Quality Fan With Translucent, Even Color5/14/2019 2:09:26 PM

Pros: Translucent blades provide nice, even LED glow, very pleasing without being too bright or garish. Hub glows deep red, blades a less bright red. Comes in an attractive box and would make an excellent geek gift. Four, black mounting screws included. 24” cord should be sufficient for all installations. Clearly the fan moves a nice volume of air by feel alone. Corsair has really stepped up the quality of their fans in the last few years. Newegg print ad states a two-year warranty, but Corsair has built a reputation of standing behind their products if any problems are encountered.

Cons: Only a 3-prong (system board) connector and this could be problematic if unexpected. Although the fan is very quiet, it does lack sound dampening mounting corners/adapters.

Overall Review: 120mm has been supplanted in many systems by the larger 140mm. Has a quality feel and look, even spins with a smooth and balanced appearance. Good value.

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Buy it for the Lighting Effects Alone8/1/2018 8:26:43 PM

Pros: Very solidly built and the brushed aluminum top surface is just perfect on so many levels. The rubber skid pads, including on the tilt-out feet, are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The RGB lighting effects are virtually endless with the downloadable software. The keyboard and very brief manual (instruction sheet?) come in a beautiful box that would make a very nice present for that gaming family member or friend.

Cons: Much (most?) is left for the buyer to discover on his/her own, very little is explained. The included instruction sheet – in more languages than I could count – is so brief that it actually confused me into thinking I could make changes solely from it. WRONG! Once I finally made my way to the Cooler Master Website and found the downloadable software – and looked to see what I wanted, again by trial and error – I finally found the “Cooler Master Portal”, a cool name for a decent, installable interface program. Admittedly I’m an old guy and not a very avid gamer at that, so it’s very likely that the teenager set of full-time gamers would know exactly what to do – I didn’t. Before I could even begin to set the RGB lighting effects I wanted, it was necessary to fix the mess I’d created trying to use only the instruction sheet and the various real-time function keys.

Overall Review: I ordered the blue mechanical key switches and even though I was looking forward to that reassuring mechanical clatter, they are REALLY LOUD, certainly louder than the reds. Shopping around just a little, it became apparent that this is a quality keyboard at a very good price. Wanting to use this keyboard for mostly non-gaming – but very heavy – uses, I gotta say that the general key positioning is somehow different. I cannot pinpoint how or in what ways – and I did not deduct an egg for it – but if you are a touch typist, you may notice the same difference. To put it another way, I sincerely believe this is a gaming keyboard first and foremost and a typing keyboard secondly. Buy it with that thought foremost in your mind.

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It Fills a Little Niche Very Nicely5/31/2018 7:07:30 PM

Pros: This fat credit card sized little drive with the huge 3 TB capacity is clearly targeted at the traveling crowd, especially those using laptops with minimal storage capacity. Sure, desktop users have myriad other options from already mounted internal drives to docking bays to 10,000 rpm bare VelociRaptor HDDs hooked to brick-sized external power and data adapters . . . but wanna take along 10 of your favorite movies, or all of your documents and pictures? Well, there you go. You’re gonna like this little red deck of cards-sized box. The drive was immediately recognized by my PC. A nifty pale blue – not glaring – light blinks dutifully as it runs and when plugged in. It was barely warm to the touch during a massive data write. The Manual, included in a pdf file on the drive, is reasonably clear, comprehensive, and English-friendly (with other languages included); however, the Toshiba backup software, downloadable via included link, would not run on my version of Windows – see Cons.

Cons: Would be nice if it had rubber feet, although the short 20” cord won’t allow it to slide too far on your desk. The antiquated MicroB connection is funky; misplace the cord and you’re gonna be hustling to find a replacement. Some reviewers reported slightly noisy units; mine was very quiet. I found the deep red color pleasing, and easy to spot among all my other geek clutter. The Toshiba downloadable backup software would not run on my main tower PC, probably due to the Enterprise Version of my Windows 7. Regrettable, I wanted to give it a try. However, I did resort to my favorite backup program, Retrospect, and successfully made a huge first duplicate, 350 GB of 150,000 files, at about 2,100 MB/minute, or a little over 2-1/4 hours via USB 3.0. I also did several smaller read/write bursts and they were all snappy and without incident. While we’ve all been spoiled by the blazing SSD speeds and the PCIe bandwidths, it is important to remember what this item is, e.g., it is (or should be) relatively a bargain compared to SSDs, it has a massive storage capacity, and a nifty little footprint . . . do you think it is an accident that it approximates the look of a “fat” SSD? Reliability? Looking around on the Internet there are a few negative blurbs about earlier versions of this model, but if this one proves to be reliable, and if the price is competitive, then my other nits and the modest speed will all melt away.

