Waiting almost a year for software1/27/2015 12:23:12 AM

Pros: Construction adequate for the $99 I paid. Switches are satisfactory. LEDs are bright.

Cons: Software is cr#p. You should be able to program individual keys.

Overall Review: There's a lot of cr#ppy software for peripherals. This is just another example. This could be a bargain if the software was adequate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. If you are not fully satisfied with our product please contact us at the number below or one of the email addresses below to better assist you in resolving your problem. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Same as HP 231011/18/2011 12:56:43 PM

Pros: This is the same monitor as the HP 2310. I have that monitor and it well worth the money. I also got it refurbished. Works great, no bad pixels. Note that specifications refer to 2310 power cord and the ports are the same.

Cons: You take a bit of a chance with refurbished equipment. No bad pixels on the one I got, worked and looked great out of the box.

Overall Review: Bought a second monitor from another source (Asus VE248Q) since Newegg charges high shipping cost to Hawaii so I used super saver shipping. I wish I had seen this one. This monitor is sharper and has better color adjustment than Asus.

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There are better11/6/2011 9:28:39 PM

Pros: The USB receiver is small and the Logitech software works.

Cons: Unreliable because of delay in accepting input. I'll never go wireless again. Logitech wireless mice and trackballs work great. This keyboard doesn't.

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glad it's deactivated10/3/2011 2:19:02 AM

Pros: none as it is small and slow. The size is my fault as I wanted to speed up OS loading cheaply. No luck there as it was big enough but no real world or benchmarked benefits.

Cons: I have bought many Corsair products over the years. The memory and the power supplies are great. This SSD is just awful. Slow from the start and just got slower. I'm going to try to rma it to Corsair. I spent about five hours trying to get working correctly but it still remains slower than a regular 7200 rpm Seagate drive.

Overall Review: Try another company for SSD.

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Manufacturer Response:
You may simply have a bad drive. Let's try replacing it.
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Corsair Contact Page
Works great9/14/2011 3:46:14 PM

Pros: Easy to mount drives. No problems in using tooless drive compartments in my Li Lian case.

Cons: Will hold two drives but clearly best for a single drive because of cabling fitment.

Overall Review: There were no installation problems.

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Good for the price9/14/2011 12:41:43 PM

Pros: Works well with DVI. Good controls. Fine for both text and gaming (Dirt looks great). Size is just right for most desktops. The one I got has no dead pixels or bleeding.

Cons: As other reviewers have noted, the little sticker on the front where HP would be is cheap looking. Put a piece of black tape on it or an extra Apple sticker from your iPod extras.

Overall Review: Even with high shipping still better than anything for close to the price in Hawaii.

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Only for laptops or netbooks8/7/2011 12:56:44 PM

Pros: Does work. Logitech input products are typically excellent. Not for a desktop system.

Cons: You have to be close to the machine. Remember this is an IR device.

Overall Review: Greatly improves Acer netbook operation

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I don't have to trim heat sinks8/7/2011 12:50:19 PM

Pros: Works as well as the Corsair Vengeance with the tall heat sinks that cause a slot to be blocked with one of the large cpu coolers (and the are lots of those). Tall heatsinks are in my grandson's PC and we use the same Coolermaster 212 Hyper Plus cpu cooler. I could use all four slots with no trouble.

Cons: Doesn't look like a frightened porcupine.

Overall Review: Might not be the choice for maximum overclockers.

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Works well8/7/2011 12:35:29 PM

Pros: Works well. Powers i5 2500K moderate over clock (4.2), aRock z68 motherboard, three hard drives and HIS Radeon 6790 with no trouble.

Cons: Lots of cables. Modular is better.

Overall Review: Extra cables make the airflow in the case (Antec 300) with the big video card tough to get effective, even with Coolermaster 212 cpu cooler, it idles at 40C. This may get better after I re-route the cables again.

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Doesn't work8/7/2011 12:22:26 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Doesn't work. Error messages during attempt to get secondary codes.

Overall Review: Shipping charge for a piece of paper? This review should be a zero.

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