I love it, it's magic. Slightly faster boot, smoother operation (BARELY but it's there) and quicker game loads.7/11/2019 8:52:39 AM

Pros: Technology is good but WD is selling Magic, buy it! This makes no sense, why I'm calling it magic. Had a very strange screen flash when Running desktop stuff @1440P (Across multiple computers, with different RAM, 2 GPU, 2 CPU, 3 SSD, 2 OS, 3 PSUs, 4 Motherboards, multiple software installations / configurations/overclocking / underclocking, / rollbacks... In my twenty years of working with computers, this is the oddest problem I've ever seen that resolved.

Overall Review: If you're looking at things like 4K speeds, you'll notice this beats a number of NVMe X4 drives, and the random speeds are what actually matters - SSDs were such a HUGE improvement over HDDs not because they had 3X better SEQ speeds, but because they are like 80X faster at random. I put AC Odyssey on it and I keep running the game to 'clock' the load times but I'm actually able to get into the game for the first time ever and never even think about the load times... heat can get up 54°C (In-game) but I'm not sure if my Motherboard's Heatsink is hurting or helping with that.

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Soon to be replaced by the 3600 but it's still worth buying, depending on the cost - CPU marketting is an insane game6/7/2019 8:32:14 AM

Pros: Not a lot of heat, I only have one system fan and my GPU takes most of the air but this stays under 70°C with the stock cooler without getting loud. I put it in a $65 MoBo with 2400 Ram and it's handling beautifully with an RX 570. Benchmarks much better than my I5-4690K, and I can really feel the difference in AC Odyssey, and maybe a few fractions of a second gained in general responsiveness but I can't say for sure.

Cons: There was a fleck of something in the thermal compound but it seems like it's working.

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Beautiful. OC'ing my GPU fixed the screen flashing issues - Not the monitor's fault.3/10/2019 6:47:03 AM

Pros: IPS is so much nicer to look at than my older TN panel. 10-bit panel according to my computer, only with DP, HDMI only shows 8-bit (Can't see any obvious difference). Response time is good enough, compared to my 144HZ 1MS TN it really doesn't seem to be performing any worse.

Cons: Speakers are nothing special but if you like sound, use externals - No eggs should be taken for poor audio, speakers on a monitor are a bonus, not required. Vesa is awkward, I don't think I'm gonna try to mount it.

Overall Review: Main reason I'm bothering to write is I had issues with Screen Flashing using an RX 580, seems to be an under voltage issue, used Wattman to raise the lowest power state just a bit and solved the problem. Solved that about a week ago and it's been pretty much perfect. Hope this helps someone.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
I've lived the life of a gamer without a mousepad, it's not something you want to experience.1/28/2019 6:48:08 AM

Pros: Feels nice, a bit of upgrade over my previous pad, my mouse can read the surface well. The rubber bottom keeps it in place Flexible fabric - old one was a semi-rigid board.

Cons: Bit of a hair magnet but I'll survive somehow.

Overall Review: Gaming Mouse Pads are important. I have a friend who games without a mousepad because a Razer Rep told him his mouse doesn't need it.... He's not a gamer, he's a dumb :( Don't be a dumb, buy a mousepad.

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Barely used it before upgrading to a RX-580 but I have really enjoyed my time with it.12/28/2018 5:43:48 AM

Pros: Fans are off 'til it hits 50 so it's completely silent most of the time, and nowhere near as hot as my older Radeon Cards so it's pretty quiet even when gaming. Once the initial setup was done, this thing runs great. Cool and Quiet, easy to keep it under 75°C without much noise. Runs all my games at VH/Ultra settings with easily 40+ FPS. Very sturdy feel, I was testing this in multiple rigs yesterday and sometimes it takes some force to remove a card from a MoBo, this had a good feel to it, like the card could take that force without warping or w/e. In AC Origins I was running @ 40+FPS on Ultra settings and my FX-8320 bottlenecked long before this did. It also outworked my I5-4690k but only by a bit.

