What's expected7/11/2014 7:48:03 AM

Pros: - The dual band really helps out when you're in a foreign country. - Item is what it says it is.

Cons: - None.

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Just want I needed!7/11/2014 7:43:10 AM

Pros: - The non slip grip isn't weird feeling like some other mice. - The light is bright enough and not some weird off color. - The speed is great!

Cons: - None!

Overall Review: - My wife has smaller hands (she's 4'11"), and this mouse is a bit on the larger size... but she's weird, and no eggs will be lost ;P

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Best deal for your bucks!1/20/2006 5:08:06 PM

Pros: Best all around SLi board for the cost. easy to update BIOS. config. was a snap. Freeware that is included is also very helpful for fans noise, overclocking and voltage and temp checks.

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: If you are looking for a reliable SLi board and don't have $3,000 or more for a computer, this is an excellent choice.

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Buy This1/20/2006 5:03:07 PM

Pros: Extra room for expansion, sturdy, cool ligths on fans and front gril. Good air flow. Easy accesiblity to all components when in place.

Cons: unnaturally loud, but easily fixed by buying ball bearing case fans, or ultra quites.

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It Was Nice1/20/2006 4:45:36 PM

Pros: Not very loud at all. Very stable voltage. PSU runs at a reasonable temp.

Cons: Owned PSU roughly for 7 months... switched comp. to 220v, and it melted the internal windings. Turned out to be a faulty voltage selector switch.

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