This product needs a review11/26/2015 1:38:40 PM

Pros: BT 4.0 Broadcasts to 2 devices

Cons: Critical specs lacking

Overall Review: More importantly this product needs a Q/A section. For instance: 1. How long will the battery last while transmitting? 2. How long will the battery last while receiving? 3. Will the unit transmit and receive while charging by USB? Thanks.

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Good for a spare charge6/10/2015 7:21:42 AM

Pros: Provides a good charge, Small and handy

Cons: Light is just average

Overall Review: At sale prices cannot be beat. RAVPower similar unit has a stronger light.

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Value at ten to fifteen dollars5/17/2015 4:13:26 PM

Pros: Flashy flashlight, sturdy case, solid feel, recessed switch, enough power to get the job done.

Cons: List price too high.

Overall Review: Fremo version is nearly, if not perfectly, identical to this model. May get warm while operating, but at 5V, 1A it's expected - can't circumvent physics.

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Well made, more casual2/3/2015 4:57:57 PM

Pros: Size is accurate. Color (black) is true.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A bit thick and wide to be "dressy". I will wear it most any time though. 1 3/8" wide and 1/8" thick leather make it substantial.

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Best for the money1/14/2013 11:21:45 AM

Pros: It simply works as advertized. No issues, the right price, fast shipping, passes all extensive memory tests.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Don't buy or try to use this memory if it isn't for your machine. Check this out first, there are numerous methods. Be a smart consumer and you won't be crying about your woes.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Cute and useful8/19/2012 3:12:00 PM

Pros: Does everything, travels well.

Cons: Light wore out after a 9 months. A pain to set alarm time - only goes forward. When it's very cold it may not wake you.

Overall Review: Very good travel companion. I'll buy another today. I use it at home too.

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Handy3/16/2012 9:26:00 AM

Pros: Somewhat compact.

Cons: Could have a longer cable.

Overall Review: Red light tells you it's operating, good to test the car's socket, as in a rental car.

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Follow-up on Eagle Tech customer service6/17/2011 11:13:11 AM

Pros: Design concept.

Cons: Concept execution. Eagle Tech's customer service and website.

Overall Review: After sending in a defective unit, Eagle Tech sends me a different (inferior) replacement. Their website is the only written access you have to them and it is poor at best. Phoning allows you to leave a message which is not returned. I'd guess that this is a very small US office for a small Chinese company on a shoe-string budget, designing ever-cheaper versions of this simple product line.

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Can't beat Plextor's quality3/3/2010 11:19:13 AM

Pros: Delivers solid performance, best of the last IDE/PATA models. Replaces a failed Sony.

Cons: Installation took some maneuvers to remove PC plastic, this has a wider tray opening requirement.

Overall Review: Only in black.

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Best mouse ever1/20/2010 9:57:07 AM

Pros: Extra-long battery life. Versatile button-function programming. Not too big, not too small. Good for portable or desktop use.

Cons: None.

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Loves my Plextor1/20/2010 9:50:02 AM

Pros: Never fails to write.

Cons: It'd be nice to have faint lines to write titles on.

Overall Review: Blue is colorful.

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Just what the Dr ordered11/9/2009 4:29:14 PM

Pros: As advertised and recommended by Crucial support these 2 1GB DMM's work flawlessly in a Dell Dimension 2400.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: Clients PC works 100% better with this 8x upgrade in memory.

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