Cons: Requires custom fan profile - As EVERYONE has mentioned, you'll need to use software to setup your own fan profile - While annoying, not worth an egg by any means (This is the cheapest 8GB 570 I saw on this site and there's always a caveat). If you have an issue running newer games, make triple sure the Radeon Software Adrenaline or w/e it's called is up to date - mine gave me a pretty hard time but it's been golden since then.

Overall Review: This is still the lowest level of AMD's real GPUs (External power is my definition of a gaming GPU), so don't expect too much but if you just play games and VH+ settings @ 40-60 FPS is enough for you, this is a heck of a value. most of the time I see people actually complaining about the GPU they purchased, it's because they didn't do enough research. Be sure you do yours.

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Not much but a boot drive, but it does that very well.11/27/2018 5:07:55 AM

Pros: 120GB SSD is affordable on pretty much any budget. Enough size to hold OS, and the startup programs (Steam, UPlay, Discord)- If you want the faster usable boot time, you need to put the startup programs on it as well, seen a lot of people not do it and then they blame the SSD. I put it in my old computers and they run almost as smoothly as my primary PC.

Cons: It's not idiot-proof but shouldn't be a problem for someone like you :)

Overall Review: It doesn't stand out among SSDs, it's just another one to be honest. When I was buying, this was the cheapest route from a respectable company with warranty and quality control standards. Games don't seem to benefit from SSD speeds, but that may be about optimization, time may change that.

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190+ MB/S read and write= Sold! fastest HDD I've ever used. WD is very solid3/21/2016 7:15:48 AM

Pros: Very fast for a HDD, faster than my first SSD. roughly $50/TB. Heavy, very heavy, even compared to my WD 1TB SE Datacenter drive- Dead Rising should add this drive as a weapon option. At the company I used to work for, we only used WD drives (whichever color was appropriate) to build Office PCs, a few gaming computers and quite a few Component Racks and NAS systems for Office and surveillance use. We had one 6TB Red DOA and no other issues, out of the at least 90 we bought. I'm pretty confident in WD. Mine is whisper quiet... or less. I don't hear it at all. I had my wall off last night and even listened for it while it was transferring @ 150 MB/S, from a WD SE (The SE was slowing down the transfer, it tests at 160ish). Speedfan reads the temp at a steady 73.4 @ idle.

Cons: Not a one.

Overall Review: Most of the poor reviews for these hard drives are probably related to shipping damage. Quite a few of them are also individuals leaving multiple reviews. I only found 2 or 3 reviews with legitimate complaints - I don't consider DOA a legit complaint (except for the guy who says WD told him it was an invalid serial number). DOA is rare, but guaranteed to happen occasionally.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
This thing is amazing! I can feel the Bass through my whole house, as clear as I hear my speakers.3/18/2016 5:59:08 PM

Pros: I've barely turned up my system since getting this and mostly turned the sub down to about 60% gain and it provides substantial bass. I watched a BluRay yesterday, Jurassic Park III. The improvement this unit makes over the old one is significant. 5 Year Warranty, with Klipsch, who I know to be a very good company to work with- Lightweight with a sturdy feel. Outperforms my SW-110, without being broken-in at all- It's Only gonna get better over the next few months. Regular 2-pin power plug, instead of PC plug. Listening to some Beethoven right now, had to turn the sub way down, but every now and then, a certain note hits and the sub brings the whole thing to life.

Cons: Not really a fan of the LED, but if it did matter, some nail polish would fix it. Big Subwoofers seem to get a lot of flack from people who are probably using them incorrectly. It took me a lot of effort to get my first sub to sound "musical" and even (mostly) knowing what I was doing, it took me a few hours to get this one sounding right.

Overall Review: Weighs less than my Klipsch 10" sub, but it doesn't feel flimsy at all... I wouldn't sit on it, and I have stood on some Klipsch subs before. I've had this for about a day, if it doesn't get any better, I'll still be happy. If it breaks, I'll update. Subwoofers don't need to go to 250 Hz, so if you're concerned about losing that frequency, don't be (I read reviews and questions on similar subs, suggesting that were a bad thing-some cheaper 10" subs go up to 250Hz, FYI).