Overall Review: I chose not to bore you with the Crystal Disk Mark speeds – they are in many other reviews and my real world duplicate write stats (above) might be of more interest. This item would make an excellent graduation gift for that Senior headed off to college this fall. Clearly there are two Newegg listings for this same external drive, Item#: N82E16822149718 for $85, and Item#: 9SIAG8T7459347 for $170. Other than openly listing the platter speed (5400 to 7200 rpm) on the $170 offering, I cannot discern any appreciable difference. Other than this bit of mysterious marketing gamesmanship, I found a lot to like in this compact little drive, albeit considerably less pleasing to the wallet at $170. One egg deducted for unclear pricing and for included software that would not run. And you thought spinning platters were dead! Pshaw!

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It's Still Just a Mouse, With Some Additional Issues11/10/2017 7:34:09 PM

Pros: Comes well packaged, and although it appears to be in a blister pack inside a sturdy external box, it will slide apart making the mouse easily accessible. The cord is sturdy but flexible enough to not impede mouse movement. The majority of the surface has a nice textured finish which totally resists fingerprints and Cheeto smear. The sides are a nice honeycomb rubber which I like; several reviewers do not like them. Sliding pads are perfect, slick but stable. Both left and right clicks are smooth, definitive and give good feedback.

Cons: Many KVM switches do not play well with gaming mice. Although my IOGEAR DVI 4-port was able - eventually - to accommodate this mouse, there were still some twitches, e.g., tracking speed sometimes reverts to the maximum setting with a fresh boot, a run of the utility program, and/or a toggle to another PC . . . annoying. Although Newegg has apparently just cut the price by 40%, it's still expensive at $30 . . . for a mouse. Even though it's advertised as a gaming mouse, it pretty much has the same standard features/functions as any "regular" mouse, albeit with some fancy RGB lighting effects. So it comes down to feel, pretty much a matter of personal taste, and maybe my tastes are not refined enough. The darned thing feels clunky. To begin with it's heavy, maybe a smidgen too wide, and definitely too high in the center, i.e., it feels like it has a bump on top. The side buttons (for forward and back) are way too high and virtually impossible to activate without completely re-positioning your hand. The enclosed user manual is superficial at best, maybe even confusing. No software is included, but after some stumbling around on the Cooler Master website I was able to download the software package, which is little more than something to fiddle with. Whatever you figure out, including the lighting effects, will be pretty much the result of user initiative, intuition, patience, and ingenuity.

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Drive Gets Extremely Hot!7/13/2017 8:30:38 AM

Pros: Drive comes very safely packaged from Toshiba, with high pressure bubble casings on each end, all packed tightly in heavy cardboard. Any additional packing by the merchandiser is a bonus. Drive is very quiet. CrystalDiskMark speed scores are acceptable, but not noteworthy.

Cons: Drive gets very hot under heavy write loads (150,000 files); uncomfortably hot to touch. This can’t be good, and considering my tests were outside any enclosure, it clearly would not be a good idea to put this drive in any space-air-confining enclosure, i.e., certainly problematic for a drive designed to be NAS. The unit is heavy, probably to be expected of a 6TB drive, but 1 lb 10 oz is noticeable . . . start multiplying for NAS and things become “luggable only” pretty fast.

Overall Review: Clearly a NAS drive is designed for longevity and reliability, something almost impossible to test in the short run; however, reviews located on other sites are less than promising. I did NOT lower my rating due to ANY reviews I’ve read, but they are troublesome. I will place the drive in full-time use and will report back with any problems encountered. Drive is recognized initially but needs to be formatted – as GPT to get the maximum available 5.589TB. BTW, I’m an old-guy geek (70+) and have perhaps mellowed. My comments and egg rating are most of all intended to be fair, but frankly the heat thing was disturbing.

