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Quiet3/8/2009 9:09:37 PM

Pros: Moves air, is quiet, didn't come DOA.

Cons: Definitely NOT 80cfm. Moves more like 40cfm.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a quiet fan, this is the fan for you. If you're looking for a fan that moves a lot of air, loo elsewhere.

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You get what you pay for.1/31/2009 3:23:10 AM

Pros: Was a pretty good motherboard about 2 years ago, decent price, SLI ready, acceptable northbridge cooling, I was able to get two 1GB sticks to work in dual-channel, lasts a long time (although for me that was a con :P), had this for almost 2 years now and it still works; giving to a freind for a starter build.

Cons: Doesn't support PCI-E 2.0 (although I knew that buying it), runs cards at PCI-E 8x mode (regardless if they're SLIed or not), could not get more than 2 RAM slots filled without major declocking of RAM (800-500), even with declocking of RAM, more than 2 slots filled programs would crash when load was applied. Max RAM voltage supported is 1.95v, would not overclock my C2Duo E6320 passed 2.55GHz without severe instability or inability to get passed hardware check screen, games would randomly freeze up, installing programs would sometimes freeze up the computer, Had lots more problems but can't remember them all.

Overall Review: When my graphics card blew a few capacitors and packed it's bags for GPU heaven, I decided to get a 9800GTX+. After getting the 9800GTX+ I wasn't seeing the performance I hoped to be getting. So, I decided to take the leap to a REAL motherboard and bought myself an EVGA 750i F.T.W. Ed. motherboard for about $180. WELL worth the money spent. EVERY problem I had with this motherboard completely went away, very noticeable performance gains, all my expectations were exceeded, and now I can game with the comforting thought of knowing I'm now getting the most out of my hardware. When it comes to computer equipment, you get what you pay for. Obviously this motherboard isn't as good as most more-expensive motherboards. If you want the most out of your hardware, I suggest looking elsewhere. C2Duo E6320 OCed to 2.7GHz, 4GB Patriot DDR2-800 RAM, EVGA nVidea 750i F.T.W. Ed. MoBo, EVGA 9800GTX+, 320GB Seagate Barracude HDD, able to run Crysis Very High settings 1680 x 1050 16 AF no AA 20FPS A

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EVGA 9800GTX+1/6/2009 10:20:09 AM

Pros: Huge step up from my 7600GT. Registers as a 9800GTX+, runs cool (45c idle, 55c loaded with Crysis), only needs one 6-pin connector, clock speeds higher than listed on Newegg, a little smaller than the 10.5" listed on the EVGA site. This is perhaps the best-reviewed card on Newegg, and for good reason. If you have the $$, have less than a 8800GTS, and are looking for a performance boost, don't hesitate to buy this card.

Cons: Deal offering a free copy of CoD WaW was offered directly after I bought it. Big, make sure you have enough space for this, and it takes up two slots. These aren't really cons as they are to be expected. Make sure you have enough room for this thing, it's almost as long as my motherboard is wide (I have an ATX).

Overall Review: Runs Crysis very well at 40fps with medium/high settings, I'm only running this in a PCI-E 8x 1.0 slot, so I'm only getting 1/4 the power from this thing. Windows XP SP2, Core 2 Duo E6320 (not overclocked atm), 1GB Patriot DDR2-800 RAM (Not overclocked as well), ECS 650 Motherboard (not recommended, I hate it), 300GB Seagate SATA Barracuda HDD, Coolermaster Centurion Mid-Tower Case.

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Great Monitor for the Price4/15/2008 4:31:12 PM

Pros: I've been impressed by this monitors clarity, brightness, and size. More than I expected. I've been gaming with this for the past week and have noticed no ghosting. Supports 1080p connections through the DVI port, though you need a separate cable for that. Plenty of real-estate for me.

Cons: Not much of a con, but 3 pixels in from the left center there is an unnoticeable stuck red pixel that I only discovered by my black desktop background. Although it supports 1080p using it at the 1080p resolution results in blurry text. Doesn't include a DVI cable but they're cheap here on Newegg so that really doesn't matter much. Stand is kinda hard to adjust, but I'm a big boy I can handle it.

Overall Review: If you're going to get this monitor, invest the few dollars in the DVI cable. There is a large improvement in image quality with it over the included VGA cable. Overall great monitor though, I can see this sitting on my desk for years to come.

