Good6/20/2015 8:22:57 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality it feels like a mini tank holding it. Platinum rating, long cables,

Cons: Fan. Corsair (or Flextronics) uses a fan that has a tendency to make a whusss noise. For example, if I am playing a game that puts moderate load on the power supply, it will start to spin every now and then. When it spins, it goes all the way up then back down to silent. You can easily tell by the sound of the wind inside the case.

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Stunning Performance11/15/2014 8:25:05 AM

Pros: - Absolutely zero noise. PWM fans are exceptionally great at lowering fan RPM when there is barely any cpu usage. - Aesthetic. Simple the best looking cpu cooler there is. From the darken nickel plating to the coal black aluminium top. Completely destroys any Noctua product in the color design. - Performance. Drastically lower temps on my 4770K from 70c in my old Noctua D14 to around 59-60c.

Cons: - Installation. I was a bit skeptical on some reviews that pointed out the ridiculous installation process, but they were spot on. if there is anything negative about the Dark Rock Pro 3 is the installation. The manual is very vague about installation the mounting kit so you sort of have to look very close at the tiny picture provided on the manual. Backwards as it sounds, you have to install the mobo on the cooler, not the cooler on the mobo, and screw from behind the mobo. The wrench provided is only to hold the screw while you tighten it from the back. It took me 3 times to get it right, but managed to get it together.

Overall Review: Watch installation videos while you wait so you can plan ahead. Other than that, I am super happy about this cooler. it exceed it all my expectations minus the installation part.

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Seesonic X650 Review1/17/2014 11:30:49 PM

Pros: Absolutely fantastic power supply. The clean black look makes this power supply look totally awesome in a windowed case. Flat cables are pretty flexible and there is plenty connections for all your devices

Cons: Not a con, but the main 24pin mobo was a bit too short on my case. It is obvious this power supply is aimed at mid towers max.

Overall Review: The hybrid fan feature is pretty interesting. You can have the fan running all times or in hybrid mode which is based on load %. Currently, I am using it in hybrid mode and the fan has not come on at all. I have a 4770K and a GTX 770 doing BOINC and Folding@Home at full speed. Basically this is a fanless PSU.

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WD Black 1TB Review12/14/2013 11:39:54 PM

Pros: Excellent drive for a every day PC all the way to a workstation. It is currently my boot drive and speeds through everything. Very low noise (more below) and overall a great performance drive

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Like all mechanical drivers, the WD Black vibrates consistently. Now, some users have complained that this drive is noisy. I personally dont find it noisy at all. Make sure your hard drive mount has rubber spacers between the metal and the hard drive. This way, all the vibration will be absorbed by the rubber.

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Great!11/26/2013 2:10:01 PM

Pros: Fan works as intended. No problems whatsoever. I used this fan to replace the stock fan on my CM 212 EVO. Keeps my 4770K cool at 60-65c MAX.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Just buy it!

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Excellent Price/Performance11/23/2013 5:16:57 PM

Pros: Great pricing/performance ration. The R9 290 rivals the 780 GTX at stock for $100 less. Playing Battlefield 4 around 80-90 fps maxed out is awesome!

Cons: My card came with the two DVI ports dead. Only the HDMI port worked. Also a VERY strange glitch that upon installing AMD's drivers, my mouse cursor is enlarged. Some google seaches revealed that this is a long time bug that AMD has yet to fix. The most annoying part is that this affects all my games as well as in windows cursor.

Overall Review: Noise is moderate. I was expecting a jet, but I got something that is not quiet nor loud. I can live with it.

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Update- After 3 of ownership11/16/2013 7:34:55 PM

Pros: Case is well designed. All metal with copy and side holes for ventilation and fan connection. Front USB 3.0 is included as well as audio jack. Fans are very silent.

Cons: My biggest announce with the case the hard drive bays made of out plaster and are directly connected to the case frame. My WD Black vibration is transferred tot he case so the noise is becomes 5x greater. Obviously this doesnt affect users with SSDs, but this case is not designed for spinning drivers.

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7/29/2013 4:19:30 PM

Pros: Fast card for the price. I was able to run BF3 and Bioshock with no problems.

Cons: There is a weird issue with the mouse cursor (at least for me). When playing games, it became enlarged for no reason. beta drivers as well as previous drivers were no good. Checking windows settings did nothing as well.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. The mouse issue is associated with your OS but definitely not the graphics card. Please kindly get in touch with our tech support team directly at 626.271.1004 for assistance during regular business hours from M to F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time, or you can email us at, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
6/25/2013 9:41:03 PM

Pros: Good card. It can handle new games with ease on high settings. Low power consumption due to AMD new architecture.

Cons: There is a really annoying bug in the drivers. Upon installing the the supplied drivers as well as the drivers from the website, my mouse cursor becomes larger than usual. It looks very pixelated. Not Sapphire's fault. I tested this on a MSI 7790 and it is happening there too.

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4/23/2013 10:41:56 AM

Pros: This PSU is stupidly quiet. Maybe way to quiet, but that is a good thing.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Setup: AMD FX 8320 Asus M597 R2 8 GB PNY Hyper 212 EVO GTX 550 Ti no issues at all.

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4/23/2013 10:37:38 AM

Pros: Excellent cooling. I used to have the Hyper 212 Plus and my temps were around 40-55c under load. When I replaced it with the Evo, temps dropped to about 20c-30c under load.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Dont use all the paste. It comes with alot of paste,but only use a small amount so the copper makes contact with the cpu.

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Good4/23/2013 10:25:51 AM

Pros: No problems at all. Works as intended. Emits a pretty cool blue light when on and off.

Cons: Did not come with Windows 8 drivers. You can get them from the website with no problems.

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