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It's That Good2/21/2017 4:19:23 AM

Pros: Seldom necessary to go back and write a follow-up review because a product is THAT good . . . this is one of those times. Pressed this powerhouse processor into my personal desktop a year ago and it has performed flawlessly and at a level exceeding my expectations. I'm an old geek involved with the earliest days of PCs and the Internet at my job, and after retirement (in '97) have enjoyed building PCs for family and friends (not for profit). This processor, along with the system's other components, has been my best building experience ever. Some might say that the processor has not been taxed, i.e., daily use is heavy but involves no gaming or overclocking. Did use this PC (and the 6700K) to encode an hour+ video with nary a burp and with speeds never previously seen. It's running on DDR3 just because I had so much in inventory.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: System: Cooler Master Storm Trooper ASUS Z170-P D3, LGA 1151, Intel Z170 Express Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Quad Core, 4 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo), Skylake, LGA1151 Liquid CPU Cooler, Corsair H80i v2, w/2 120mm Fans in Push-Pull Config. pushing air IN from the back, 49mm radiator Corsair Vengeance 32GB, (8 x 4GB) 240-pin DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200) 512GB M.2 Format, NVMe, Samsung 950 Pro, PCI-Express Interface 256GB, SSD, Samsung 840 Pro SATAIII 2TB Western Digital Enermax Revolution Xt, 630W Power Supply Windows 7 - 64-Bit, Professional Edition

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Respectable, Easy-to-Install, SSD2/16/2017 8:37:30 AM

Pros: Great price (right now), instantly recognized - both externally via USB connection, and internally in an existing system (after initializing in Admin Tools), fast Quick Format, and decent speeds.

Cons: Does not come with any tweaking (optimizing) or benchmarking software, and after downloading it, "Corsair Toolbox", from the Corsair website I think I know why, i.e, it's mostly worthless. The drive met my expectations but certainly did not exceed them. Although some benchmark times are included in "Other", sometimes the overall "feel" for an SSD is more important than statistics. In this case, the Corsair Force LE200 240GB SSD is certainly respectable, even though it might not blow your socks off.

Overall Review: Comparison of the PC's existing WD Raptor 150GB main OS drive (no slouch itself in its day) with the newly installed Corsair Force LE 200 240GB new-OS drive. The numbers are from CrystalDiskMark5 testing software; standard display, most numbers are MB/s: READ Raptor SSD 57.5 266.6 1.1 175.5 75.9 268.0 0.6 26.03 WRITE Raptor SSD 70.6 256.8 1.1 158.1 81.4 223.3 1.2 67.56 Installed in this tower PC: Motherboard - Abit IX38 QuadGT, LGA775, Intel X38, FSB 1333, Dual DDR2 1066 Processor - Intel Dual-Core Xeon E3110, 3 GHz (1333 MHz), LGA775, L2 6 MB, 45nm Upgraded to Windows 10 at the same time.

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Slower than the SATA-II Motherboard Connection2/15/2017 8:47:12 AM

Pros: Compact. Could boot from SSD drive connected here. Idea sounds good . . . in theory.

Cons: My experience was unsatisfactory, e.g., my SSD speeds were about 30% SLOWER that taking the SATA-III Corsair LE200 240GB SSD straight to the motherboard's SATA-II connector! So, what's the point? $30 for a SLOWER connection speed?

Overall Review: Motherboard used - Abit IX38 QuadGT. No doubt some geek's geek can point out why the motherboard was my problem, but if you can't migrate these older SATA-II motherboards to faster SATA-III speeds with this Controller Card, why bother? Worse still, the speeds were actually SLOWER than just connecting straight up to the old board's SATA-II connector. Disk benchmarking software - CrystalDiskMark5.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry you are experiencing unsatisfactory speeds with this card. You can download drivers for this card from http://www.sybausa.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=156&search=40064 . I hope this helps with your issues. Otherwise, you can send an email to our support team at support@sybausa.com for a more specific solution to your case. Thank you for purchasing one of our products, and for leaving us your valuable feedback. -Regards SYBA CST EM 20170220
Very Little Not To Like; It Is What It Is1/4/2017 9:11:26 PM

Pros: Interesting lighting effects/colors. Despite some negative comments by other reviewers, I found the colors/effects to be pleasing . . . and I am a 71-year old geek, e.g., the white blades literally "glow" with color, and the LACK of brightness appealed to me, i.e., the colors and intensity are not garish. Usual Corsair quality and workmanship. Quiet, with very good air movement.

