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Not for gamers.12/5/2011 11:44:47 AM

Pros: Supports much higher speed from ISPs. Great as a bridging modem.

Cons: Unstable after a certain period of time online and using the router capabilities of this router. By 'unstable' I do not mean a dropped connection, merely, when you are using it and it is 'unstable' you ping will look somewhat like this: 20 20 500 20 20 This is unacceptable for gaming and I would NOT advise anyone buy a modem/router combo, at least not this specific model. If you disable the router (turn it into a network bridge) the problem goes away. This is actually somewhat difficult unless you know your way around extremely dated GUI software for routers as well.

Overall Review: I did not purchase this product from Newegg, it came bundled with my ISP's installation. The ones that come from your ISP also have a unique password which makes it annoying to enable bridge mode (the only usable mode for this modem.) If you are a casual internet user who just needs to view webpages I am sure this modem will

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Great RAM, easy to hit advertised speeds on 890fx8/31/2010 3:52:12 PM

Pros: Hit speeds with 0 effort, can overclock past that if you wish

Cons: Wish the fan that the kit comes with had a RED led, it just doesn't seem fitting for ram called FLARE to have a blue LED :P

Overall Review: In response to the person asking about clearance, with the whole unit the ram is very very tall. I have a Venemous-X RT and it has plenty of space to breathe (Crosshair IV mobo). If you can mount the heatsink vertically and have the fan on the far side of the board you should have 0 issues unless you want 2 fans in push pull.

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Hopefully CS is great.1/16/2009 4:27:15 AM

Pros: I'm a big fan of surround sound systems, but they don't really 'fit' with computers, unless you dedicate an entire room to a computer, so I compromised as I felt this would do the job. As far as the sound, it's fantastic, the mids aren't very pronounced but that's fine, I use an eq to crank the highs and lows anyway.

Cons: After a day of usage the left channel receiver on the sub stopped transmitting sound. A wack to the top of the unit would return sound, albeit weak and crackly. A day later, the sound wouldn't come on. Apparently, a few users of this system have had the same problem, and I've sent in a CS request to Logitech to see if I can get another sub unit or if they can replace the set.

Overall Review: Would rate this set 5 stars if Logitech would be kind enough to send me a working sub =)

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Quality Product1/16/2009 4:22:22 AM

Pros: This kit comes with great screwdrivers, all suitable for computer use, no more using those itty bitty ones for getting in the tight spaces. Everything in the kit seems to be made of high quality, I haven't used some tools as I have some ones I'm just used to using (ex: rj45 crimper for stripping wires) and the soldering iron hasn't been used yet, but I've used various tools around the house and none of the parts have broken on me yet.

Cons: Never really was a big fan of soft cases, but it's really a minor thing to me.

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Great Case5/28/2006 4:42:45 PM

Pros: Substantial. You can use this case as a foot rest as well, it's about 2.5 feet tall. (comes up around my knees). I like heavy cases, you can drop them and they won't be too damaged. Because this case is so plain on the outside, it allows for an incredible amount of modding. (Although this may take awhile because it's made of steel...) Also, you don't have to screw in fans in some places as there's some slots that you just push them into. Also it came with plenty of those drive mounting accessories and TONS of screws.

Cons: Have to mod 80MM fan slots to 120 to allow them to fit. Power supply area could have been thought out a little bit better, with some modding you can probably fit up to three if you push it. Not really a con now that I think of it, because it allows for more airflow...

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