However, when I'm asked who has the most reliable board (most commonly put "who's got the best board") I will reply honestly and say I've had the least amount of problems with MSI hands down...Who has the best customer support in this business?...EVGA, hands down. If you want a motherboard that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it, then buy the MSI X-POWER

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October 1st?1/11/2014 7:54:58 PM

Pros: 10 year warranty/1300W Gold Certified/Decent looks and packaging/price

Cons: DOA

Overall Review: I was concerned about the publicized problem with the faulty insulation on the thermal pad by the heatsink, however, after being told that any unit being sold after October 1st wouldn't be affected by this...and making my purchase in DECEMBER by a HIGH VOLUME E-SELLER, I was hoping my valuable time would not be wasted. The one egg rating is equally for Newegg if not more so. Any savings or value has been lost...I RMA'd the unit with Newegg and patiently await for a replacement. By all means, feel free to send me a T-shirt EVGA, since I will lose out on the rebate that was offered. To Newegg, Once I finally do get a hold of your customer service dept, they treat me very well, but can only provide me with return shipping that I cannot utilize, and a shipping discount for a future purchase in which I will have to jump through more hoops to receive. Feel free to try and do more for a customer who is spending a lot of money at your outlet but is receiving better shipping rates and prices elsewhere. I won't be rude and mention names. For What It's Worth... R. Jamieson

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Manufacturer Response:
Valued Newegg Customer, We’re sorry that you’re having issues with the process on the return with Newegg, might I suggest you contact EVGA directly so we can assist? I can confirm all 1300W models sold after October 1st do not have any issue as we publically announced. Please give us a call at 1-888-881-EVGA (3842)or e-mail us at, as we can assist you with troubleshooting the issues you’re having. We can also assist you with setting up an RMA if you/we believe that your product is defective or damaged. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help you. If you have an issue with a rebate, you can contact us for assistance at Thanks for your review, and thanks for being an EVGA customer. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
ADATA for solid memory10/21/2013 10:14:16 AM

Pros: piece of mind.

Cons: none

Overall Review: When we embark on high end builds, I've always chosen ADATA..... Never had any problems when buying the high end gear. I can't say that about the others. I haven't done a review for memory before, but after all this time, I figured it was deserved.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thanks for choosing ADATA product. Positive comments like yours are what we strive for. We're glad that you enjoy our product, and hope our quality will make you a lifelong customer. Thanks, ADATA Customer Service Center
Solid Performer9/11/2013 11:48:49 AM

Pros: *Price *Fast *Reliable

Cons: Not on sale right now...I need 4 more :(

Overall Review: I've ran two of em in Raid0 for just over a year now, and no problems what so ever. I purchased these because my co-worker told me what he was running em and he is still running with no problems so I'll stick with what I know.

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Great Ram12/29/2012 11:30:16 PM

Pros: Price, Voltage, Latency, Adata warranty.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Brutalized 4x4(16gb) in mem-testing....not a single hiccup.

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