Cons: Poor written instructions/descriptions for a generally simple product. Will handle up to six fans, but each will require its own motherboard 3-pin power connector or Molex-to-3-pin splitter - none included.

Overall Review: The "SPEED " control DOES NOT control the speed of the fan, it controls the SPEED OF THE LIGHTING EFFECTS. This is not totally clear in the Newegg listing narrative or the instructions.

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Blingless With All the Same Bang!9/23/2016 7:31:26 AM

Pros: Pray tell will someone please tell me if I'm wrong, but other than fancy lettering/painting and packaging, this $280 blazing M.2 drive is essentially the same as its cutesy sister, the 950 Pro for a staggering $316. If these teensy speed demons are not the next wave of the future, especially for laptops/tablets, you can have my geek badge.

Cons: It seems to be totally the fault of our Post Office and no egg has been deducted but shipping from CA to OH took a miserable ten days.

Overall Review: My first experience with the 950 Pro and an ASUS MB was a magic act just getting it recognized as a boot drive. Not this time with an ASRock MB; from unpackaging to recognizing it on my workbench layout - 30 minutes, tops, and I'm old and slow.

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Tricky Setup, But Works8/30/2016 8:43:46 PM

Pros: Pass-thru AC is a great idea, unit came with protective film over front surface and antenna. Small but sturdy shipping box, several included items. Extender works, finally. Display lights are more meaningful and helpful than other units.

Cons: Even for geeks, setting up these things is not something we do very often and this one seems even more tricky than others I've used. Just getting the web management page displayed depends upon (among other things) remembering to disconnect any direct Ethernet cables, explained awkwardly in both the quick start guide and the longer pdf version on the included diskette. Default setup wants to apply exactly the same router SSID network name (dumb). Frankly, many novice users are gonna give up at about this point. Quick setup using the WPS button was no more intuitive than the manual setup, and on my first attempt left the unit UNinstalled but made no mention whatsoever, i.e., status lights gave no hint that the network had not been set up.

Overall Review: Unit performs about equal to other brands of extenders tested, both in range and speed.

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Huge Size, Modest Price8/9/2016 4:12:23 PM

Pros: Quickly recognized at about 117GB free space by my cell phone and PC, even without formatting in advance.

Cons: Tested read speeds fell considerably short of the advertised "Read Up To 75MB" on the package, with my Crystal Mark read scores more in the 5 - 20 MB/s range. Tested write speeds were worse. In actual use I still found both speeds to be adequate for my real world needs, i.e., fully fast enough to be reasonable and commensurate with my expectations and other flash memory cards.

Overall Review: Well packaged but still able to easily remove the plastic clam shell package by ripping the cardboard carrier on the blister pack.

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M.2 NVM Nightmare - Board Not Ready for Prime Time7/22/2016 1:56:06 PM

Pros: Price, DDR3 compatibility, & Skylake.

Cons: If you have thoughts of making use of that M.2 slot, think again. Nothing but a nightmare and despite a call to ASUS Tech Support and a flash of the BIOS to Ver 0509; 11/26/2015, my 500GB Samsung 950 Pro V-NAND SSD remains unrecognized BY THE OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows 7). The drive is recognized IN THE BIOS, but what good does that do if you can't access it? My original plan was to put the OS on the M.2 drive, but seemingly knowledgeable Tech Support says that is not possible, pointing fingers at Samsung. So, unhappy but planning to use for (fast) file storage, found that I couldn't do that either. Gimme a break!