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Worked good with my Z97 Fatal1ty Board- It was a better value when I bought it 8 months ago.3/16/2016 5:56:39 PM

Pros: Stable ram, was plug n play in my Asrock Z97 with a Haswell 4690K, computer loaded all the correct settings. It also works fine with AMD 8320 and Intel I5-2320.

Cons: Things to consider. 1) Inconveniently hard to get into the motherboard, had this issue with all three boards I've tried it with. 2) Heat spreader seems a little unnecessarily large as well, but that could be due to the very-high-for-DDR3 speed.

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The 5Ghz band "Bricks" my computer 90% of the time..... Best N adapter I've owned10/8/2015 11:28:38 AM

Pros: As an N Adapter, it is the best I've ever used. Black blends in better than white, in almost all modern [and still ANY] PC desk designs...

Cons: When I set my computer to use it as a 5Ghz adapter, it ALWAYS fails once, and sometimes is able to establish a usable 5Ghz connection.... But most of the time it fails 2 times then my computer recognizes it as some sort of system device, and if I unplug it, my PC turns off.... I could keep it on but then I'd have no internet and what would be the point of that? It (temporarily) bricks my $1500 computer....

Overall Review: Bought it on a different website. Used it with a compatible 5Ghz Engenius Router (router works with all other 5Ghz Band devices). When it does work, it's perfect.... I did try to return it, Engenius did not make it easy.

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4/4 Complete, working products.7/14/2015 8:46:24 PM

Pros: All 4 arrived complete and fully functional. This thing is Light Years beyond my last mouse which I bought from Best Buy 6 months ago for more than i spent on these.

Cons: Bill Cosby

Overall Review: Two of the four looked brand new, while the other two were quite grimy.

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Better than its price would indicate7/13/2015 9:42:22 PM

Pros: There are two options for mounting the pole to your desk- You can use the C-Clamp shown in the pictures, or the other hardware included, which requires drilling a hole through your desk... I ended up having to use the second option, and I prefer it anyway, it looks pretty professional and feels very sturdy. Seems like a quality mount. Sufficient cable management.

Cons: Instructions could be more clear- nowhere near bad enough to cost an egg though.

Overall Review: Money VERY well spent, now that the pesky factory mounts from my monitors are gone my desk looks huge. I'm using it with matching 23" LG 23MP47

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10 months and counting.6/28/2015 7:27:32 AM

Pros: Great look, solid feel. Lasted so far with no issues. Nothing like Asrocks in my past. Onboard sound is good, the various plugs are snug but don't hold onto things so hard they break the board when you remove them (this was my beef with other Asrock boards). Magically supports Crossfire Quad (this is magic due to the two PCIx16 slots).

Cons: Claims only two 4-pin fan connectors, which isn't enough for a gaming PC, and I must be blind, because I can only find one.

Overall Review: I was done with Asrock, lost two boards due to low quality but when I needed a board for the Devil's Canyon I5 4690K this was the one I chose (I think there was limited compatibility at the time). Thankfully Asrock keeps their cheap junk and good stuff separate, every part of this board feels and looks good. I wish they didn't market this as a gaming Motherboard, with the looks and how they describe it... IDK, it's not a gaming motherboard, the lack of PWM fan plugs proves that beyond the shadow of a doubt- my rig had 5 fans, all running full power it is loud.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Bought it for Unity, so I couldn't be more unhappy.6/28/2015 7:08:01 AM

Pros: None, really.... well, I haven't had any issues with the Netflix app.

Cons: Xbox one is the weaker of the two consoles, but I have a gaming PC and wanted something more convenient, I was about to spend $60 on Unity anyway so I tried this out. Unity of course never worked, still doesn't, it is the least fun game I've ever played. Apparently the DL version of AC4 doesn't work either. Multiple times I need to jump straight but the game doesn't let me or I run into an invisible wall.... the observatory took me 10 tries over about an hour to get through, thanks to invisible walls... even when I did manage to make him jump straight i'd stop halfway and fall, then one time, he just jumped and wasn't stopped.

