Great sound and extremely comfortable to wear all day.5/26/2020 5:03:17 PM

Pros: Wonderful sound out of these! Paired to my phone so I can go anywhere with them. I like that they don't fall off or slide when I have to crawl under desks routing cables etc. Nice touch to have L and R in large letters printed inside the earpieces - no guess work there. I can also use the 3.5mm cable to connect directly to my headphone guitar amp.

Cons: The travel bag had a bad smell that eventually went away. Can't continue to use bluetooth while charging, but I've only ever found one set of earphones that could.

Overall Review: This is a really good headset. Noise cancelling works really well for my work environment.

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Slower than copying to a CD5/26/2020 4:41:45 PM

Pros: Compact, rugged, and cool looking. 2T capacity and 3.0 USB.

Cons: This is extremely slow. Much slower than what I would expect of even a USB 2.0 thumb drive. This is plugged directly into a USB 3.1 port on a Lenovo P71 Xeon laptop - not through a hub.

Overall Review: Sorry, I can't give this a positive review. The price seemed reasonable for a 2T 3.0 USB thumb drive, but performance is an extreme letdown. It will get used as as an after-work backup device.

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Does not have SSD (solid state drive)3/17/2020 9:32:14 AM

Pros: Extremely well packaged for shipping. Mac is in terrific refurbished condition.

Cons: I paid more for this Mac because it was advertised as SSD, whereas other vendors clearly advertised as HDD. (hard disk drive)

Overall Review: My first Mac and it is a great starter machine to get familiar with iOS. Clearly disappointed that it doesn't have the solid state drive. This machine would likely boot up so much faster.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Vacuums well; not sure if I got one with a dud battery10/7/2018 5:37:27 PM

Pros: Love how everything snaps together. Well balanced for one hand operation. Swivels great so easy to access corners. Low power head profile so it gets under low furniture. I got this for vacuuming hard surface floors and one 5' x 7' area carpet. (Haven't tried it on carpet yet)

Cons: Battery does not last very long. Vacuuming with power attachment only on hardwood floors... Setting: max power, battery dead in 7 minutes. On low power setting: only got 15 minutes. That's a lot lower than the advertised "Up to 40 minutes of powerful suction". And after charging for two full days, the battery wasn't charged at all. In fairness to Newegg and Dyson, I'm going to charge this again for a full day. Then I'll time it with a stopwatch.

Overall Review: I wonder if a latch mechanism is in the works to keep the power on so you don't have to squeeze the trigger. Kinda like a gas pump option...Flick the switch and it shuts off.

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Missing standard features1/13/2016 11:57:31 AM

Pros: supports USB 3.0 devices

Cons: Can't set the date and time. My date is wrong by about 3-1/2 years. Can't easily assign my own sub-net.

Overall Review: I wouldn't recommend this product to others or buy another Linksys router.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Stephen, Thank you for the taking the time in reviewing this product. This device is designed for home networking and doesn’t support sub-networking as what you have observed but rest assured your feedback will be shared to the Engineering team. The router has a feature to automatically set the date and time once you have selected a time zone. If the time and date hasn’t changed, reboot the router and check again the time settings. Make sure also that the firmware is up to date. If the result is the same, email us at and indicate your full name, phone number, location, and the link to this post. Sincerely, Linksys Support
Recommend putting this thing on its side8/25/2015 11:57:22 AM

Pros: Easy to set up. Fairly decent speeds over 1G network.

Cons: Needs a wider base if its going to be stand on its feet.

Overall Review: If you buy this device, recommend laying it down on its side. I've already knocked it over once. The drive wasn't working at all for a few days. Its stopped clicking, but I don't trust the drive integrity anymore. If the feet were wider apart, it might not get tipped so easily.

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Looking for the drivers7/17/2015 2:43:55 PM

Pros: Small - typically well reviewed by others

Cons: Mini CD disappeared

Overall Review: Bruce I says he downloaded the drivers from the Orico website. A link would be help if you can post it.

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ipad mini keyboard/case11/3/2014 7:44:44 PM

Pros: quiet keys are well spaced. paired quickly.enough keys for simple notes and entering urls anfd search phrases

Cons: Not bluetooth 3.0 as advertised. Box clearlly says 2.0. The delete key key is actually a backspace key - There is no delete key.

Overall Review: extremely fast shipping. Ordered Thursday morning with free shipping - got it Monday morning.

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This Vipre has a small footprint11/27/2013 1:22:27 PM

Pros: Unlike other antivirus software I've used over the years, this one doesn't slow my computer down. Works on Win 7 and 8.1 64bit

Cons: No firewall component.

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Quality product9/22/2010 7:00:25 AM

Pros: Supports e-sata and USB, quality leather cover and case. Absolutely no problem when used with Hitachi Travelstar drives.

Cons: Single green LED for power and drive read/write activities. Two LEDs would have been better

Overall Review: I bought a black leather version last year (wish Newegg would also sell that model); liked it so much bought this tan one in August.

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