Overall Review: The board is relatively small and things get really cramped installing - and after installing - a liquid cooler even in a full-size tower case. 7/22/16-Follow Up Review and Short Term Usage Report (Five Eggs, But the One Egg Initial Review Still Stands) Once the early nightmare of getting the M.2 drive recognized was solved, the motherboard (and entire PC) has been a bullet proof rocket ship. It was built specifically for video encoding and in its first outing – a 1-hour DVD – it was flawless and fast. The entire PC is more than fast, it is nimble, quick, responsive, a joy to use for simple or complex tasks. My 2/9/16 review was harsh, but the finger-pointing reminded me of the early EDP days (I’m an old geek). Subsequent reviewers were gentle with me, e.g., stopping just short of calling me dumb for not knowing I was seeing a Windows issue, not a hardware issue. But this is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into, Ollie. I ask you, if you bring totally new hardware to market (the M.2-centric MB) without drivers to allow it to talk to Windows, albeit Windows 7 (50% market share), was your product ready for prime time or do you blame Windows (Microsoft)? Although I stumbled into a solution for getting the OS on the M.2 drive, put Windows 7 on a SATA SSD first, I’ve since seen several questions by others with the same problem, with a certain “Max Mag” giving that exact solution, which they said they got from Asus. Why does it matter? These M.2 and other PCI-lane drives are the wave of the future and wickedly fast. After all, do we REALLY need SATA cables? Every PC needs an OS (of some type), so slap that sucker on the MB!

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Quality Product, Quiet Operation3/14/2016 9:44:04 AM

Pros: 100% modular – no permanently connected cables; comes with 12 cables counting the power cord. Cables are plenty long enough to reach anywhere in the biggest ATX tower, and although some reviewers report that they are stiff, I found them to be perfect in my build. Basic black unit including all cables that have nice, tight, mesh sheathing. Unit looks nice. Cable connectors on PSU clearly marked and snap in smoothly, with a definite “click”. Gray-silver lettering will be right-side-up on the PSU no matter which way you mount the unit, i.e., fan up or fan down. Silent, thermally controlled fan; great in a PC already quiet with closed-loop liquid cooling. Seven-year warranty. Admittedly, I’m partly influenced by the Corsair name; I’m a 71-year old geek builder and cannot recall a single bad experience with any Corsair product.

Cons: Unlike a few other users experienced, my unit was only mildly warm, even in the silent mode. Admittedly my build has modest power demands, and in a tight case with poor fans and ventilation, heat might be a problem. Price may be a bit high, but in so many ways you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Newegg specs? Maybe I’m not understanding what this means, but the Newegg listing specifications for this unit say, “ SLi – No, CrossFire – No, Haswell – No”. I’m not an expert on Haswells, but clearly this unit will handle SLi and CrossFire. Just as an item of information, this PSU is big and heavy! Unit only – 4 lb 2.5 oz; 7” X 6” X 3-3/8”. Even the box is big – 15-1/2” X 9” X 6”, but it is double boxed with thick foam padding around the PSU. It should arrive in good condition if the UPS truck doesn’t run over it. Three one-egg Newegg reviews sound “odd” and directly in contrast to all the other reviews; draw your own conclusions. System: Cooler Master Storm Trooper ASUS Z170-P D3, LGA 1151, Intel Z170 Express Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Skylake Liquid CPU Cooler, Corsair Hydro Series, H80i v2 Corsair Vengeance 32GB, DDR3 2400 EVGA GTX 750Ti 512GB M.2 NVMe, Samsung 950 Pro 256GB, SSD, Samsung 840 Pro 2TB Western Digital

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Quality Workmanship, Immaculate Fit and Finish2/12/2016 4:42:13 AM

Pros: A dandy cooling device, quality looks and feel, precision matched components, almost nothing not to like. Love the dual fan, push-pull configuration. Builders pay attention to the fine print Corsair recommendation to mount the unit pulling air IN, opposite to conventional rear fan mounting, but it makes perfect sense considering those radiator fins need cool air not pre-warmed case air. Some reviewers mentioned fan noise, but my finished build was so quiet that I had to look to see if it was on . . . my house furnace blower makes more noise!