Overall Review: In my opiniion, Microsoft owes me $355 for this.

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Worked perfectly for 6+ months, still mostly works.6/20/2015 1:50:46 PM

Pros: The price, I somehow got this for $40. Cloud storage is a good idea and seemed to work well with a high quality 64GB USB3.0 stick. Though not as powerful as the EAP900, it provides a strong signal to most of my yard and every inch of my house.

Cons: A few times a day, every device connected (on both bands) will lose connection for a split second, computers don't even realize it, but Xbox Live will sign out, and if you're watching Netflix you need to be signed in, so Netflix stops, and needs to be restarted before you can watch again, this takes about three minutes ( I actually blame Microsoft for most of that, but This is the trigger). My Girlfriends Galaxy S5 will get booted completely and must be manually logged back on- I have checked this out and confirmed that it is the wireless and not just the Modem losing internet. Sometimes (like today) the 2.4Ghz band won't work at all for any device that isn't very new - I can log onto the 2.4Ghz network with full bars, there is just no internet, while the 5Ghz band has full internet- this makes no sense to me..... some plug/wire/chip must be bad, but why would it work some days and not others... Company makes you pay for return shipping even though it's their fault, so I probably won't have this fixed and I'll just blame them for it. I will also stop referring this company to my friends and family.

Overall Review: The price on this thing is absurd and anyone buying it for the retail price just isn't doing their homework. Even if it worked, you can get a MUCH nicer model for the price, or very close. I didn't realize I'd gotten it super cheap, I thought I had the option of buying another one for $40 and I wasn't interested. Antenna fell off and I had to open it to put it back, because they use that sticky gloppy stuff instead of that awesome thing we all call glue. If that voided my warranty I will never buy an Engenius product again - RMA requires you to pay for shipping, I wasn't about to pay any money to go weeks without my property. I've done scans of the neighborhood and I am the only person using this channel. What it can do is awesome, but what it does is not. Since the 5Ghz band works fine for MY stuff I will continue to use it and just snag my 5Ghz adapter back. All in all, it's Okay, but I won't buy it again, and will quit this company if they don't start using glue or something that will at least hold.

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Perfectly fine. HDMI with 3.5 out so it can work as a TV/console display.6/20/2015 11:46:08 AM

Pros: At this price range, you're pretty much paying for a monitor, not much extra for features. Picture is great, all pixels work, no light bleed issues. Factory packaging was fine. Newegg, of course, just put a shipping label on it. I like that it has no speakers, and even more so like that it has a sound extractor. Advertises the "real" response time instead of GTG (which is 4MS for this). It's big, the colors are true enough. Blacks are black. Absurd viewing angle that will never serve any practical purpose.

Cons: For the price, none. Well, the lack of a convenient tilt could be one, seems a standard thing, not so much a feature. Definitely not worth an egg, and I've heard rumors that it can be adjusted, with effort. I think Contrast ratio is a complete C*** statistic. I'm not sure what I wanted for my 100m:1 ratio but it isn't any better than my Dell's 8M:1(native 1000:1) or the 300k:1 of my old Vizio 720P TV-Again, no eggs because the contrast is fine, I just feel they're selling you something here, that you are not getting. Newegg still ships with UPS. I ordered Thursday night, got it Wednesday. UPS left it sitting for 40 hours before moving it one county over for deliver (on top of missing an easy transfer, that my package the next day managed to make no problem).. UPS is now my only problem with Newegg. Any other carrier moves their trucks over the weekend. To UPS, it only took them 3 days because they don't work over the weekend, and Newegg ships at the end of the day, but the RainForrest would have shipped it BAM-LIKE and with USPS/Fedex two day shipping so I would have had it Saturday, maybe Sunday (Yes, Prime items deliver on Sunday). I am a premier member, if I weren't I'd be OK with it, so I'm cancelling my membership until Newegg decides to compete.

