Good protection, bad installation.6/3/2020 7:12:03 AM

Pros: 3 screens at a cheap price Solid protection

Cons: Bad adhesive on installation strips

Overall Review: They work as they should but the stickers it came with to install the screen were junk. Every time i'd try to perfectly hing the cover onto the screen the stickers would come off and the screen would go on incorrectly. Tried several times with the same result. End product left me with a protected screen that is slightly of alignment, which is annoying.

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Great Product, Quality Refurbished Vacuum11/18/2017 4:31:49 PM

Pros: -Sucks so good -Easy assembly, and works like a charm -A steal at $50

Cons: -Minor cosmetic damage (scratches and scrapes in paint -seems to have a small hose leak somewhere which causes it to spew dust on itself after a long vacuuming session. Maybe it was just full and couldnlt handle more dirt and dust.

Overall Review: -Recommend if you want a good vacuum on a budget. First use about 3 weeks after last vacuum and collect an insane amount of dirt and hair. My old vacuum was garbage.

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Cool...but no software?6/1/2017 10:00:02 PM

Pros: -Can play blur-rays... iguess?

Cons: -doesn't come with any software to play blu-rays -so no, it doesn't play blurays

Overall Review: -looking into online software that doesn't cost $50. Apparently this is just an issue with blurays and pc's

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