Cons: Anyone geek enough to want a liquid cooler is probably savvy enough to install one; however, the included directions are slightly worse than basic, e.g., some of the drawings are actually misleading. The total setup, once installed, is big, so do some advance planning . . . some contra thinking to the way you might ordinarily assemble a PC, e.g., look at what will be blocked on your motherboard AFTER it is installed, and where possible, try to get to those items first, or at least while installing the cooler. The assembled unit is 4” thick, jutting out quite a ways over your motherboard, in my case an already somewhat smaller ATX motherboard, an LGA 1151 ASUS Z170-P D3. Worse still, no matter what position I tried for the Pump Unit (CPU cooling block) it was “wrong”, e.g., it was so close to my inserted memory DIMMS that I ultimately had to forego using the included USB data link cable, i.e., it was too tight to fit and turning the cooling block to any other position either severely kinked the hoses or jammed the power cable connections against my DIMMs. Corsair is quite understandably proud of that nifty lighted top surface of the cooling block, but it might be time to consider a redesign based upon these newer, smaller motherboards.

Overall Review: Despite my seemingly lengthy list of “Cons”, they are mostly intended as helpful hints for future buyers/installers, and there is absolutely nothing serious enough to remove even one egg. The finished result is strikingly good. Forget the numbers – in my case, 28C – 30C degrees, and just sit back and listen to the quiet! ASUS Z170-P D3 LGA 1151 Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Samsung 950 Pro M.2 512GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-2400MHz

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Nothing Not To Like2/4/2015 1:20:04 PM

Pros: Snazzy black color, smooth as a puppy's belly, and skid-proof. Thinner than most mouse pads, but this actually turned out to be a positive inasmuch as my keyboard can sit on part of this BIG mouse pad and not even teeter. Really a great mouse experience, perfect start/stop, and easy glide travel. Corsair really is getting its game on lately.

Cons: Afraid that the sheer fabric surface may eventually tear, come loose, or fray, i.e., already a trace of fraying on one edge. Price may be a tad high, but like a lot of things, you often get what you pay for.

Overall Review: All those folks who go mouse-pad-less should try this beauty. It somehow became MY PERSONAL mousepad, MINE MINE MINE!

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A Lot to Like1/8/2015 11:03:18 AM

Pros: Most of all the size and physical configuration of the unit are pleasing, e.g., it is easy to pack and carry. It is somewhat reassuring that it comes from a recognized company, albeit known more for UPS backups. The instructions are well written and it is refreshing to discover that the unit actually works as described. It comes in a nice blister pack, also with clear descriptions and pictures; better still you can open the pack without a hospital trip for stitches! With deference to other reviewers not too happy with the on/off switch or the lights, I liked them very much. I found it reassuring that the unit shuts itself down when not in use or after it has fully charged a device, that it "says" it's shut down (lights are off), and it was good to know that I CAN push one button and be SURE it is off. I did not do extensive timing tests for one reason - it was clear from the beginning that the time it takes to recharge various devices is well within the acceptable range, and for a couple of mine - Nexus 7 tablets & cellphones - the recharge time was just about as good as what I get recharging them in the more conventional ways. There was one noticeable exception - the unit itself was slow to re-charge fully when attached to a tower PC via the included USB - Micro USB Cable. Re-charging the unit itself via a wall plug is clearly an over-night deal, but that is to be expected, i.e., this unit packs a wallop and will re-charge a bunch of other devices.

Cons: Like others have said, it's kinda chintzy not to include an AC wall plug, especially considering some of the list prices I'm seeing for this device; more on pricing in "Other thoughts". I just grabbed one of my other wall plug-UBS adapter blocks (from a Nexus 7 tablet) and used it. And, indeed, the included cable is short, about 14". Other cables - my existing cables - were sometimes finicky when I used them, but the unit's light was quick to tell me if they were not making good connections. So with a couple wiggles and maybe a small prop to hold them in a fully-connected position, all went well.

Overall Review: Pricing? What the heck is going on there? APC's own website shows a list price of $54; online prices, including Newegg, are all over the place, with some nearing $100. At $54, my five-egg rating is maybe a little generous but it stays; at $75 - $100 I'd take off one egg, maybe two. I do not "need" portable re-charging that badly, worse still I hate gouging.

