Puts the Work in Workstation6/17/2013 9:31:29 AM

Pros: Dual Xeon Support in ATX form factor

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: Would like to see more motherboards like this but in a "workstation" category: server power, desktop space.

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Not for VPN2/12/2011 3:02:56 PM

Pros: Cost effective Good wirless features Appears as access point and thus can act as a repeater Nice build quality and design

Cons: Does not work with VPN connections Acccessing data from the USB port caused the device to hang

Overall Review: The lack of VPN feature is a deal killer for Business use, and is almost a deal killer for my personal use. To this end I reverted the router with the older one that I was using and now I'm using this only for WIFI; such a pity.

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Awesomness11/5/2009 6:18:27 PM

Pros: Very fast and responsive keyboard; doesn't require much force to press keys. Been using one for 2+ years and whenever I use a regular keyboard I can feel the strain on my fingers. Since the keyboard is bluetooth you can connect it to any bluetooth host (such as a phone). Battery life is insane. I charge mine twice a year but I use it everyday for 16 hours. Saw a video of some guys throwing it off a cliff to test it's durability: It is the most durable piece of tech ever built!

Cons: Get's dirty quickly, so expect to be using that supplied microfiber cleaning cloth once a week. It only has a range of about 30 feet, given the limitations of bluetooth; yea it's sad. It doesn't have a number pad, you'll have to use the numbers on the top row. My hardcore gamer friend tried to steal it from me when I wasn't looking and then tried to excuse himself saying that "it's the best keyboard for gaming"... like i'd care; Keep away from gamers. The pause/break key is a Fn key, which is kinda frustrating when I'm trying to stop the compile process in VS .NET and I can't get to the key in time (actual con)

Overall Review: Under all seriousness, its basically a laptop keyboard in a desktop keyboard form factor. If you like typing on the laptop then you will like typing on the edge.

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Non stop working5/30/2008 4:21:27 PM

Pros: Fast, reliable. I don't shutdown my equipment so the drive has been online and running for months now. Never a problem. I've attached a cooling device to ensure continued long lasting operation.

Cons: Like most other drives in this class it gets very hot, use with cooling fan/fans (they will keep the drive working for alot longer as heat damages the chips on the drive)

Overall Review: If you have alot of drives consider using cooling devices; there are alot of those on new egg. Also consider never shutting them down as that MTBF goes up if you keep turning the thing on and off. It is my expectation that this drive will last for 2 to 3 years, before I need repacement.

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