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Ignore all bad reviews.7/19/2007 7:28:20 AM

Pros: Something I didn't realize before I bought this, it has QUAD 12v rails! That's great! This gives you a combined 72amps allowing you to run almost anything on this. It has been running almost non stop for 2 months now and is still running great. Runs my system perfect and actually gave me a little bit of a performance increase over my previous C-Master power supply. Oh, and I love the blue LED fan!

Cons: I have absolutely NO regrets about buying this power supply. The only thing that caught my attention, is that the wires are long and that there's only two 6-pin connectors which would prevent me from going with two 8800GTX/Ultras. Which, why in the world would you need to run the extremely powerful 8800's in SLI?! There will be no CPU on the market that wouldn't bottleneck that type of power.

Overall Review: The C-Master PSU I had before this one short circuited and fried my motherboard. It runs my C2Duo E6320, 1GB Patriot extreme DDR2-800 RAM, EVGA 7600GT, Lite-On DVD Drive, and 320GB Seagate HD like a pro. If you read this far, you've waited too long to buy this black wonder.

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Pass on this one5/31/2007 1:25:19 PM

Pros: It ran the machine for a week.

Cons: Short circuited, AND killed my motherboard...

Overall Review: I'm the reviewer "BobbyG2" below that said that it ran warm and loud. I now see why. Whatever you do, DON'T buy a Coolermaster PSU. I got the OCZ GameXStreme 700Watt PSU and it makes this PSU seem like a piece of cr*p... Well, because it is... ;)

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22c, BEFORE break in period!5/16/2007 5:41:29 PM

Pros: I've had this for only 2 hours, ans already I have a HUGE drop in temperature! Idle 22c, before it was 47c. That was on c2duo e6320 stock cooler and stock thermal grease. I paired this up with a Zalman heatsink/fan and I've seen HUGE improvements in temperature, performance, and noise level!

Cons: As mentioned, this thing came in a box 100x bigger than the actual product. Newegg didn't send me one on my original order, so I had to request another one. They actually believed me (most companies ask 1000+ questions) and sent it out right away, no questions, no money out of my pocket!

Overall Review: WARNING! Do not use as lubricant! May cause itchiness, pain, and/or loss of organs! :P

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Great CPU for the price5/14/2007 5:45:36 PM

Pros: Great, all I can say, a HUGE difference from my AMD Athlon 64 CPU.

Cons: Well, anything that doesn't cook me my food is bad in my eyes. But, seeing as this is meant to stay FAR from food, there isn't anything to say bad about this thing.

Overall Review: This is better than most AMD chips, for the same price and cheaper. Once the next upgrade for these processors come out, I can assure you I will be one of the first to get it. Don't skip out getting an AMD processor, and get something that will do it all!

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Great Hard Drive!5/14/2007 5:39:33 PM

Pros: Great transfer rate, large capacity, great quality.

Cons: Doesn't cook my breakfast, doesn't cool my drinks, doesn't do my chores... All the things you'd expect from a hard drive...

Overall Review: If you're looking for a great hard drive for your new build, or you're looking for a little more space for your maxed-out PC, buy this. Seagate's hard drives are the best. Any other 320GB hard drive with similar pricing is rendered obsolete by this thing.

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Best I've ever used!5/14/2007 5:28:53 PM

Pros: This has been the BEST keyboard/mouse combo I ever used! It does what it's supposed to do, then some, and then some again!

Cons: Sometimes the mouse pointer moves across the screen, but that's every once every 2-3 hours and is easily fixed by moving the mouse. I wish people will stop bragging about their "super 1337 gaming keyboards" and get something that does the job! There really isn't much of a reason to get a more expensive combo than this.

Overall Review: Make sure the computers off, plug 'em in, turn on the computer, and you're ready to go! No disks, no installation, just straight forward plug-and-play.

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A must buy!5/14/2007 5:23:12 PM

Pros: This thing is great! No problems at all! It plays all of my formats, it writes FAST, and it's relatively quiet! It's better than some of the drives 3-5 times more expensive than it!

Cons: None, zip, nada! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this product!

Overall Review: This thing is a must have! If you're reading this right now, you've already waited too long. Stop reading, and BUY IT!

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Wow!5/13/2007 9:54:03 PM

Pros: Dang! Where should I start? 1. It lowered my idle temps on my e6320 from 47c, to 22c! 2. This thing looks GREAT! And is virtually SILENT! I can't hear it unless I take off the side of the case, and it's not even the motor I hear, it's the air moving. 3. Paired up with some AC-5, this thing FREEZES your CPU!

