Perfect Z68 board with a few issues10/12/2011 2:02:46 PM

Pros: -overclocked to 4.9ghz on air 24/7 -FREE remote control -Cheap z68 chipset -Haven't seen any reports of boot looping yet -Red LED debugging

Cons: -Like some others have noted, the audio sometimes constantly keeps reporting disconnected/connected when an audio jack is plugged in -Voltage increment is very big and very limited voltage control for PLL, which helps alot in stability -Offset mode WILL CAUSE BSOD very quick, so use fixed cpu vcore if you decide to overclock -Red debugging LEDs are a little too bright but it's inside your case so most people won't notice it.

Overall Review: This board takes my 2500k to 4.9ghz stable and at only 1.412v so I'm happy :) Im Folding 24/7 and haven't had any problems yet except for the stupid audio issue. If you have any problems, here's a very good forum for general computer trouble shooting, called My rig: 2500k 4.9ghz 1.412v 24/7 Biostar TZ68A+ Corsair A70 cooler push/pull 4GB crucial ddr3 1600 OCZ modxtreme 600w MSI GTX 460 1GB Cyclone Lanboy air blue/sound actved

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