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Additional Comments to Earlier Review10/1/2014 8:58:54 AM

Pros: Please consider these additional comments pertaining to my 9/15/2014 Newegg Eggxpert Review by "Michael S." Over a period of about two weeks Netgear Technical Support communicated via email (at my request) with numerous corrective steps for me to attempt, and I did all of them. It is important to note that Tech Support was prompt, courteous and clearly knowledgeable.

Cons: Not everything attempted was successful, or even easy to do. At one point I managed to inadvertently change the IP of my main router, causing all kinds of problems for me. This was probably my mistake, but it was still disconcerting, to say the least. And at several places Netgear follow up instructions were a little confusing and difficult to replicate. However, I followed the steps indicated, and was able to complete all instructions. The Netgear Genie Smart Setup web page is difficult to access. The web page finally came up ONLY after I started up a totally separate PC. And one step, near the end after the hard Reset, that is not mentioned is a request for the User ID and Password. It's confusing, but I finally figured out that it wanted "admin" for the User ID, BUT it wanted my RESET (changed) password. The hard reset and the complete re-setup seems to have improved - marginally - some of the things noted in my original Newegg Eggxpert Review. I've also discovered that the best distance (for my house) between my Router and the Extender is about 25 feet, about half the distance originally attempted. Internet speed reductions between my router and the extender are now in the 30% range, all with Windows 7 only. Probably to be expected, but still disconcerting because from ALL the extended distances in my house I CAN still reach my main router, so it begs the question (for me), "Why use the extender at all?" Nevertheless, I have raised my original rating from two eggs to three eggs based primarily upon the quality of Tech Support and the slight improvement in Internet speed reductions.

Overall Review: The signal range and power of the extender is not noticeably different from what was discussed in my first Review.

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A Device With a Good Future5/17/2014 5:53:11 AM

Pros: This little device shows lotsa promise for the future, but some disappointments right now, some - systemic issues - are not the fault of the device but the current state of tablet and Android offerings. Love the VERY tiny size, and the idea of both Micro and regular USB on the SAME flash drive is really unique . . . the regular USB connector is not all that obvious, and I actually overlooked it at first. :-) The package is clearly marked for all three USB offerings.

Cons: USB 3.0 speeds I found were no where near what I expected; best reads in the 100 MBps range, best writes less than 20 MBps; in other words at the best speeds it would take about 5 minutes to read the entire drive, 30 minutes to write it (full). (Yes, I tried several of my USB 3.0 connectors to be sure - they regularly deliver 600-800 MBps speeds with my SSDs.) Currently priced at about twice regular USB flash drives.

Overall Review: Due to no fault of the drive, I found using it with Google Nexus 7 tablets to be a major disappointment, i.e., there just are NOT suitably easy to use methods of accessing/reading/writing the flash drive on a tablet without jumping through several 3rd party software hoops.

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Good Company Sells Bad Board3/11/2014 5:20:52 AM

Pros: Have built with MSI MBs for many years, and they have remained my go-to MB after experiments with other brands. This MB (bought two) sorely tested my MSI loyalty.

Cons: Clearly this MB has serious issues if you do nothing but read these fine Newegg User reviews, maybe the reason Newegg no longer stocks this MB? Tried to run an SSD-based OS from one of the Marvell-driven SATA 6Gb/s connectors - BIG MISTAKE! As other users document here, even after Windows is installed the system will - for no discernible reason and randomly - change the boot drive to one of the Intel ICH10R driven SATA 3 Gb/s connectors. Sorta defeats the purpose of going to an SSD, don't you think? And although it's difficult to pinpoint, and as one other user reviewer points out, the (vertical) SATA 7 connector, driven by JMICRON, causes wonky things to happen. Built one system for my granddaughter and another for a good friend - many miles away - and I cannot say how embarrassed these two MBs have left me.

