Compact and quiet7/12/2017 10:19:36 PM

Pros: -Compact for those tight case dimensions. -Very good packaging. -Option to have fan running all the time, or only when needed.

Cons: -None to speak of.

Overall Review: This is a good PSU for those with smaller, and more cramped, cases. You've got Seasonic quality at an affordable price, and still have full modularity. It's very quiet, even with the fan running.

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Great for beginner computer builders7/12/2017 1:10:42 PM

Pros: -Affordable -Dual bios -UEFI easy to use and navigate

Cons: -Color of PCB is dark brown

Overall Review: For a beginner computer builder such as myself, this board is inexpensive and easy to put together. Components for this platform remain inexpensive, too. The motherboard I received had Asrock's latest BIOS version (4.20) already installed, so there was no need to update the system to make it compatible with my Athlon X4 880K that I used. RAM compatibility was a non-issue with the G.Skill TridentX 2400MHz kit I utilized, too. Overclocking of the CPU was easy through the UEFI. Overall, for the price of entry, this is a good board if you're looking to build an FM2+ system.

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Well-designed7/11/2017 12:05:23 AM

Pros: -Offset design provides clearance to thick graphics cards. -Undercut of lower heatsink fins provides clearance for RAM with tall heat spreaders. -Highly capable cooler.

Cons: -Weight. -Size.

Overall Review: Overkill for my FM2+ system, for sure. This is a beefy air cooler, in both size and weight. It's recommended to remove the cooler if you're transporting your computer. It's a lot of mass that could potentially damage your motherboard with some good jostling. With the offset design of the cooler, I have no issues with clearance between it and the graphics card. However, be aware that the edge of the cooler extends a few millimeters past the top of the motherboard. The undercut of the lower heatsink fins allows clearance for even my G.Skill TridentX DDR3 RAM and their attached heat spreader fins. No way that a second fan would fit in my system as-is, but it was nice to at least have the hardware included if you decide to procure a second one down the line. Per Noctua's fame, the included fan is quiet at a reasonable rpm. Even at an elevated rpm as I have set mine, the low "noise" is only noticeable if you pay attention to it, otherwise it just falls into the background. Thanks to this product (along with the three other case fans I purchased) I am now a fa... an enthusiast of the brand.

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