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Low Power, Low Cost, Gaming Firepower

GIGABYTE Radeon RX 460 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x8 ATX Video Card GV-RX460WF2OC-4GD
GIGABYTE Radeon RX 460 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x8 ATX Video Card GV-RX460WF2OC-4GD

Pros: Low power consumption 4 gigs of GDDR5 Does not requite a 6 pin connector Runs Cool Runs Quiet FULL support for DirectX12, Vulkan, and OpenGL 4.5 Runs Overwatch at Ultra settings locked at 60fps, Can do Epic but won't stay at 60fps all the time. FULL support for DirectX12, Vulkan, and OpenGL 5. Hasn't broken 74 degrees C when putting it through its paces in Evolve Stage 2 for 3 hour long gaming sessions. (Running at high with full textures) Paragon at medium settings arounr 70fps we could push her higher if we wanted to. Most games 2014 and older are maxed out. Shadow of Morder using default High settings we are getting 55fps average, 36 min, 74 peak using the games benchmark tool. Full support for AMDGPU Open drivers in Linux Ubuntu based flavors.

Cons: While it feels solid enough, the shroud is made out of plastic. The lack of a 6 pin connector may inhibit overclocking potential if that is what you are into. I haven't bothered ocing this baby since I am so used to MSI Afterburner, but Wattman has a ton of nice features for it. (Found in Radeon Settings--> Global Settings) Drivers are a bit picky in how you install them. When I loaded it her up the first time she had 1 BSOD and at onepoint the drivers wouldn't run. Recomended install procedure: 1. Download latest drivers from AMD's website (This card does not come with a driver CD ;) ) 2. Disconnect the machine form the internet Uninstall ALL existing drivers. 3. If they are found in programs and features, kill them there, then go to device manager, and ensure display adapters only shows "Microsoft Basic display adapter" If it doesn't show that, uninsstally the driver from there and delete all packages. 4. Reboot machine 5 Naviagte to where you downloaded the drivers to and then install them. 6. You can now reconnect the pc to the internet and enjoy! Key Notes: if you have integrated graphics (via motherboard or on the cpu die,) be sure they are disabled in the bios. Many driver releases will support dedicated gpus but not apus from AMD (In our case we are working with the A10-7850k)

Overall Review: I would recommend this for people who are hoping to play in the Windows enviroment who are on a tight budget, or looking to upgrade a lower end machine. I am still amazed at how this thing is pushing out slightly less firepower than my old 270x/7870 (Don't worry this is not replacing that) minus 2 6pin power connectors. Recommended cpus for pairing: Any first gen intel core cpu, AMD phenom quad cores above 2.5 ghz any intel core i3 series AMD FX cpus AMD quad core APUs and Athalons Build this gpu went into: Windows 10, A10-7850k (integrated R7 gpu has been disabled in BIOS) running at 3.9ghz (Will push her more with new cpu cooler) 8 gigs 2133mhz Ram 500 Watt PSU Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H motherboard Hope this review was helpful!

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Lenovo G505s 15" AMD A8-5550M  4GB / 500GB HDD  (59373006)
Lenovo G505s 15" AMD A8-5550M 4GB / 500GB HDD (59373006)

Pros: The pros remain the same: 4 cores really great graphics for the value very nice processing power. 2.1 ghz to 3.1 ghz effiecient very sleek and nice to hold. perfect for any web browsing college student and medium to lightwieght gamer. Runs League of Legends on high to very high at 30 to 60 fps. 8mb of L2 Cache?? WOWZA! 6.3 wei graphics subscore 18fps in cinebench open gl 98.01% reference match in gl.

Cons: The lid/screen did not close completely flush with the keyboard The keyboard was not the greatest to type on but it wasnt unpleasant to use. The LARGEST complaint I have with this laptop, is the friggin bloatware on it. Some of the features like graphics, memory testing and other various things like that including the warranty are useful, but the power plans they added in addition to the windows power settings were such a pain to work with: Max battery life would often restrict cpu performance WHILE PLUGGED IN to 1.4-1.9ghz instead of the 2.1 which is considered the base of this cpu which normally can turbo up to 3.1 (3.04 was the highest I ever saw). While Max battery health would restrict charging to 60% battery and then if you were to charge it to full while plugged in, it would discharge to 60%. Almost done here: The time frame to get into the bios is about half a second if that. Internet on this thing is just well so much slower, and when ever a website is entered in ANY browser (firefox chrome and internet explorer were used) there would be this annoying "advertisement management" website that would pop up claiming it was possible to disable it but never could get it disabled. Of the 4gb of ram installed, .8 is setaside. point freaking 8 gb of ram is just not useable.

Overall Review: NEWEGG HAS AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! It is a solidly put together laptop and the non flushness of the screen was very minor. Most of these problems could be solved by a clean install of windows and a formating of the hard drive, but who wants to buy a laptop with an os preinstalled on it, just to install a different os. My girlfreind and I just figured for the moneywe paid, we were willing to rma it and look into another inspiron 15r (with an i3) I would have preferred to keep that amd a8 but oh well. Not sure if I will try Lenovo out again, the laptop is a joy to hold but the extra garbage they threw on the hard disk and the limitations of the extra bloatware kinda ruin that effect.

Just works!

Fast Ethernet Network Adapter(10/100) for Windows, Mac OS X, MacBook, Linux, ChromeBook, Surface Pro, Wii, Wii U, and Android Tablets (ASIX AX88772) - USB to RJ45
Fast Ethernet Network Adapter(10/100) for Windows, Mac OS X, MacBook, Linux, ChromeBook, Surface Pro, Wii, Wii U, and Android Tablets (ASIX AX88772) - USB to RJ45

Pros: Works fine on usb 2 and 3 ports. Tested it in Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac OS, Ubuntu Ubuntu/Ubuntu Server, Linux mint, Solus running Kernel 4.8.4. Simple plug and play no driver install needed.