Overall Review: Is it just me, or could that USB 3.0 motherboard connector have been more poorly designed? We builders embraced the USB 3.0 introduction only to find long pins on the motherboard connector, which seem absolutely determined to bend, ESPECIALLY when trying to connect that very bulky IDE-like cable to the now hard to reach connector! Connect the USB 3.0 cable before installing the motherboard in the case? Yeah, good luck with that! The connector already wobbles on the motherboard.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. If you have any questions, please kindly get in touch with our tech support team directly at 626.271.1004 for assistance during regular business hours from M to F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time, or you can email us at usreview@msi.com. When contacting us, please kindly include your product info, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team | usreview@msi.com
Modest But Acceptable10/10/2013 6:16:31 PM

Pros: Micro board but still lots of features, including four SATA connectors. Small footprint, 9.6" X 7.8". NO POST or boot problems; did not attempt a BIOS flash as all was running well and couldn't see the point in doing it. Used the onboard graphics (installed no video card) and am generally satisfied with the results.

Cons: Knew it wouldn't have SATA 3 nor USB 3.0, but disappointed to find no AHCI in BIOS to go with my SSD, which I installed anyway. No mention in Newegg specs or User Manual - deduct one egg.

Overall Review: DDR2 OR DDR3 capable is a nice touch; first time I ever encountered it, and was able to use some older, excess RAM in stock. Modest price.

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Just Finished the Build10/10/2013 5:39:59 PM

Pros: Modest case but does an acceptable job with plenty of room. Good fit and finish. Floppy bay perfect for an internal camera card reader. Lightweight but sturdy.

Cons: Would have preferred HDD bays turned sideways; too close to the "back" side to bring cables out that way, so cables from the HDD cage come out the front and around to the motherboard. My case had no front fan, but easy enough to install one.

Overall Review: Acceptable slide locks on the 5.25" bays, but a screw on the back side makes for absolutely no wiggle. Had case for awhile in storage, just finished the build and satisfied with the result. 5.25" bay covers go back in ONE way = exactly the reverse of how they came out, i.e., be careful or you will bend them and/or scratch the case.

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Follow-up Review9/30/2013 8:34:53 AM

Pros: Follow-up to my 9/26/2013 Review. Ran some tests using this 4TB HDD with a USB 3.0 Drive Adapter Kit. The drive was immediately recognized as 4TB, with Win7 Administrative Tools/Disk Management. The read/write speeds are not as impressive as utilizing this big hard drive internally via a SATA III connection; however, they aren't shabby either: CrystalDiskMark scores of 166 MB/s sequential read , and 118 MB/s sequential write. A large file copy of 290GB/86,373 files from the 4TB HDD via USB 3.0 to an internal drive took just over three hours. The drive was noticeably quite warm to the touch. This same copy (to the 4TB internally) via USB 2.0 took almost 7 hours.

Cons: One email request case to WD Support remains OPEN but unanswered after nine days; the other one was answered after four days with a superficial, mostly boilerplate, answer.

Overall Review: Nothing to add.

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Follow-up Review9/25/2013 1:43:55 PM

Pros: As promised, a brief follow-up to my 6/26/13 Review. The drive was placed in 24/7 DVR service three months ago, and after the usual fiddling with the cable company's DVR settings, the added hard drive immediately dropped recorded utilization from 85% to 17%. It has performed flawlessly, it remains virtually silent, and it is only slightly warm to the touch.

Cons: Nothing to add.

Overall Review: Nothing to add.

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Follow-Up Review - A Few Nits9/20/2013 9:41:36 PM

Pros: This is a follow-up review to my 9/6/2013 posted review with same nickname - handyman315. I want to like this little add-on deal, and have already ordered a 2nd one for a future build (I'm an old geek who builds PCs for fun, for family & friends). But I've come across some interesting realizations; see Cons & Other Thoughts.

Cons: Reviews elsewhere on the Internet (think large online etailer) are atrocious. Surely this many buyers can't be wrong. And I came across another revelation in trying to confirm the advertised 3.0 speeds . . . I could not do it. WAIT! Because despite a ton of geek peripherals and more adapters and flash drives I do NOT have a single USB 3.0 WAY to connect anything, not even my rocket ship Samsung SSD.

Overall Review: So what's my point? Just this: Future proofing and being ready for the future is great, but ask yourself if this is really something you can USE now? And here's one more little disturbing fact (the reason for one egg deduction): Much to my surprise I found that my USB 2.0 devices ran slightly SLOWER in these add-on 3.0 ports than in my NATIVE 2.0 ports! Yeah, that didn't make me a happy camper either.

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