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Excellent!12/29/2011 6:40:23 AM

Pros: This case seems everything nice and cool! The two fans it comes with have been plenty to keep my whole machine cool to the touch. The fans come with three settings that I can adjust according to the work I put it under and I have had absolutely no problem with overheating components. It is sleek, and features a simplistic design that I favor above the others. If I built another computer I would use this exact same case.

Cons: My graphics card was a tight fit and I had to maneuver some of the cords to make everything fit, but with some good cord management it is not really a problem.

Overall Review: I don't use CD or DVD drives (I find that they are the first to wear out on computers so I omit them entirely without any loss), so I can't really speak for how they fit in the case, it may get pretty tight in that regard.

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ASUS company of choice12/29/2011 6:27:39 AM

Pros: Installation was smooth and straight forward. The motherboard came well documented and everything is labeled on the board as well as in the manual. The BIOS is feature rich and easy to navigate; it allowed me to customize my machine as I saw fit and the features are reliable and work perfectly. It comes compatible with everything I have put in it, and I have had no problems with it recognizing components. The biggest help I have had with it is the lights and sensors. The last board I owned did not come with any of that. It lets me know when the RAM is not in properly or when there is a problem with it. I can tell when a component is not working properly from the sensors on the board when the power is turned on so I know exactly where to look and what to fix.

Cons: Honestly, I have yet to hit a snag with this motherboard. The more I put in it, and the more I require of it, the more it gives me.

Overall Review: I don't particularly demand a lot out of my motherboard. I have 6 GB RAM, two HDDs and a quad-core 3.0 GHz CPU, as well as 1 GB graphics card. I have absolutely no complaints about it because it does far more than I ask it to do.

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Samsung nails it!12/29/2011 6:13:07 AM

Pros: The best part of this tablet is the screen (which is also it's greatest weakness, more on that in a moment). The display is bright and the colors are sharp. The processor provides more than enough power to run every app I throw at it and it keeps on giving. The nvidia graphics boost the rendering of some great titles. It multitasks like a charm and does everything I ask of it. Definitely the best tablet on the market!

Cons: As I said, the greatest weakness is the screen. Even though Samsung makes, arguably, the best displays around, the display is not very sturdy. Within a week of owning it the screen showed signs of pressure weakness, however that is due to a case I bought putting too much pressure on it. It would have been nice to put guerrilla glass in it to prevent this. However, after taking it out of the case the defect went away so no real complaint here other than watch the kind of case you put on it.

Overall Review: I am a fan of Samsung products and Samsung has never disappointed me. If you are looking for a great tablet I definitely recommend this one!

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On the second try and loving it!12/29/2011 6:03:29 AM

Pros: I bought this laptop looking for a thin machine that had a lot of power and a nice display. This laptop has given me the best of all three worlds without sacrificing any of it. It is snappy and stays cool. It multi-tasks well, and it does some like video gaming (Skyrim on medium, which is great for gaming on the go when you aren't looking for the best but you still want to enjoy the game). The display is great and the resolution is tight. Definitely a great buy if you are looking for a laptop that is thin and light enough to carry around but powerful enough to handle some light video gaming and hefty multitasking.

Cons: The first one I bought had a defective screen but was replaced within the week. Some of the drivers are redundant (two graphics drivers), which isn't a big problem but just a minor annoyance. Lenovo does add on a bunch of unnecessary programs, but again, just a minor annoyance and nothing that gets in the way of performance or quality.

Overall Review: I was pretty put out by the display defect because I love this laptop, but it isn't that surprising, these things happen to any laptop no matter the brand so it wasn't Lenovo specific.

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Solid!12/29/2011 5:52:04 AM

Pros: This card is cool and quiet, I have not run into any snags. It installs easily and fits nicely into my case. It handles everything from video games to video with ease and grace. If I had another computer I would buy this card again.

Cons: It does not max out all of the options on some of the games, but the control panel has a list of recommended play settings for some of the most popular games which is accurate. I have yet to see a difference in performance or quality by adjusting the settings in the control panel which is kind of disappointing, but it handles itself superbly without any adjusting.

Overall Review: If I had another computer I would buy this card again. It is perfect for everything I want out of a video card.

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