Cons: not gigabit. . . but why would you expect that from a device that is usb 2.0?

Overall Review: If you just want a solid highly compatible Ethernet connection and you are not looking for gigabit transfer speeds, this is a great choice.

The Elder Wand. . . Antenna

TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL 2.4GHz 8dBi Indoor Omni-directional Antenna
TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL 2.4GHz 8dBi Indoor Omni-directional Antenna

Pros: You can pick up wifi signals of your neighbors that are located 1-2 blocks away. Solidly built Works great for upgrading a router or wireless network card.

Cons: "So that must be Lord Farquaads Wifi Antenna. Do you think maybe he's compensating for something?" Seriously this thing is almost as long as my forearm. Makes it a bit cumbersome to hook it up to computers that need to be moved around from time to time.

Overall Review: I have bought like 4 of these things in the past year. Fantastic way to boost signal.

Everything I needed

Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, support VGA card length up to 340mm, come with four fans-2 x Front 120mm Fan, 1 x Rear 120mm Fan, 1 x Top 140mm Fan - WolfAlloy
Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, support VGA card length up to 340mm, come with four fans-2 x Front 120mm Fan, 1 x Rear 120mm Fan, 1 x Top 140mm Fan - WolfAlloy

Pros: Great cooling Fans HDD mounts are superb and do not require any aftermarket brackets for 2.5inch drives (laptop drives and SSDs) Plenty of space Looks Sick! Nice side panel. Good cable management Attractive price USB 3.0 headers. Power button is nice Cleaning is pretty easy Water cooling tube slots if you were so inclined.

Cons: Side panel window could have been a bit wider. Like extended right up to the point where it lines up with the drive bays No included speaker? My old Rosewill Challenger case came with a MOBO speaker, but I guess you could make an argument that it is the motherboard that should come with that.

Overall Review: Looking for a decently priced case with all the essential bells and whistles with a rebellious slash design in the front? This is your baby.

All around decent motherboard for price to performance

GIGABYTE GA-F2A88X-D3H FM2+ / FM2 AMD A88X (Bolton D4) SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
GIGABYTE GA-F2A88X-D3H FM2+ / FM2 AMD A88X (Bolton D4) SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

Pros: A88x chipset 8 of FRONT FACING sata 6Gbps ports! Chipset coolers aren't too shabby. Excellent driver support options from Gigabytes website. Dual Bios is a life saver. (Haven't needed it on this board but boy did it save a lot of hassle when I had a psu blow on me last year in a friends build). Love the layout and color scheme. Runs Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 Windows 10, and windows server R2 2012 without any problems.

Cons: TL DR: 1. Overclocking issues. 2. Not full atx width when it comes to mobo standoff screws (put ram in before installing mobo) 3. Overclocking with this puppy has been a pain. I can't seem to find what the default voltages are, and I can't get any changes made to voltage to stick- I. e. I can't set them to a static value. Cpu multiplyer is working fine enough as is the iGPU multiplyer, but cpu speed throttles down when the igpu kicks in regardless of me disabling c6 state, turbo boost, and cool & quiet. Not quite sure what to do about that. Will look into some fancier cooling options and see if that does anything for me but otherwise I can't really push my A10 7850k all that hard unless I am not using the igpu which was kinda the point of this build haha. This could be a ram or memory controller issue: I am rolling with 2x4 gigs of 2400mhz gskill Aries ddr3 ram and 2400 was just not stable using the XMP or AMD profiles. It booted fine and would run, however, I would get random crashes to desktop regularly and had one BSOD. Downclocked to 2133 and didn't have a problem. Buddy played Shadow of Mordor for like 10 hours straight without even a hickup after the downclock. Not the end of the world though. Was using the light grey slots as indicated by the manual for when doing ram tweaks. Would like to bump up voltage just a hair to see if that improved stability but again, I am unable to make changes to voltage stick :( Was able to get to 4.2Ghz without touching voltage, but would auto throttle the instant the igpu was put under load to about 3ghz. I am on the latest BIOS so can't really do anything but wait and see if a new release will fix my overclocking woes. (Currently running bios version F6) Because of this if there are any of the more "enthusiast" fm2+ boards with a A88x Chipest priced competitivley (within $20) I would say go for those if you are into overclocking. Otherwise this board is nearly perfect. At my time of purchase the board was well below that hundo dolla level. (using weird lingo to avoid being scrapped for including pricing/availability rule violations)

Overall Review: Currently using this thing for 3 purposes 1. Budget sub $500 gaming pc for friends to use when they come over as most of them are using cruddy laptops with intel hd 4000 series graphics lol. 2. Home NAS server running Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 3. Using it to test out/learn the ways of Windows Server 2012 R2 Full build specs: A10 7850k 2x4 2400mhz Aries Gskill RAM 500 Watt (EVGA 100-W1-500-KR 500W) 80+ cert Power Supply Unit 1 120gig Mushkin MLC SSD 1 old seagate 500gig laptop drive I saved from an old machine that a client gave to me to recycle/salvage Server 2012 R2 180 day eval copy Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 SSH Samba packages installed Windows 10 x64 Cooler: using the stock cooler from my FX 8320 125Watt TDP- this will probably be the next thing I upgrade in the rig if I don't just cave and buy a R7 360.