Technical Details9/20/2010 9:32:46 AM

Pros: Drive is covered in a metal case Drive is mounted with screws on the bottom of the drive Plastic & Foam exist between the drive & case

Cons: Case isn't all metal, which would help heat disipation The drive is extra thick, which may prohibit installation into some laptops.

Overall Review: Drive Info: Toshiba MK1059GSM HDD2K11 Z ZK01 S DC=5v 1.0A

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Kinda Thick9/20/2010 8:59:41 AM

Pros: Requires only 1 USB port (Lenovo T410) for power & data. (The included 2 headed cable is not necessary for me) Pretty Metal Case Very Quiet

Cons: Very Thick, nearly twice as thick as my other external hard drives. The case is actually more then twice as tall as 2 2.5in hard drives stacked on top of one another.

Overall Review: Other then my complaints about the large size the drive is not significantly heaver then my other drives (Seagate FreeAgent Go) but the thickness means I can't replace my 2x500GB with this 1TB drive to save space.

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Good8/30/2010 8:27:47 AM

Pros: Quiet and very heavy included cable ties & sleeved cables look nice

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: Purchased for an under-equipped Lenovo K320 desktop with only a 240W PSU for an i7 gaming machine.

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Nice Case8/30/2010 8:25:22 AM

Pros: Includes all of the cables and good instructions Fan is relatively quiet with on/off switch

Cons: The pulsing lights are a bit annoying, no way to turn them off

Overall Review: Good case, metal construction sucks heat away

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Perfect for Video Edition8/30/2010 8:23:30 AM

Pros: The USB cable is attached to the drive, so you can't loose it. The USB cable can be used to power the drive when in eSATA mode (many drives lack this option) Easy to open case quality all metal construction

Cons: It's a bit tricky at first, if you plus in USB it sees the drive then you plug in eSATA and it see's the drive again. A bit of fiddling is needed, but thats a small price to pay considering that most other drives require a dedicated usb power cable.

Overall Review: This is one of the best cases out there, I would like it more if it was easy to open & close, but that would sacrifice some of the ruggedness.

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Fast Drive8/30/2010 8:20:30 AM

Pros: Powers up using a single USB cable in an external enclsure fast transfers and relatively quiet

Cons: The max amp of .7 is higher then other drives, but it runs off USB so I guess it never needs that much power

Overall Review: The difference using this drive in a USB / eSATA enclosure was night and day. eSATA took 7 minutes while USB took 45 minutes. This may have something to do with firmware or some other drive feature.

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Beautiful8/30/2010 8:18:04 AM

Pros: Beautiful display, fast refresh rates, perfect display

Cons: none

Overall Review: I wish it had DisplayPort, but I knew it didn't, almost no monitor does.

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Perfect for Businesses8/30/2010 8:16:21 AM

Pros: This includes the full version of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition. You get to use it ASAP since you download the software directly from Microsoft. Free upgrade to Office Pro 2010, currently $350 value, so buy this and upgrade instantly to 2010 to save $100+ off the cost of buying retail Office 2010.

Cons: You must have purchased a computer within the last 90 days (or promise to buy one within 90 days) to use the software. They use the honor system to validate this.

Overall Review: You get a 60 day trial of Project and the full version of every other product (word, excel, outlook, power point).

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Perfect8/30/2010 8:11:28 AM

Pros: Upgrades your Windows 7 without changing any programs or modifying any settings.

Cons: Must be connected to the internet to get the updates, so it takes a while.

Overall Review: You are just buying a plastic case with a business card with a key on it. This defiantly should be done electronically, but some people prefer something tangible for the money.

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Full Specifications7/25/2010 11:08:34 PM

Pros: Custom H57 Lenovo brand motherboard 4x2GB Samsung PC3-8500F RAM Seagate HDD 1 16X-PCIe, 2 1X-PCIe, 1 old PCI 5 SATA slots PCIe 1x WiFi-N card Case fits GTS 470 (requires new PSU) Case fits Corsair 750W PSU vents on both sides GT130 has HDMI & DVI (no VGA) Optical audio & HDMI on motherboard Cool handle on top of case

Cons: 285W Max AcBel PSU (no PCIe power plugs) GT130 video card very weak Ony 2 HDD slots No Front Fan (PSU,CPU, rear 80mm only) Front switch does nothing Brightness & other buttons by PWR switch do nothing PS2 Keyboard w/ no media keys

Overall Review: Lenovo does not have drivers listed for this (makes fresh install near impossible) Switch on front does not dynamically over clock system, it is simply a switch for controlling the lights. Fans are directly connected to motherboard, so no change there either. Boots from RAID0 Home Premium does NOT join a Domain WPI indicates 5.9 for hdd speed even on RAID0(Stripe), thus poor hardware RAID or inefficient test *System was built for Adobe Premier **I would suggest building your own system for any video work or gaming as the case/PSU/video/HDD need improvement, I got this since I had only 3 days to finish a system *** Look for a video review of this on youtube that I will post soon

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