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Too cheap8/16/2009 11:09:28 PM

Pros: It's stable and easy to set up, 2 of many great Asus attributes. It also has lot of control to fine tune memory and CPU settings both for over clocking and stability. Runs DDR3. Has SATA, but also 3 PCI for older cards

Cons: Same as previous comments, some connections can get covered over depending on what hardware is being used, though not a deal closer.

Overall Review: For what this M.B. can do it is too cheap, the low cost almost put me off! It's part of a great bridging PC I put together that will continue to use some legacy PCI audio equipment but with a more up to date chip set , memory, and processor with my trusty XP Pro. It will still be very potent when Window 7 is stable and I upgrade the OS and the rest of my components.

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