Bogus reviews should be exposed.2/25/2014 6:44:13 PM

Pros: Reliability-Stability-Performance-Quality-Price are pros. I use all of my Intel SSDs on different motherboards with Intel-based chipsets only. I have no data on AMD-based m/b.

Cons: I have not found yet.

Overall Review: When someone is trying to tarnish the image of the top notch product by posting totally bogus reviews, it needs to be exposed. Thus, I’d like to point out that review posted on 2/8/2014 by Jonathan B. is one of those bogus reviews. Namely, he claims that his 240gb Intel 530 ssd lasted for 9 months and that he had been an owner of this ssd for one year or more from the time of his review. According to Jonathan B., he was in possession of this Intel 530 ssd back in February 2013 and to fit his 9 months’ time frame claim he installed and started to use this ssd on or prior to 5/8/2013. His claims totally contradict the fact that Intel started to ship and sell to public Intel 530 series SSDs in the end of summer 2013. Therefore, Jonathan B. could not have been in possession of this ssd back in February 2013 or have it running back in May 2013. Thus his review is not credible.

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SSD you can trust. I own six of them.11/17/2013 9:17:08 AM

Pros: With respect to SATA III SSDs, if combination Reliability-Stability-Quality-Performance-Price matters then Intel's 335 SSD 240gb is my pick.

Cons: I have not found yet.

Overall Review: Excellent Intel Toolbox software for maintenance and monitoring. Excellent reliable migration software (It can be downloaded from Intel's website). I also own 2 its predecessors with 25 nm technology Intel 330 SSDs for more than a year. Both Intel 330 SSDs have been reliably working for 13 months. These 20 nm Intel 335 SSDs have been equally reliable for several month of every day use.

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Solid Performer7/16/2007 6:41:49 PM

Pros: Extremely Fast when copying single file. Example 150 meg file under 9 sec. both read & write.

Cons: Protective cover could be a little bit tighter.

Overall Review: I also own Patriot 200x and the fastest A-DATA. Both are pretty good. However, Voyager GT outperforms them. The key word GT model.

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