Cons: A little hard to install, took me a second try to get it on. This thing is a PAIN to install for first time builders. I've built a few computers, and haven't ever used a after-market CPU heatsink/fan before. I gave up trying to figure it out. Looked at the price-tag 2 days later, and figured I'd give it another go. Well, here's an easy way to do it:

Overall Review: 1. Remove motherboard from case 2. Apply paste (AS-5) to CPU (not too much, just 1.5 rice grains) 3. Make sure you're on a hard, flat surface and align the back-plate so that the holes on the motherboard and back-plate align. 4. Place metal piece (forget the name of it) on the top of the heatsinks bottom part. 5. Screw the plastic piece that has the legs to the metal piece, use the small screws. 6. Align the fan to point towards your rear exhaust fan. 7. Hold one corner down, while you screw in the other corner (long screws) just enough to hold the screw in place. 8. Screw in the other 3 corners just enough to hold it in place. 9. Screw in each screw one by one about 2-4 revolutions until it doesn't move anymore. 10. Plug it into the CPU fan slot. 11. Enjoy your new super-cooled CPU! :D I hope this helped a few confused newbies.

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Great Memory!5/9/2007 8:36:06 PM

Pros: Great memory! Haven't had a problem closing and opening programs anymore! Overclocks very easy!

Cons: I wish it ran a little cooler, and the price went up a little right before I bought it, and down right after I bought it.

Overall Review: This is a great overclockers memory! Runs a little warm, but nothing a CPU fan can fix! Not just for people who want to overclock either. It runs my games like a pro, allows me to open/close programs VERY fast, allows me to have more programs open without lag. I'm running this with a C2Duo e6320, 600W coolermaster, 320GB Seagate Barracuda, Zalman CPU cooler, Coolermaster Centuron case, 7600GT, and a few extra case fans and it runs like a pro! Also, I ordered the memory that costs less ($50) and got this memory instead! Newegg messed up, but I'm not complaining! :D

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Runs everything, kinda loud and warm though5/5/2007 8:43:34 PM

Pros: It runs everything great! No problems performance-wise. Fits in my case perfect!

Cons: Kinda wish it was a little quieter, and ran a little cooler. When I put my hand by it it blows out warm air, may not be too hot, but I'm wondering how it'll perform when I upgrade my other components.

Overall Review: It runs a C2Duo e6320, 1GB Patriot DDR2 800 RAM, nVidea GeForce 7600GT, 320GB Seagate HD, ECS NF650iSLIT-A Motherboard, and LITE-ON 20X DVD-Driver like a pro! For the price, this is a great choice! Just don't get it if you worry about it being a little warm or noisy. It really isn't that much of a big deal anyways.

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Alright5/4/2007 5:58:33 AM

Pros: It's a motherboard, it works with my mobo, it looks decent.

Cons: I had a little trouble hooking up the front panel on my case to it. No firewire/IEEE which I found weird... I'd pass on this one if I knew more about it.

Overall Review: Well, it's probably the best you can get for the cash. But make sure you know how to hook up the wires right, might save you some frustration.

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Great Cable5/4/2007 5:53:06 AM

Pros: I have this hooked up to my home theater system, and it makes my computer speakers sound bad! A lot louder too! It does exactly what it was designed for, and sounds good while doing it!

Cons: None, zip, nada!

Overall Review: If you wanted to hook up your computer to your TV, sterio, etc. don't hesitate to buy it! :D

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Great airflow!5/4/2007 5:44:19 AM

Pros: Great airflow, plenty big enough for all of my components, looks GREAT!

Cons: I wish it had more fans, and that it fed my cat, but otherwise, it's a great case!

Overall Review: This thing is pretty big, I was originally going to go with a full-sized case, but this thing is a monster!

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Awesome!5/4/2007 5:39:47 AM

Pros: Great FPS, great clarity, great everything! I do not see any reason to overclock, it's GREAT on its own! Newegg offers the best pricing on it that I've seen. Can't beat this value ANYWHERE!

Cons: It doesn't make me more of a ladies man.

Overall Review: This was the first thing I opened when I built my computer. I love it! There isn't any card that I've owned that beats this one! So, what are you waiting for? BUY IT! :D

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