Overall Review: Probably no better or worse than most other cheap ($100-140) monitors, I picked up a 21.5 Dell IPS for $110 (got this for $120) at the same time, and they are pretty close to identical in performance, the main difference I think is it is a gloss finish. I prefer the display of the Dell over this, but the size certainly makes up for it, plus I can use this for my console thanks to the HDMI and 3.5mm output.

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Love this monitor.6/20/2015 10:01:28 AM

Pros: I was trying to decide between this and an Acer 24" VA monitor.I wanted to try IPS but also wanted the bigger screen and faster response time of the Acer, plus I had heard about IPS's weak blacks and light bleed issues. I game a lot so had trepidation about whether this monitor would meet my needs. I'm also trying to get into game creation so I wanted something super clear. I bought them both and found that this one does everything as good as the VA. Both monitors produce a solid black and neither has ANY light bleed. Glossy screen gives an incredibly clear picture. 7MS GTG sounds really bad but I haven't had any issues with ghosting in MY games. Ghosting issues with BluRay movies were mostly resolved by tweaking the settings. Only draws like 15 watts of power, so that's good. No speakers keeps the cost, power, and size down. 21.5 is big enough for almost anything. I play my games with a Xbox for Windows controller, usually sitting about 3-4 feet away. The only time it doesn't feel big enough is when the Acer is sitting next to it, but since this satisfies all my needs, I am currently using the Acer as a display for my PS3 so that's not really an issue.

Cons: No HDMI (no speakers and only 1080P, don't need HDMI) or VESA, but for the price, that's perfectly fine. Not sure why a 1080P monitor would even ship with a VGA cable but the world rarely makes sense.

Overall Review: If I had been able to preview these monitors before I bought them, I would have bought two of these. My higher spec games are Diablo 3, Bioshock Infinite, Assassin's Creed 4 (all run on Max settings) and Thief (high) and this is fast enough for those games without question... And AC4 looks so amazing! I'm playing through it again just because it looks so much better now.

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I don't see any advantage to Intel over AMD, but AMD had a few over Intel.6/15/2015 7:19:08 AM

Pros: My Intel Motherboard does look nicer than my AMD. Today's processors are way overpowered so this will work, but it is not a cost effective way to do ANYTHING. I haven't had any issues with it (but I haven't had any issues with the 4 OCd AMD FX CPUs either).

Cons: $230 CPU pretty much required at least a $140 Motherboard. More expensive than AMD - I know the manufacturing process Intel uses is a lot cooler, and on paper seems way better, but it doesn't show at all. It claims efficiency, but I call it underpowered - does not stand up to a 3 year old $100 cheaper AMD FX CPU. Using less power you'd think it'd run cooler, but it does not. Only one full speed PCI-X lane so crossfiring isn't as good as it should be - using more than one PCIx lane cuts the bandiwidth in half, this includes PCIx1 slots - So i had to upgrade my 270Xs to a 290. Some of the money I paid goes to the virtually useless GPU.

Overall Review: Without a doubt, this CPU sends me back to AMD, whom I always considered a budget option, but now I see that they are BETTER nowadays. Intel spent too much time being king and got fat and lazy, now they need to make like Louis and get their head cut off.

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In a Triple Screen Setup, good for office, NOT For Gaming.6/5/2015 9:31:50 AM

Pros: Replaced 2 OLD monitors with three of these, and it made my job a whole lot easier. I looked at three of these 7 hours a day, 5 times a week for 7 months, and I never had any issues. Would buy again, at the price they were when I got them.

Cons: never got to test what these can do. my work computer had one basic graphics card split into three displays.

Overall Review: Straight up, not worth the MSRP these days... I was looking at 21.5 Dell IPS for $110 yesterday, but for work, on sale at $90+/-, these are totally doable.

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Good card, Great value, better than Xfired 270Xs.6/5/2015 8:42:38 AM

Pros: Quiet when idle, I've never once noticed it making ANY fan noise, the temps stay safe, performance is consistent. Incredible viewing experience, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are the newest games I actually play and it runs them perfectly at close to MAX. AC4 and Skyrim are of course maxed. Thief wasn't exactly brag worthy, but it worked fine once I set V-sync. According to 3D mark, my 290 gives me better scores than my 270Xs did when I had them crossfired. I heard 290s creat tons of heat, but my case stays cool- if you're having thermal issues, that's personal. 3D Mark's Firestrike works well, while the 4K version gives me a picture that is almost usable.... Not quite though.

