Great price!10/14/2012 11:33:33 AM

Pros: Best price for a DVI cable on newegg, and works just the same as the rest. Nice to have gold connectors so I can move it around as necessary. I have it hooked up to an AOC 23" 1920x1080 display and it works great. Not much else to say other than that!

Cons: None

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Good RAM, Great Price10/14/2012 11:30:40 AM

Pros: What can I say, it does what it is supposed to do! All the sticks were recognized on post running at their designated speeds. I am able to load paging files in a breeze which is really helpful! Great job G.SKILL!

Cons: The heatsinks are kinda weird... They look like a gun sight, which is cool, but it made installing my Hyper 212 Evo a pain in the ***.

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Fantastic PSU10/14/2012 11:25:24 AM

Pros: Cooler Master never fails to offer the best in Computer Hardware! I have this running a beast of a computer and you can barely even hear it! I recommend this PSU to every single computer builder, and I wouldn't believe it if someone told me theirs failed. Setup: i5-3570K (OC to 4.3GHz) ASRock Extreme4 16GB G.Skills Sniper RAM 256GB Crucial SSD 1.5TB Barracuda HDD Visiontek 7970 GHz Edition

Cons: None. at all.

Overall Review: Why does this PSU have 4 stars? It should have 5!

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Fantastic Monitor9/17/2012 6:41:28 PM

Pros: This monitor is an all around great monitor. The picture on this thing is as good as or better than some of the more expensive monitors. AOC has been making monitors in Canada for more than 20 years, which is why it isn't a name brand in America. But it should be! One of the reasons the picture is so fantastic is that it uses an OEM Samsung LCD, which as many of you may know to be some of the best. I bought three of these to use in an AMD Eyefinity setup, and they perform amazing as I expected. The picture needed some a little tweaking, and now is the center of attention of my family and friends. Everyone liked it so much, my father and mother both bought one, and three of the four buddies I showed it to bought one. You really can't beat this monitor for the price tag.

Cons: A few minor things: -No HDMI or Mini-Displayport. I used an adapter so I dont care but it would be nice to not have to spend the extra 20 bucks for it -2cm Bezel. Not terrible, but could be thinner considering this uses a Samsung display, and Samsung's bezels are thinner. -Connections run from the base. I have never seen this before, and it means you can lay it against a wall. -Has a very weird mounting system. The base flips up and the monitor mounts from the bottom. Very interesting choice AOC. -Requires a bit of tweaking for perfection, but that's expected on all monitors.

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Fantastic Headset8/13/2012 8:20:24 PM

Pros: A Fantastic headset. This is by far the best set of headphones I've ever owned. Not only do these headphones look absolutely amazing, but the 50mm driver pump out magic! Music: These things will blow your mind. The 50mm drivers plays all genres how they are supposed to be played. Screw Dr. Dre! These have fantastic bass without giving up treble and mid. I listen to mostly dubstep and I have found a whole new meaning to the music. Games: The first game of battlefield I played sent chills down my spine. The speakers make explosions and tanks sound like they are right next to you, but still allow for subtle nature noises when running through the woods. You havent played BF3 until you hear how realistic this headphones make it. The 7.1 surround is astonishing. Comfort: I have a normal sized head, and these fit amazing. But even if you have a small head or a massive head, these headphones will adapt! I wear them for 8 hour periods and I forget they are on! See other thoughts

Cons: A few nit picky things I noticed, but no reason to take off a star. -The faux metal edging on the sides attracts ALOT of finger prints. -There is a slight lag on the volume roller on the side. It really isn't that annoying but sometimes when something is too loud, I slide it really quick and it takes a second -The ear cups are very large and not ventilated, so sometimes the bottoms annoy my jaw when I'm talking. Also your ears can get hot after a while. -It is disappointing that these don't work for console! I tried on my xbox and had to use my turtle beaches. -The price may be a turn off for some.

Overall Review: These headphones are not Audiophile, but they come very close! The wireless works better than expected! I able able to walk out of my room and to the bathroom while maintaining a connection! That is very important! I am also able to go downstairs and these headphones maintain a connection through multiple walls! Very impressed! The ear cups are great in my book! They are very comfy but the plush gets hot. Nevertheless the fake leather headband feels amazing! The battery life is pretty decent! I charge it every night and havent had a dead battery yet. There is a lack of features that I am spoiled with by other headsets (like being able to answer calls wirelessly) but it never advertised any more features than it had. It does it's job VERY well! I have sent in my Corsair rebate and hopefully everything goes well! Corsair has a terrible rebate company that is very hit or miss. I don't understand why Corsair doesn't just do their own rebates!

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