Did not work9/25/2013 12:29:41 PM

Pros: Fast delivery

Cons: Faulty product

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Please contact our support for a new replacement at support@sybausa.com We are more than happy to provide all of our customers with a prompt exchange whenever a product becomes defective. SYBA offers an online RMA form, the user can easily fill out the form and submit it for a quick RMA return and exchange. It is SYBA's policy to answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours (M-F) Making affordable quality products is our goal. Our engineers will look into this matter. If it is a problem of our production design, we will improve it. Thank you for leaving us your valuable feedback. Regards, SYBA CST 09272013
Works great, dont adjust too often5/9/2010 1:33:20 PM

Pros: The virtual surround works really well, I dont have room (or cash) in for a proper 5.1 setup, but this works great. I can notice people sneaking up on me when im sniping in bfbc2 (sometimes lol). No drivers required (im running vista 32bit;) very high quality sound; and, once you've worn them in (took bout a week for me) they're very comfortable. The mic is very high quality sound - I even spilt coffee on it once and it still works fine!

Cons: I have a younger brother that plays on the same computer. He has to adjust the headset to use it. I've had the headset almost 3 months now and I'm starting to notice the adjustment bar getting a little use. This is the only reason for the loss of the star.

Overall Review: Provided your the only one using the headset, this is the best bang for your buck. Great for skype, ventrilo, gaming, etc.

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5/9/2010 1:23:26 PM

Pros: Reliable so far - bout 4 months and since purchase. Great price and 250 gb plenty for a decent selection of programs, running fraps, etc.

Cons: None to speak of yet.

Overall Review: I've allways bought seagate. The only time a seagate ever failed me was when i was configuring internal components and i neglected to disconnect power (yes was first computer i made lol.) Otherwise, I've never had a problem with a seagate hard drive.

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Fan-tastic12/17/2009 7:34:44 PM

Pros: -The massive fan keeps vga and mcp exceptionaly cool. The colours it produces are also incredibly beautiful. -Horizontal orientation reduces flexing of the motherboard. Wouldn't be surprised if mobo lifetime was higher. -Made of durable materials! I was fed up with aluminum wracks and brittle plastic front panels that most cases have. The lower, steel frame and the molded plastic are obviously built to last -Fits my 11' 9800 GTX+ (the old, extra-huge one) with room to spare. -Hard drive and CD/DVD drive installation very simple. -The entire front panel works! USB, HDMI sound, firewire, and e-sata are actually functional!

Cons: -The only component that doesn't quite get its fare share of space is the PSU. Although its easily doable, feeding the power conduits up through the bottom section of the case took more time than anything else. Also the psu power switch and outlet are tucked just inside the case, but this is splitting hairs. -No manual/installation guide/CD came with the product at all. Just a parts list.

Overall Review: -The power light (power led) doesn't suport the normal alternate sleep/power on settings on the front panel header. It can fit on one of the chassis fan connectors (power button should have blue backlight). The power switch, hdled, and reset switch cables are standard. -its easy to slide the tray into the unit with graphics card(s) installed if u remove the clear-plastic support at the back. -Its a big, open-style case. I wouldn't recommend it for people who want their comp tucked away in a corner of the room. Its made for a desk with lots of space.

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This Cooler is a beast - with claws :(3/2/2009 5:42:07 PM

Pros: It keeps my e8500 below 50C at high load when overclocked just past 4Ghz, and its only at 1800 Rpm (2000 is the max) It works great, and I dont have to worry at all about my CPU's temp anymore, very efficient.

Cons: This CPU is possibly the most difficult piece of machinery I have ever had to install into anything. In order to install it the way the manual wrote, I needed to have a surgical tube-camera + flashlight, so I attached it to the pin armature before fastening the pins. The armature itself almost squished half the capacitors on the upper end of the motherboard anyway. Once it was on, I had to reach and press on the pins, which were beneath the metal fins, and required me to bend my finger beneath them, and then press down on my finger with the other hand - in short, my thumbs and two of my fingers were bleeding by the time it was installed - what a pain, but worth it. It also blows warm air on my graphics card, and I had to remove the mcp fan to fit it in - but at least my case has plenty of airflow.

Overall Review: This is a great heatsink if u have a massive case, and as long as the cpu is the first thing to install - having the power cables and dimms in the way definately didn't help. The designers just didn't general speaking, make it people-friendly. But, judging from this cooler, thats what it takes to make what is possibly the best air-cooled cpu solution out there below $100

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Works Great!2/17/2009 1:27:14 PM

Pros: Very easy to install, just plugged in and away it went. I have an EVGA 780i mobo, and was having issues with my old memory. this was the second fastest memory on the compatibility list from nvidia, so I got it, expecting it to work better, but I thought there would be some issues remaining - turns out I was wrong, everything worked just fine!

Cons: the default operating speed that most mobo's run this memory at is probably 800Mhz (it was for mine anyway). In order to run faster, it has to be manually configured in the bios, which is no problem in itself. However, it can't quite run at the reported 1142Mhz @2.1V, so it has to be just a tad higher voltage, otherwise the max is 1100Mhz (I had to unlink the FSB and Memory clocks btw) I suppose this isn't really a con, and it didn't give me and troubles, but it may prove confusing to those who are new to system building.

Overall Review: Very happy with the memory, and the design fits my case fine, I have had very good luck with corsair so far - both with affordable and high-performance memory.

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