Cons: No cons, I got what I paid for, though I am confused about Crossfire - Nowhere to connect the cable... Hybrid Crossfire? Doesn't matter, don't want to anyway.

Overall Review: If your case isn't big enough or gets too hot, or you don't have enough power for this card, these are not cons for the card, this is a strike for you might being an idiot, because you didn't think to check these things don't blame the card, reviews are supposed to give a person's experience, all these complaints say is "I didn't read". Give it space and Airflow, and this card will not overheat.

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Great sound. Physically sized right for my room.1/27/2015 7:36:35 AM

Pros: The sound is great, maybe even fantastic. The Lows extend as much as midrange speakers should, and the highs are plenty high. The look impressed a few friends, before I even plugged them in. For a 2.1(left and right+ subwoofer) setup, these are better than my Klipsch F-30s, since these deliver the highs the F-30s are lacking. With my F-30s these will make phenomenal rear speakers for my 5/7.1/2

Cons: I ordered my second Klipsch F-30, then changed my mind, cancelled the sale, got confirmation from Newegg that the sale was cancelled, then I purchased these. The next day I received the F-30. Considering this pair cost roughly enough the same amount as that one speaker...

Overall Review: Currently powering these with a Pioneer VSX-44.

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Got it free, still not worth it. Just needs updated Software.1/1/2015 8:09:47 AM

Pros: Got it free with the purchase of a X5200 receiver. Was very excited to see an alternative to Sosos. Sounds good when it's playing. Hardware seems great, was easy to set up. Has potential.

Cons: Needs an update, the software makes it worthless. The UI freezes all the time, making it worthless, I use it for Pandora exclusively and it will not reliably play for 30 minutes. It doesn't say it crashed, or lost connection, just stops playing. I've gotten frustrated and disconnected it 3 times now, this time it's been off for a month.

Overall Review: My WiFi is killer, I have an Engenius EAP900H, and I used my Xfinity modem network, and my cheaper Engenius ESR1200, and the Ethernet jack, this thing is the problem. I'm back to using a 3.5mm jack to stereo A/V Adapter cable and my tablet to play Pandora. I work for a Licensed Dealer of Denon, they are an awesome company, and I am confident this will work one day, they should have waited till that day to release it.... anyway, that's why they get 3 stars, as is, it deserves 1.

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Works well as a L & R12/7/2014 10:10:47 AM

Pros: Very loud, the tweeter is killer. Compared to a RB-51s and a RC-52, its an upgrade all on its own. I would recommend a subwoofer, but I would never recommend a System without a sub, even with 10 thousand dollar speakers.

Cons: i saw it on sale and could only afford one, so I only have one. I've decided to move to rf-82s so this will be my center soon with polk 60 floor standers as my sats.... Nothing that matters.

Overall Review: love this speaker, the Polks are half the price, and the RF82s are only gonna be only a bit more so this loses for no quality reasons.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
sounds great.10/28/2014 7:10:31 PM

Pros: Price, got a good deal on shellshocker. Lots of bass, no rattle.

Cons: It's almost always on sale, I've never seen it at its $500 list price. Right now it's $30 less than I paid.

Overall Review: This is a nice sub, and klipsch is the only brand in my 7speaker system

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Game changer8/26/2014 1:32:25 PM

Pros: Induction cooking is awesome! My first test was an egg, I heated the oil way to hot because thing gets hot ridiculously fast, and the egg cooked in like 45 seconds, it cooked so differently than my coil heaters that the texture was unlike any egg I'd ever made before, it was delicious and awesome!! and fast, so fast I didn't have to shred cheese while cooking.

Cons: No more long cook times to shred cheese.

Overall Review: This review is really for induction cook tops in general, I can't compare to any other induction cook tops since this is the only one I've ever used.

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