Cool Beans2/25/2020 10:24:32 AM

Pros: Temp monitoring & high temp alarm (adjustable) Flow monitoring and low flow alarm (adjustable) Looks good and well made

Cons: Would be nice if the AC adapter was not on the top of the device as it is very visible. Would like to see it rear mountable so the power cable could be hidden. My first one had a leak. I had to send it back, but I want to use it. The plastic housing could get stressed over time with a metal G1/4 fitting installed, but only time will tell.

Overall Review: This is a neat device! It measures the temps and flow inline and is accurate. The screen is easy to read and looks sharp in a water cooled case setup. I like the adjustable alarms for temp and flow. I do wish the AC adapter cable could be rear mounted, but I'll make it work to have it in my liquid cooling setup. It's awesome!

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Great kit for the price2/21/2020 8:48:08 AM

Pros: Good quality parts I love the G1/4 fittings. Fantastic! Fully compatible with other Thermaltake ecosystem hardware Cool, cools well that is

Cons: DDC pump leaves something to be desired. It's 100% all the time, non-adjustable. Works well though.

Overall Review: This was an awesome kit! includes all of the parts you need except a heat gun and bending forms. The parts are all high quality and include mounting hardware for the pump and a controller for the RGBs if you don't want to use your MoBo software.

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Amazingly fast, sounds like a vacuum cleaner2/21/2020 8:44:06 AM

Pros: Factory overclocked speeds on a 2070 super. 4 year warranty through Gigabyte. Amazing performance, blistering speed. Adequate cooling. Zero RPM fan option when not under load. Cool look. Programmable RGB. Full metal jacket (backplate).

Cons: Just cosmetic stuff. Only one little programmable RGB. Fun, but it could use more bling. When this card gets working, the fans are quite loud. Sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I didn't mind it, but others in my household could hear it and complained a bit.

Overall Review: This is a $*%# good card. Fantastically priced for a 2070 Super, overclocked, 4 year warrantied. The 2070 Super runs like a Factory Spec 2080. Amazing graphics quality and good FPS. Ray Tracing is fun and doable on this card. 1080p gaming is flawless.

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